$84,000 A Year Is Low Income

You would think that making $84,000 a year would be considered a decent income. However, if you make that and live in Orange County, you are considered low income. Because that’s how expensive Orange County is. Don’t live here unless you’re rich, or live the Dot Com Lifestyle.

How To Live The Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle

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7 thoughts on “$84,000 A Year Is Low Income”

  1. Julie Andrew says:

    You video is awesome. Now following all 21 Step System to make money online thank you.

  2. Eric Ben says:

    In the O.C rents have increased 20 percent over the past seven years, while the median sale price of a house has jumped 40 percent.

  3. This is so inspiring! Stepping up my work immediately. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Paul says:

    I am a fan of john chow, and i always watch his video to get me more motivated and inspire, thanks john

  5. What is your income in 2016? what is the tragedy with you?

  6. Alex July says:

    Making $84,000 a year is a long-life dream for over 95% of the population.
    Lots of people would be not only happy but tremendously happy to make this amount of money.
    John, you’re a great inspirator!

  7. Bilal shah says:

    Wowww $84,ooo a year is toooo much .. Lol where do you spend all these …

    You are a inspiration

    Can you tell me how i should increase views and sales on my website


    Its an online shopping store . But i can get sales .


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