8 Tips To Increase Your Productivity

One of the most challenging factors of trying to make money online is staying motivated. When you’re self-employed and working from the comfort of your home, the distractions are endless.

The Internet, television, Facebook, your bed, food, your cat, your bed, Candy Crush, laundry and after that you decide your garden would look good with a pond in it.

Yup, these are real reasons I’ve been given from people for not getting started on whatever their make money online strategy was. And yes, I’m guilty of a few of them too.

So how do we rectify the situation? Well here are my 8 rules to increase productivity.

1 – Pinpoint Your Peak

Everybody has a certain time of day when their brain is switched on and they’re able to hit targets without a second thought. For some it’s in the morning after a good night’s sleep and a steaming cup of coffee. While others come alive at night and work best when the world around them is quiet.

So locate your peak time. Then focus on high priority tasks during these times.

2 – Breaking Down Tasks

When you start off with an idea, you always get the big picture in your mind. You can see exactly what you want to achieve.

So a lot of the time, the sheer magnitude of everything that needs to be done can be overwhelming. And this can prevent people from even starting.

To overcome this, breakdown the tasks into smaller ones. List down all the little things that need to be done to make up the big picture. You’ll find it much easier to be productive when you’ve got small, specific tasks lined up that you can check off your list quickly.

3 – Schedule Everything

When I say everything, I mean everything. That includes your play time. In fact, I suggest you add your play time into your schedule first. And add all the work tasks around it.

By knowing you have ‘X’ amount of time to complete a task before you get to meet friends for lunch, your productivity will go up.

4 – Celebrate Your (Mini) Successes

When you know that the end goal is far off, it can be difficult to stay productive on a consistent basis. So once you have your big picture broken down into smaller tasks, reward yourself for every task completed.

It doesn’t have to be lavish. Taking your family out for dinner, a movie date with your wife, basketball with the guys. Whatever floats your boat.

This is how I stay motivated. For every mini goal I achieve, I give myself a little reward. That way you have something to look forward to in the short-term. And you have fun along the way by celebrating all your mini-successes that lead up to the end goal.

5 – Put The Phone Away


I think that one of the top distractions these days for everyone is their smartphone. You see groups of friends who took the trouble to organize dinners and get-togethers sitting around the table with their faces buried in their phones. Not a word spoken. And hanging out with friends is supposed to be fun!

So when you’re trying to work and up your productivity, that phone on your desk is going to slow you down immensely.
No, it’s not enough to put it on silent. Just put it away.

And not just your smartphone, but your tablet and any other digital device you own. Switch off the noise for a while and concentrate.

6 – Have a Designated Workstation

Establish your work place at home. Make it your office. Set up your desk. When you are planning to work, sit there and get started. Don’t move around with your laptop or laze on your bed or sofa with it. Posture makes a big difference in your productivity level.

Slouching or hunching over your computer will drain your energy levels and make you feel unenthusiastic. So when you’re at your workstation, be aware of your posture. Straighten your back and sit up straight. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference this makes.

7 – Change of Scenery

If things aren’t working out well at home and you’re just too comfortable, go somewhere else.

Try a coffee shop or library. Anywhere that offers free wifi. When you tell yourself you’re going to a certain location with the mindset to work, you may find that you become more productive.

8 – Get a System for Yourself

Last but not least, I cannot stress enough how imperative it is to have a system to follow. You might be spending an entire day in front of your computer but that doesn’t mean that you’re being productive.

This is why there are still many out there who have yet to make their first dollar online despite spending 12 hours a day surfing the internet and getting nowhere.

In order to fully optimize your productivity, it’s best to follow a step-by-step process to guide you through your exact steps and mini-goals of the day.

And there are multiple resources you can dive into right now which will help you to focus your ideas and to decide what steps you need to take to achieve particular goals that you may have.

If you need a proven system to get you started, why not give my program an honest try. When you have me breathing down your neck every day, making sure you complete the work I set, it won’t be long before you start seeing results!

44 thoughts on “8 Tips To Increase Your Productivity”

  1. Kael says:

    Having the appropriate work station is so key. So often we sit in such poor conditions they leave us very little room for the body to be in an appropriate position and alignment. If we are uncomfortable, we find new reasons to get up and take more breaks and distractions than necessary eating away at our potential workable hours.

    Thanks John.

  2. Scott Pruitt says:

    John, It never ceases to amaze me how you always manage to consistently put out useful actionable information on your blog. I continue to be inspired by what you have accomplished and look forward to benefits I will receive as I put your ideas into practice.

    1. Exactly Scott, I agree with you. John’s rich and informative tips have even motivated me in many ways. It helped me with my journey in online earning.

  3. Wess Stewart says:

    I totally suck at tiime management. But this is good advice. I have noticed that when there’s something I want to do, I tend to make time to get the important stuff done. Good post!

    1. Bris Truong says:

      Personal time management is a very difficult for me. So this article I found it very great

  4. sandi says:

    Really great tips, I always find useful advice on your blog.
    Sometimes we really need something to increas our productivity.

  5. Floyd Rudolph says:

    Hi John, Thanks for the good advice. I like your win win attitude and the reality that blogging or any life changing achievement doesn’t mean getting rich over night. Step by step, checking and understanding, repeat and improve are personal keywords that come to my mind after reading your tips on productivity.

    An efficient system of good daily habits and remembering to celebrate mini successes are brilliant motivators.

    Looking forward to following your blogs and information.

    Kind regards

    Floyd Rudolph

  6. Michael says:

    Thanks for the tips John.

  7. xlovehappyx says:

    I’ve been feeling productive for the past couple of days, but it is tough to keep up the momentum. Great tips; love everything except 6 and 7 right now LOL Gotta have my comfy couch in my cozy home.

    1. In addition to what John shared, to help stay motivated Les Brown does a Free Monday night call @ 8pm and Dani Johnson does a call @ 9pm- With these power houses you will stay motivated.

  8. Night time is perfectly fine with me but option 6 is what i am going to implement from today. I do my most of the productive work in night but most of the time i sit on sofa or bed. But from now i am going to sit on a proper desk & hope it will work. Thanks again..

  9. Wow! John awesome article as usual. The tips given by your are the facts that happen with every body. If we work systematically as said by you then it’ll really help us to increase the productivity.

  10. Jason says:

    Hey John, nice article dude. One of the points you said is getting distracted by mobiles. Yes this is absolutely correct. But one the problem is we cannot switch it off as we’ll be getting important calls from clients. But one thing we can do is we can ignore unnecessary calls. Thanks for nice article.

  11. faisal says:

    Very motivating John, this is so true.

  12. Mona says:

    Hi John,
    You’ve thrown in succinct nuggets of great info.We need to actually break down our mountains of tasks into smaller bits.That’s what happens in nature too.Things are actually broken down to their tiniest bits for the highest efficiency. Microorganisms,bacteria ,viruses are known to function at exteme efficiency,that’s because they operate on the smallest building blocks,molecules.If they had doubtful minds like humans they would stop dead in their tracks before gobbling up huge chunks of stale meat….
    I think we humans can emulate our unicellular cousins in the living world a tad!!
    Also totally agree with you on peak time,celebrating small victories,and most importantly -posture & work station at home.
    Best of luck

  13. Timely article as I start your program IMJohnChow! I especially identified with 1. Find your peak. After one week of trying to work 4-10 hour shifts at my j.o.b. so I could have Fridays off to work on my online business, I realized that I was using my ‘peak’ time, my most productive time each morning at my j.o.b! Needless to say but I will say it anyway- no more! I am taking back my peak time to write and build my business. Next, work on #3 and #8, schedules and systems! Thanks, John!

  14. Other than from the list that was shared I think self discipline should be the first thing to learn.

  15. Aaron Fraser says:

    Thanks a Million. I will use the advice to stay on top of my new project.

  16. Pranjal says:

    I just love these kinds of posts, since I am really fed up of my blogging schedules. I am active on night, so now will be working crucial tasks on the night time and recently I had also started low down my social media usage, which has greatly helped me in being more productive 🙂

  17. nimimca says:

    I really enjoyed to read your post which is awesome and I hope to get real experience through your posts. Thanks John

  18. Ali says:

    Yes, essentials to be more productive.

  19. Noble says:

    These are great tips which I utilize most of them myself. Also, I include moderate exercise to help get me going. Stretching & toning really helps to prevent me from getting stiff from sitting down working on the computer. I think exercise would fit into your number 3, scheduling everything. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Very helpful comments. Finding a system or routine is definitely helpful when it comes to blogging.

  21. Put The Phone Away …..interesting ….never turn on YouTube.com is another big distraction

  22. Glenn says:

    Some good tips there, John, thanks. I particularly like the point about celebrating your successes, that’s something I’ve never considered before. Particularly in the early stages you can be so focused on working on your business, which is good, but obviously sometimes you just need to take a breather and pop your head up once in a while. Taking a little time out to reward yourself would be a good way to do that

  23. Mirko says:

    perfect timing, thanks a lot John for these inspiring thoughts

  24. Samuel says:

    It is pretty wild. The brain go actually faster than I can accomplish. The Internet is free, wide open and fast changing. Most people with big projects will be millionaire in 2015. True story. Keep it up john

  25. Robinsh says:

    So it is how the super blogger John Chow works 🙂

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable article here with us because I was always behind the targets only because of the low level of productivity and now I can do something about it.

  26. olingtons says:

    Hi friend, I think that my cellphone, not is the best for my work, and I need to educate myself. Thank you John.
    have a nice day.

  27. Thanks again John. I agreed on your every tip on increasing productivity. specially i like your 4th one Celebrate Your (Mini) Successes because I have already done it with, it really works. whenever you try to celebrate after particular task had done, after celebration you will get motivated by multiples & that will definitely going to increase your productivity.

  28. Giuseppe says:

    How is possible that I always meet your tips when I am a little bit down ?? They are my salvation, thank you so much !!

  29. You are very true on this!, Not really feeling sorry for myself, but when you combine this horrible procrastination problem with “add”, it gets even worse. I just started to take my own product for this purpose, I hope it help, I was already on aderall; didn’t work.

    I agree with you, actually I needed this tips today, I should open it earlier. Talking about that peak, it is very true, “BUT”, mine is from 3:am to 6:am, the time I should go to sleep. For some reason I might have been wasting my time the whole day on weekends, but from 3-to 6:am I feel the urgency to get something done, or I would feel like a looser. So I start to work so frantically that I things start rolling, and Ideas start flowing . . .and I start falling asleep right on the spot.

    Tips are great, I feel better just to know that it could be a common problem for people that are trying to make a living on-line.
    Appreciated, Blessings!


  30. Rahul says:

    It’s so easy to read, but really difficult to implement at the same time.

  31. Ah John, don’t tell me about the TV and the Internet whilst trying to work! Those are KILLERS!! As far as I am concerned, I work much much better in the morning, early morning!

    And, I have also discovered the power- the real power of writing longhand! I know some ( and actually lots of people scoff at the idea of using your own hand and a nice pen or pencil to write) but I find that you get so much more done this way!

    First of all, you become far more creative. Distractions are limited so, creativity and productivity triple! I used to hate writing longhand until I tried it ! And contrary to what most people thing, you edit much better as you type what you’ve written! It’s one of my favorite part!

    Lots of successful authors write longhand ( books and series or even movies too), so I am glad to report that for me productivity = staying away from ANY screen and writing on a nice pad with a nice fountain pain!

    Any other longhand enthusiasts here?

  32. Pete says:

    Thanks John.

    You’re article is great and so I was inspired to create my own tips on how to increase productivity too.

    Here’s mine:

    This is how it works for me, others might be able to related to this too 🙂

  33. Chim says:

    These are good, actionable tips. I like the idea of celebrating your successes. It’s easy to forget this when you’re focused only on the end result. But you need the motivation to persevere until you get there so learning to celebrate your successes along the way is a good idea.

  34. Yasmine says:

    I particularly like that you suggest to put the phone away – I would even go as far as suggesting to ignore emails. I mean, if you have a goal, like producing your own ebook or something, you really don’t want to be distracted. So I learnt to ignore some emails (obviously not all of them…) for a short time and concentrate for a couple of days on creating my own product. Great post again, John, thanks!

  35. Riza says:

    Thanks for delivering another nice article, John. I liked it a lot that I’ve Kingged it on the IM Social Networking site, Kingged.com. I also left the following comment:

    Very nice. I’ve read lots of articles that tackles this hurdle, and they gave out the same tips over and over again. It gets boring you know. But John Chow’s not the kind who disappoints his readers.

    I would like to say that like any other human being, my world is full of distractions, too. While I agree with all the tips given, they are technically unique by the way, I would disagree with the suggestion that one should add their play time into their schedule first. I’ve done that and it didn’t work. But you know, maybe that’s just me.

    All in all, the tips sounds very helpful. 🙂


  36. Judy says:

    #5…sounds so easy but hard to do. When I really need to get things done, I completely turn off my phone and remove the battery.

  37. Dwight says:

    Yeah, I agree with scheduling everything even playtime and exercise. If you get exercise from your playtime even better but exercise should be on a daily tasks list.

    Phones, well I am old school, last time I had a cell phone was over 4 years ago and do not miss it for anything. My productivity went up, I see people face to face more often and it is basically one less worry.

    Finding when you are most productive is also a great tip, I learned years ago that I am a morning person so I usually have a few hours of work done before most open their eyes. This way I put in my 8 – 10 hours and then I am off doing other things.

    I found when I am off doing my other things, this is when I have my best new ideas as well as ideas to tackle obstacles.
    Overall John, great motivational article.

    ps. There is a great app called Evernote that sure helps with breaking up daily tasks making you more productive.

  38. Vkool says:

    I appreciate your tips on increasing productivity, What I do is close my door, turn off my phone and start working and stay focus until I’m done. I dislike disattractions when I’m working, Period!

  39. Sudipto says:

    Hey John,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these useful tips with us. All the points you mentioned above are great but I really like the first three point. For becoming a successful blogger we have to first make a schedule and then surely have to follow it. I am totally agree with you that these days smartphones, social media sites are big distractions.

  40. Joost Boers says:

    These are great tips. Another one – connected to the item ‘put your phone away’ – is get a paper organiser as agenda. Indeed, it doesn’t sync between your devices but that isn’t needed (you always can keep a back-up online if needed) but you have it available when on the phone and it is another distraction gone. And even with an empty phone battery this works!

  41. Great tips John, a massive one is ‘breaking down tasks’ – something I like to do in my morning routine. Makes big projects look a lot more human and simplifies the day a lot 🙂 Thanks!

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