7 Straight-forward Ways To Decide Your Blogging Success

Don’t let anyone discourage you from blogging.

Yes, you may not be 100% sure of becoming a pro blogger anytime soon, but keep holding on.

The truth of the matter is that when you’re new to any kind of venture, without a mentor or practical guide, you’re bound to make mistakes. Yes.

I know you’re doing your possible best to finally break through the thick clouds of blogging and make your dreams come through. Trust me I know how you feel right now.

It may seem as though nothing spectacular is happening to your business at this juncture, but that’s a ‘BIG FAT lie’ which you must never accept.

I want to share with you the 7 straight-forward ways to decide your blogging success even before you start. And if you have launched your blog, I humbly recommend that you follow these ways. They’re not set on stone so feel free to INNOVATE.

But as much as you can, be guided by them. Being straightforward doesn’t mean ‘instant’ result or ‘easy.’ It simply means there is nothing complicated or confusing about it. The way it appears on this post is how it is in real life.

Let’s go…

1.       Think & Act business

Are you just a blogger or a businessperson?

The only way to know is through your thinking. Most people who run a wordpress blog see themselves as bloggers only.

In case you don’t know, let me inform you that the successful internet entrepreneurs you know all have a different thinking pattern.

No, nothing spectacular per se, but they see their blog or website as an indispensable part of their business.

Most of these people even have offline businesses duly registered. So when they came online and started a blog, they still maintained the same thoughts as if they’re selling physical products. You should see yourself as a real person who is managing a business.

Yes, you’re a blogger but don’t stop there. There are so many limitations to being a blogger. But a business person is challenged to solve any kind of problem.

Don’t just be a blogger who writes articles, become a problem solver. Become a manager, an organizer, an action taker, an investor. Start by thinking like one and you’ll be persuaded to give it a go.

2.       Get a mentor today

get a mentor

source: mentor


The title of this post says “straightforward.”

And this is where it’s so real and I need you to seriously consider it. You can determine your blogging success by getting a mentor today – if you already have none.

A mentor is someone who has done what you’ve in mind or what you’ve decided to do. Your mentor can add a lot to your life.

He or she can help you prevent errors and guide your every step towards achieving your goals. By the way, before you get a mentor, make sure you’ve written a clear and realistic goal on paper. Then present your goal to him or her and ask for their feedback & advice.

Don’t do this blogging ‘thing’ alone – or you’d end up murmuring when things don’t turn out the way you planned. Can you succeed as a blogger without a mentor? Absolutely YES – but you’ll succeed faster and joyfully when you’re GUIDED.

3.       Read marketing materials

Yes. Don’t limit yourself to e-books and blogs only. There are marketing materials that come in video forms, audio, hard copy books, e-courses and what have you? For you to get a hold on success as a blogger, you’ve to learn how to sell yourself.

Sure, you should also read other materials apart from marketing. It’d help you a lot. I focused on marketing because when you ‘master it’ nothing can stop you from making money online, driving targeted traffic to your blog and living the internet lifestyle.

4.       Don’t read every blog you know

I don’t know how your face looks like right now. But it doesn’t matter right now. What matters is your productivity and the vision you’re blogging with. There are thousands of blogs out there, and a huge distraction and the reason why most people fail.

You should select the blogs you read regularly. Personally, since the beginning of 2013, I constrained myself to 7 authority blogs. Of course this blog is one of them.

It takes discipline to abide by this rule but it will set you on course. Fast forward to this day, I’ve become more productive, writes when I want to without clicking through to another fancy blog.

If you want to make money blogging, find out the relevant blogs where you can learn practical tips that would help you make the money, drive the traffic, become an influencer etc.

Choose the blogs you read wisely because the opinions (posts, videos, podcasts, books et al) of a particular blog writer can make or mar your success.

5.       Focus more on Marketing than Writing

Listen to me, inasmuch as writing makes you a better person, a prolific blogger and someone who commands attention, marketing on the other hand will set you on high. If you know what I mean in section, you’ll focus your attention more on marketing than writing.

The truth is that no matter how useful, interesting and reliable your content is, if the right people don’t read it, you’re doomed.

You might have wasted your precious time researching, writing, editing and formatting. Now, don’t get me wrong. You should write blogs, books and produce valuable content, but also learn how to promote them.

It’s rare to find a New York Times Best Writer, but almost all the time what you’ll read is the “New York Times Bestseller or Bestselling Book.

Any writer whose book has appeared on NYT is unarguably a good writer, but may not be the best writer around. However, they have learned that marketing their works is the best decision to make and that’s why they’re rich.

A great writer/blogger can be broke, but a not-so-great writer who knows how to get buyers is already a success. Seriously, I would prefer to write 1 valuable post per week and get 10 people to read it, than to write 100 posts and only 50 persons accessed them. What do you think?

6.       Write catchy headlines all the time

Blogging is interesting if after pushing the ‘publish’ button hundreds of people read, share and helps in distributing your content. Who wouldn’t want that to happen 99% of the time? Well, you can set the ball rolling with the headline or title.

Spend adequate time writing your headline. Don’t rush it. Don’t be too tired or bored to craft, tweak or totally erase the first headline you have. It’s for your own good. Should you spend hours making your headline catchy and benefit-driven? Yes. But wasting time isn’t too good so…

The best way to write catchy headlines all the time is to “steal” from other people. I’m sure you have been hooked by a particular one before, haven’t you?

Now, go copy the headline and create your own. Don’t copy and own it outright, it’s called plagiarism and could get you into trouble. But you can learn how another blogger/writer wrote theirs and make yours better.

7.       Join The Bandwagon

When I say bandwagon, I mean a group of people who are already successful with their blogs. There is no better way to learn faster than to be with those who have failed countless times and bounced back stronger.

Trust me, life is too short for you to make all the mistakes and get the required experience. All the tedious works had already been done by these folks. Find out where they hang out regularly and start making friends with them.

Networking is essential. Plan to attend a conference, seminar, workshop or the popular webinars that are going on online. You can’t succeed online in isolation.

You may need me to instruct or share my story with you and that could just be the secret sauce you’ve been missing.

Don’t hide in your own shell of ignorance. Get out of your blog and make friends who matter.

Get offline and connect with brick-and-mortar business entrepreneurs. In fact, if you can connect and network effectively offline, you can start making your first online income from local businesses. This is guaranteed!

Do me a favor…

I’ve poured out my heart into this post. I think it’s one of the best I’ve written so far for John Chow and all I want from you is a tweet, a facebook like and your sweet comment below.

As you do those, I’ll be driving to the nearby Restaurant to enjoy a hot meal. Would you like to join me?

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31 thoughts on “7 Straight-forward Ways To Decide Your Blogging Success”

  1. Hello,

    Thanks you for providing this awesome list of 7 ways to decide your blogging success. I personally do agree, that having a mentor does go a long way! The mentor will save you time and save you from making mistakes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Mike,

    Nice points I must say. However, don’t you think that as a newbie, restricting your blog commenting strategy to seven blogs only is surely restricting an important source of traffic?


  3. David Hunter says:

    Numbers 3 and 5 are huge! It’s all about marketing. I’ve been sucked in to all things marketing. Also, it would be wise to pick up a few books on copywriting (goes hand-in-hand with marketing). You can’t go wrong with any book by Dan Kennedy.

    When I started my first blog I was focused on “the blog.” Now, I’m focused on the marketing and the business aspects, and I’m watching my numbers go up.

    Great post, John! Oh, if you were in Cleveland I’d join you for a bite to eat.

    1. David Hunter says:

      I just noticed Mike posted this blog. Great post, Mike!!

  4. Paul Tam says:

    Hi Mike
    Great article. Your blog is definitely on my top 7 blogs to read.

    I really like what you said about getting a mentor. I must say doing that, is what helped me the most. Nothing like learning from people who are more advanced in their success. It can save you a heap of pain, as well as fast track you to success.

  5. Tetsu says:

    Hi, Michael Chibuzor. I really love this post. Love the way you write your posts. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. I do follow your articles recently. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Have a nice day.

  6. Chanly Hash says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’m glad to read your text. Awesome! It is pouring from your heart for success to others who want to make money online. John Chow is one of my selected blogs I read. I like what he has been sharing. I’m interested in making money online by reading his blog.

    However so far, about one month of launching website, I haven’t get a dime of income from my website yet. My website is “myworldofonlinedating.com”.
    Is there any way to boost it fast to get big income from it?

    Any comment are very welcome.

  7. Hee says:

    talking about mentor, I really want John Chow to be my mentor.

    Great post! I could use it as a guideline to improve my dot com lifestyle!

  8. That’s a great list of advices for a succesful blogger Mike. For me the best advice you gave is the number 1, it’s all about having the right mind set, there are many great writers who have a blog but they don’t actually earn much via their blog, they don’t consider it a business and they still expect to gain a passive income which of course never comes.

  9. Ryley Kade says:

    Awesome post. I think that #5 is correct. Even if you are writing the greatest content ever, if you don’t know how to market it you aren’t going to make money and you aren’t going to be able to get that content out there.

  10. Tamal says:

    According to me, the best and most powerful way to become a successful blogger is to make sure you are writing the best quality contents. Of course, it is important to market your content in the beginning. But when people will know what kind of quality you offer while writing articles, they will be keep coming back to your blog again and again.

    The number one point is my most favorite one, Michael. Every blogger should think like a businessman if they want to turn blogging as a business. If I am not wrong, almost every blogger wants to make money blogging. Then why wouldn’t they consider themselves as businessman? I think they should. This one decision would make them highly successful in the long run.

  11. faisal says:

    Best is to do things with utmost passion, rest follows.

  12. Vicki says:

    Create value, but also you have to be heard adequately … crafting titles that scream “LOOK AT MY STUFF!!!” are essential (probably not in all caps, though haha)

  13. Sunday says:

    Interesting, or should I say, awesome? This is an inspiring piece Michael. For a newbie, this should nudge him to cast of fear. For the expert, this will nudge him to remain steadfast in following the not-too-easy blogging paths.

    Personally, I have learned a lot from this this post, and most particularly the take on marketing!

  14. Abhishek says:

    You are right John as for blogging success marketing is very important and it is mandatory to get your blog to the masses.

  15. rakesh kumar says:

    Your first point was the killer in this post. If a blogger can not think like a business then i am sure sooner or later he is going to leave blogging for others. If he is able to think like a business then he will employ all the tips and tricks to make his business super successful.

  16. sameer says:

    Hi Michael,
    bang on target, really awesome tips for blogging success.If anyone want to be successful in blogging and just he/she follow this steps then defiantly he/she will get success. thank you for sharing.

  17. I. C. Daniel says:

    Okay J. C. blog is one, what are the other ones you regularly read Michael?

  18. Lee Cole says:

    Hey Michael! Point #5 is huge! If you know your niche, the actual creation of the content doesn’t take that long. Getting the eyeballs on that content, however, is the bulk of the battle. So, excellent point! I’d also love to know what other blogs you read. I’ve read John Chow since at least ’07.

  19. Karleen says:

    Thanks Michael for the great post on deciding your blogging success. I like to write, but have not been so good at marketing, so I need to focus more on that.

    I’ve been reading a lot lately on writing good headlines. It’s definitely important since sometimes that’s all someone will read. If it’s not catchy, they’ll move on.

    I’m taking an online course right now with a great mentor, and can sure see the difference from when I was trying to do it all on my own. Very important.

    Anyway, all good stuff here that I’ll have to keep in mind. I also need to remember to think of my blog as part of a business.

    I guess it’s a little too late to meet you at that restaurant, huh? 🙂 Maybe next time.

  20. David Black says:

    I’ve followed you for a while and I’m desperate to become one of the ‘gang’. I’d love to have thousands of visitors to my blog and a list of thousands of subscribers – I just find it hard to get the ball rolling.
    I try and think like a business man and I have a business coach – I wish I had a time machine to speed things up!
    I try and get involved in forums and commenting, I’m on Facebook – How else would you suggest I boost my visitor numbers?
    Thanks for your continued advice.

  21. sunitharaj says:

    Excellent ways to create successful blogs. Really interesting and effective tips, worth reading.

  22. Asif Aziz says:

    In my experience, one of the quickest & easiest way to make any kind or REAL sustainable income from blogging, is Affiliate Marketing:


    – In affiliate marketing, all you have to deal with, is promoting the product. If you get a sale, you get a commission in return for your efforts! You don’t have to worry about product development, technical updates or customer services – that’s all dealt with by the product vendor.

    Just look for an affiliates page which has a good tools page (i.e. provides you with ready-made promotional graphics/banners, an email swipe copy & links to where the promoter can get their affiliate link).


  23. Daffus says:

    Top-notch tips for starting a successful blogging adventure.I particularly liked “Don’t read every blog you know” paragraph. It’s so true, and so damaging to our time and sometimes even confidence. Stick to a few blogs you like and trust, and as Mike says, join the bandwagon 🙂

  24. Bilal Akbar says:

    Inspirational as always…Agree with all your points…but still in the search of mentor…

  25. When I initially started out blogging I used to think “look for the keywords that get the most traffic and write and article with that exact headline”. But after a while I soon realised that this wasn’t the case and in fact the best way to generate decent traffic to your site was to go out of your way to market your content and try to write catchy headlines like you said in your post.

  26. metz says:

    Write catchy headlines all the time – written a catchy one can add or help you build your brand and add your reputation. Headline writing should be learned, there are rules that should be followed for it to be effective.

    Let me add a tip, do not capitalize every word. The first word in the head should be capitalized as should all proper nouns. Most headline words appear in lower-case letters.

    I do believe that it could make an impact accordingly.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing content aggregator site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  27. Billy Fradys says:

    Thank you for posting about the 7 straight-forward ways that you can decide your blogging success. I will definitely read it over & over again. I also believe that having a mentor is always HUGE when deciding to decide on your blogging success. It is always wise to listen to someone who has done it before and is successful. You want to learn from successful people.

  28. David Black says:

    I think your tip to focus more on marketing than writing is spot on – I’ve spent ages trying to make money blogging without spending enough time on the actual business side..
    Time to get my ass into gear!!

  29. Naaj Rona says:

    It felt like you were talking to me personally, the starting para just grabs you and I got totally immersed in this article.

    You are right, we spend all the time on content but very little time on the title and that is what attract the readers. The other things is marketing. It’s suck an important factor.

    Thank you so much for these tips, they are very helfpul.

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