7 Tips to Overcome Blogger’s Block

There is nothing worse than suffering writers block.  I get it all the time since I am a full time blogger. It becomes even worse when you are a blogger needing to add fresh content to your site on a daily basis. Believe it or not, you shouldn’t be quick to hate writers block. Why not? Because normally when a person suffers writers block, it causes them to take a step back and revaluate what they are writing about. The end result is fresh content and new ideas. The frustrating part is knowing that you have all these great ideas but can’t seem to get them onto your blog (or paper depending on how you look at it). We all suffer a time when we sit down and open the computer to the blank screen and nothing happens. 1 or 2 hours later the screen is still blank and there seems to be nothing we can do about it.

Don’t Try So Hard

The first thing you have to do is get pass the idea that you have to write a rock start blog every time you sit at the computer. Now all bloggers understand the importance of good content so it can create an anxiety that keeps the words from flowing onto the paper. Posting steady content is better than no content at all so keep writing something and the home run content will eventually flow again.  Remember this is not for a grade or for a corporate proposal so think light and just write a good piece of content. Of you still find yourself stuck here are 7 other tips to help you overcome bloggers block.

  1. Pick the Prefect Time
    Every writer has the perfect time of day to write. It is the time when the information flows more freely. I advise you find your perfect time to write. A morning person will find that their creative flow is stronger in the morning. If this is you then block out about 60 to 90 minutes out of your calendar just for writing. Scheduling out your time is key, so be consistent and pick a certain days and times a week to devote to nothing but writing.
  2. Pick a Central Idea
    If you have an idea that has excited you and tons of information is starting to bounce around in your head then take the time to write this stuff down and the thoughts that are going with them. Make sure you write down the concept that has sparked the ideas and where you want to go with it. This will make it simple to create your concepts and write about them later.
  3. Stick with simple
    A blog should be clear from the very beginning and have a clear ending. This means you should have a set structure that outlines your material and allows you to express what you are trying to say quick and simple. Since the purpose of a blog is to capture your reader and have them comment on your blog then a call of action is not the worse ending.
  4. Organize your ideas
    If you have a hard time staying on track when you are writing then try to organize your ideas. There are several ways this can be done. Some examples of organizing your materials is through an outline or note cards.
  5. Use numbers and bullet points
    Most bloggers including myself live and breathe by bullet points and numbers. Why? Well this method helps to keep you focused and it is easier to write out your ideas his way.
  6. Tell stories
    Stories are something that flows naturally. The downside to this is it takes time to develop a good story. In order to counteract this make a file of personal notes that will trigger a certain story that matches your topic. After doing this when the time come to write it you can pull out the key points that made you think of the story in the first place and look you now have a piece of blogging content.
  7. Just write
    The only way to get the words on the paper is to start writing. So when you sit down just start writing. Even if your thoughts are on topic but taking you in a different direction then your original plan. If you make this a habit you will have great content every time. Anytime you try to force a piece of content then you will end up breaking all the rules that makes a piece of content a winner to its readers.

As you become more and more comfortable with these ideas you will be able to crank out your blog posts in about 30 minutes to 2 hours per post. The final tip that can ensure you beat the frustration of bloggers block is to come to your computer ready to write. Have your idea in mind cut off distractions and go for it. If you are a writer and have suffered “bloggers block” then please share some of the tips that worked for you.


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14 thoughts on “7 Tips to Overcome Blogger’s Block”

  1. I’m a blogger and I don’t feel ashamed if I sometimes experience blogger’s block. Great tips you have here that everyone can surely take.

    Just curious, do you know how long a blogger/writer’s block could take? An hour, a day, 2 days?

    1. It shouldn’t take more than a day or two. If in need, simply look at what other bloggers are writing about and this can definitely give you plenty of ideas.

  2. Ray Boreham says:

    I think that’s something that goes with the territory whether it’s blogging or any type of writing in general. I either just leave it and go off and do something else away from the computer, or move onto the next project and finish that before going back to writing, depending on the size of the project, of course.


  3. faisal says:

    Bloggers block is a way to get back on your feet stronger

  4. Whitney says:

    I find it best just to take a much needed break when I get blogger’s block. You pretty much just have to let your head get clear if ur trying too hard.

  5. Oliver says:

    Hey, John Rampton

    The old bloggers block. Yeah, it happens. I really agree with keeping it simple. That is actually what I live my life by. I think it is natural human nature to try to make things complicated. Sometimes we just think too much. It can actually be a good thing to shut your brain stem off every once in a while. Great read, though.


  6. I haven’t had the issue yet on this blog (it’s brand new) since I mostly write about my marketing experiences. I share results and what I am actually doing in online marketing, so if I have bloggers block that means I am not generating new traffic that day

    Plus I only write Monday through Friday so the weekend lets me plan out my week and not stress about actually writing. I usually come up with a theme for the week so I have a backup plan if I don’t have results to share.

    Thanks for the awesome post!

  7. Suresh says:

    I experienced blogger’s block several times. Thanks for the wonderful tips. These tips are really useful for the newbies like me.

  8. My best tip for overcoming bloggers block is ‘curation’. I use it all the time on my blog. It is much easier to put your own spin on other people’s content and giving credit to the original source than just writing it all from scratch. Check out this blog post I made about it to know more about this technique: curation

  9. Tony Sibbald says:

    Great subject, and a timely one as it was on my mind today. I have found that throughout the day, by doing different activities lots of great ideas pour into my mind. The thought I had while reading your post is that in the future I take out my phone and immediately capture then on video…or else they are gone. Today I had a bunch of ideas, didn’t record them, then sat down tonight and my mind drew a blank. Ugh! Thanks for posting this…it got my mind thinking what I need to do!

  10. Bloggers block is the worst thing that can face a full time blogger, but luckily for me, it lasts – when i face it – just 1 or 2 hours.

  11. Brian Yang says:

    The hardest part for me usually when I experience this is the outlining of topics. I have a hard time structurizing my ideas and thoughts.

    Great tips, would really help a lot of bloggers, especially the part where you find your perfect time to write.

    Cheers! 😀

  12. Amanda Prior says:

    Great post John

    You make it sound so easy to overcome anyone would think it’s not a problem in the first place:-)

    I often find that having the ideas in my head is one thing, but getting them to my fingers and the keyboard is another:-(

    I recently read that a potential solution is to record your thoughts, type them up and edit. So this is something else to try.

  13. Lucky says:

    Awesome Post Mr.John,but does anyone know when blogging starts & who was the first person who start blog & for what purpose? I know most of the bloggers don’t know even I don’t know but there might be some peoples who know this info.If anyone know then please comment back as I am going to start 1 special topic on this.

    Thank for this Great Post!

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