75% Of Bloggers Are Lazy, Which Is Good News For You!

This post is going to do just one thing – challenge you to take action in a smart way.

Because being productive is the secret spice to winning the blogging game.

Yes, the world of blogging has grown beyond writing and commenting.

If you know what you’re doing, you can actually attach an offline business to your blog and grow exponentially.

But one thing still bothers me – I estimated that 75% of bloggers are lazy.

Not every blogger is willing to put in extra hours to leave an unforgettable trail.

Most of the bloggers I know aren’t bothered about writing compelling content. Because it can be difficult to produce quality blog posts consistently. And why is it good news?

You’re no longer in competition

The initial Panda update brought a new definition to blogging and content marketing. Most of my blogger friends lost their top 10 rankings. I guess I was lucky because I didn’t lose my positions.

As most website owners continue to complain that Google is wicked, some savvy entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this to grow their business.

The truth is, you’re no longer in any form competition with other bloggers. If someone must compete with you in terms of search engine optimization, that person must provide quality and valuable content.

There is a call for personality in blogging right now. Until your readers can communicate with you, without difficulty, you’re still behind schedule.

Are you a lazy blogger?    Fat lazy guy watching the TV

Before you can answer that question, first, you need to understand what people think about you.

And the only way to know is from the feedback you receive on your blog posts.

How many comments do you get when you publish a new article?

What about the social love, pageviews and organic traffic?

Let’s not forget the referral and direct traffic – these are insights that reveal what the public thinks about you.

You see, in a brick and mortar business, you could publicize your brand and land big contracts, but on the internet, it’s a different ball game.

The public determines who is worthy. As a blogger, make up your mind to affect other people with written words. Don’t just write blog posts for the sake of it. What exactly do you want to achieve?

How valuable is that topic you’ve under your pillow? Are you about to push the “publish” button for the world to see your post? If I were I visit your blog, do you think I can read the post?

Lazy bloggers don’t care about readers. They don’t even research extensively before writing their articles. Oftentimes, they’re perfectionists; always wanting to do it by themselves in a way that seems powerful.

They don’t need anyone’s assistant. They don’t write guest posts, and they don’t accept guest posts. Wow… this is serious!

Engage your readers quickly

Can I tell you something – it’s now easier to reach new readers, engage them and make money from your blog.

Why is this so? It’s because lazy bloggers can spend 4 – 8 hours on Twitter, retweeting what they call “interesting content” without any regard for their own blogs. If you’re one of those who take too much pride in social media marketing, you need to reconsider it.

Your blog needs attention. Before your blog can make a living blogging, there must be a platform where you can address readers’ problems and recommend a helpful product for them.

Recently, I discovered the secret to making money online. It’s not selling or slapping few AdSense Ads here and there. It’s called “productivity.”

Increase your productive level

Did you know that everything you need to make profit with your blog is already with you?

Believe me, when you increase your productive level, there would be so much energy poured out for writing, marketing, networking and building a mutual relationship with others.

And because 75% of bloggers are lazy, you can take advantage of this to reach new audience with compelling content.

When you come to twitter, you’d tweet helpful and newsworthy content that followers can connect to. You can’t just tweet anything that your grandmother tells you and wonder why your social media marketing campaign is failing.

Get results today

Blogging is truly unique. No one can compete with you when you write epic content, using your own VOICE.

Even if they copy or replicate your idea, your voice is yours forever.

So, take pride in content marketing. The best search engine optimization tip is to “answer relevant questions in your blog posts.”

Now that a lot of people are scared of optimizing for search engines, take advantage of it and dominate the first page of Google.

Your blog’s growth might not come overnight (no matter how you try), but you could see a significant result in about 30 days.

What do you think? If 75% of bloggers are lazy, it means that 25% are productive, go-getters and money makers. If you work hard and smart, you can join the league of successful bloggers this year. Leave a comment below – see you at the top!

Photo Credit: Fat Lazy Guy

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25 thoughts on “75% Of Bloggers Are Lazy, Which Is Good News For You!”

  1. Richard Ng says:

    Hi Michael,

    Nice article. It would be even more helpful if you can quote some example of what do you means by “increase productivity level” on the blogging (on top of the twitter example)?


    1. A great and simple way to “increase productivity level” is to have an idea swipe file. Use evernote to jot down blog topic ideas as they come, even while you’re on the go. You’d find the swipe file handy when creating your content. I’d share more productivity tips later on – keep reading and make sure you’re subscribed to JohnChow’s email list for updates.

  2. Wade says:

    I agree with you. Producing awesome content is more important than staying on social media sites! Having something to promote is the name of the game when promoting to social media.

    But it all boils down to content and how you address it to your readers. The integrity of your blog rides on it. I have found when you realize that the most important thing to your blog is your readers, then you start to produce great content for them.

    1. Your comment makes me glad and a bit challenged to always create awesome content. Lol!

      Thank you so much.

  3. This is great information and clearly you are a great and successful blogger. I feel I have great content and great comments I am just struggling on getting blog visitors. Oh well hopefully my hard work will pay off. Thanks for the great post.

  4. Mi Muba says:

    There is a little contradiction I noticed in your post. If we rely entirely on research to create a new post how would we put our thoughts and present them in a unique way. Let me modify it slightly that we should do extensive research but not to reproduce whatever we have read. Instead of that we should blend our veiw point in the information we explored to make a new and unique content. You might have meant to say the same but I thought it better to clarify more.
    Overall it is a wonderful post with lot of information especially the pic is quite eye-catching

    1. Hey Muba, of course, we need to add our personality and view point “in the information we explored to make a new and unique content.” Thank you for helping me make it more understandable. I do appreciate your comment and precious time. You’re a great friend.

  5. Manoj Rawal says:

    hey, Michael really mind blowing information. shocked to hear about that term 75% Of Bloggers Are Lazy. you sharing here result of your hard work and lot of research on this article,,,,,
    thnx for sharing

    1. Thank you for making out time to read this post and comment. I’m so glad you got the point and appreciate the research.

  6. Raiyan says:

    Being productive is whats required the most. People waste 8-10 hours online just working on useless networking or over-networking.
    Good post for motivation. cheers

    1. If you increase your productive level, you’d achieve so much more. I’m glad you liked the post.

  7. Ferb says:

    Hi Michael, I recently found myself stay very often on Twitter and my Facebook page worrying about their insights drop. But I also found myself completely forgot about my blog afterwards and after reading this post, it inspires me to start to work on my blog more rather than using Social Media Networking like Twitter and Facebook.

    Thank you – Ferb

    1. Please don’t forget your blog and readers. They’re precious and it’s about the engagement you create that matters.

  8. Carlos says:

    I am surprised that only 75% of bloggers are lazy. I thought it would be much more. Specially considering that only a small part of bloggers are really making any money on their blogs. It takes a lot of commitment to do a web site that is really useful for others.

    1. Hmm, some hardworking and visionary bloggers might not be making a boat load of cash, but they’re quietly building a great community. If they monetize effectively, they’d make more money. Trust me!

  9. faisal says:

    Its basically because lazy kicks in as there is too much other work to do.

    1. Yep, I agree with you. Most bloggers have a lot on the table, and so, they’re overwhelmed with the task at hand. Thanks for pointing that out.

  10. Joani Ward says:

    Excellent article Michael.

    I get lots of great comments on my content, but I need to do better with responding to the legitimate comments. I’m in the 25% category you reference in your blog. Thank goodness!! Just need to continue implementing what I’m learning from John Chow so I can monetize my blog.

    1. Glad your’e in the 25% category. Keep doing the right thing because often, success needs eons of time to mature.

  11. Billy says:

    You say in your article that Google is wicked. I’d lean more to Google has a sadistic streak. They ask for your soul (data) and in return they enjoy abusing their customers (users/business’). I really think there is a sadistic, anti social streak in Google culture. Writing great content and getting traffic is very difficult. I’ve read a lot of blogs with AWESOME content that gets almost no traffic.

    1. Hmm, I didn’t say “Google is wicked”. Most people say that – my advice is simple. Rather than sitting on the fence and complaining, it’s better to reposition your content for the new changes.

      Well, getting traffic isn’t very difficult as you think. Guest posting can bring you traffic. However, what you do with the traffic is up to you. Thank you for your comment.

  12. Richard says:

    Great article, just pure awesomeness!

    I am gonna increase my productivity level and get my blog to a new whole level.

    thanks a lot.


  13. It’s so true, for so long I was such a lazy blogger and you just watch every other website grow and yours just stays dormant. You just need to increase your productivity somehow and then everything else comes afterwards.

  14. Ben Troy says:

    very interesting statitic, those lazy bloggers are often the buyers

  15. Zion Amal says:

    Well written man! 🙂 U rocks

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