99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Twitter. In the short time Twitter has been around, it has pretty much changed the way I do business. Right up until the time Google let me back into their index, Twitter was my biggest referrer of traffic and one of my main money makers. In my quest for Tweeting knowledge, I came across a book call 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter. This is not an eBook but an actual book you can buy at Amazon.com.

99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter was written by the editors of GEEKPRENEUR. What started off as a introduction to Twitter eBook has turned into a 376 page reference guide.

Last year, we released our twitter ebook as an introduction to using Twitter. We could not have anticipated that our ebook would become one of the most downloaded Twitter ebooks or that Fortune 500 companies would be contacting us to include the ebook in their corporate intranets. But what we DID anticipate is that Twitter would be a strong and viable business and marketing tool. And so we assigned our entire writing and research staff to work towards releasing a Twitter business book. The result is 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter.

As you know no doubt guessed, 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter shows you 99 ways to make money with Twitter. Some of the ways are pretty obvious (like put affiliate links in your tweets) but there are many other ways that I guarantee you’ve never thought of before. Each chapter comes with a rating system to rate the difficulty, skill and income potential for each of the 99 methods.
99 ways to make money using Twitter
In addition to the key ratings, 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter features handy tips for success and best practices model for each method. The books offers tons of information and doesn’t have to be read in a linear fashion. Just choose the method that appeals to you and read it. 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter is ideally suited for individuals, businesses and Internet marketers. It’s a handy reference guide that you’ll want to refer to again and again.

99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter is available from Amazon.com in both hardcover edition ($34.95) and Kindle edition ($19.95). Every Twitter user who’s serious about improving their business or social media income should get a copy. It’s well worth the read and I’ve picked up a lot of great ideas from it that is going to make me far more than the book price.

54 thoughts on “99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter”

  1. Think i will order a copy !

    1. I think I’ll probably see if they have it at my local B&N and grab a mocha and take notes.

    2. Make money says:

      99 ways? I think it’s totally worth the money…

  2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    $19.95 for a kindle edition is really a worthy price. But I do think that making money using twitter is not that easy unless we have huge follower, and we should know how to build targeted and strong followers.

    Is the book consisting of tips on how to build targeted and strong followers instead of how to make money?


    1. Yea, but you have to have a $299 or $399 kindle. I can buy a bunch of books for that price.

      1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

        I just know kindle is a tool that used to read book in this way today. Same as you, I would prefer use the money to buy a bunch of books instead of getting a kindle.


        1. Make money says:

          I agree Lee, making money with Twitter somehow doesn’t seem all ethical. Basically, we’re making money by spamming other people. I didn’t get much of that idea until I saw proofs of profits.

  3. yes you need a huge followers thats all you need in order to make money with twitter..then affiliate links etc.

    1. Yea, but you can’t just spam Twitter with a bunch of affiliate links, that will get you banned.

      1. Yes I agree, You just give me back to back five affiliate link tweets and i will unfollow you. Twiiter was never made for this purpose.

  4. I have to say “living under a rock” is already a part of your legend JC. I have the same sentiments as Lee. Also, with the large concentration of Twitter ebooks nowadays in the market, what’s the age of this one over the others?

    1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      I do have the same question with you Liane, there are tons of similar ebook out there, then what is the differences between this and others?

      Btw, if this copy contains the 99 ways to make money using twitter and tips on how to get targeted and quality followers, then I’ll consider to grab 1 as I’m currently getting excited to play with Twitter. 🙂


      1. John Chow says:

        Amazon has a preview of the book. You can read the first chapter or two to get an idea if it’s right for you.

        1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

          John, I’ve gone through amazon and tried to find the preview of the book that you mentioned. If I’m not mistaken, the preview is only available for kindle version, if I don’t have a kindle?

          Is there any method which we can read the preview of the book in PDF or web page?


          1. Th epreview is right on the main page of the book. Just click right on the image of the book at Amazon and it will take you to the “Look Inside” or preview page. It’s pretty simple.

          2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

            Oh I see, thanks dude for telling me about this as I’m new in Amazon, lol! Anyway, I’m reading the details and see if I would grab a copy of this.


    2. I think this one just came out.

  5. Diana W. says:

    Interesting. I hope its also for those of us interested in breaking into the industry but have yet started — basically newbies. Thanks!

    1. Usually books like this are written for newbies and intermediate alike. There’s always a lot more basic stuff than I like.

  6. I order my copy now.

  7. Building followers is easy, leveraging them for cash is tough.

  8. Ghostwriter says:

    Just read the Amazon review:

    Seems like the reviewers are pleased. It’s not a step by step book, rather suggestions/ideas.

  9. What, they coouldn’t come up with at least one more way to make money from Twitter and make it an even 100?

    1. Of course it’s a marketing ploy. 99 sounds better than 100.

  10. Greg Ellison says:

    The reviews are good but is it really worth $34 if we don’t have a kindle. I know it is 300+ pages of information, but I don’t know. Greg Ellison

    1. Of course it’s worth $34 if you can make that back easily. Sometimes you can do that with only one good tip.

  11. Mathew day says:

    Thanks for the post and I’ll definitely checkout the book. I’m sure I’ll make the 20$ or 34$ back within no time at all. Twitter is a good way to make money but you do need a lot of targeted and hungry followers.

  12. game-girl says:

    I am going to have this copy for myself.It is worth reading I think.

  13. Doug Dillard says:

    I have just recently added Twitter to my site and I am so new at it that I am sure this book is going to have A LOT of new stuff for me to try, so I am definitely going to get it. Thanks for the post John.

  14. Faisal Anwar says:

    I have yet to understand how to make money through twitter. Actually I don’t really get twitter. Maybe I should get this book

  15. Nicolas says:

    Hi John,

    I’ve bought the book as you recommended, and I’ve got to say that it is great!
    Just wanted to mention, after the box that said, “Last year, we released our twitter ebook… etc. etc.” you wrote “As you know doubt guessed, 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter shows you 99 ways to make money with Twitter. ” Probably being picky, but it should have been “As you NO doubt guessed…”

    Anyway, to finish on the high, 99 ways to make money with twitter was well worth its money!


  16. I’m going to take a look at this book. Would love to download the kindle version, but I haven’t taken the plunge and bought the kindle reader yet.

  17. hospitalera says:

    Getting followers on twitter is easy, getting followers that listen to you is very difficult, everybody wants to be heard, nobody wants to listen. SY

  18. Hi John,

    Will you pulic the ebook free very soon? If not, i will buy it right now.
    I’ve bought some ebook, but when i searched at google, there is a free copy, so i must make sure the method of the ebook is secret.

    Thanks, elva

  19. Kingnot08 says:

    Hi there JC, nice to have you back on google search list!!

  20. Custom Essay says:

    I am using twitter for community building for my website. although, I never tried to cashing those followers. I have found that many of my followers are spam. They just add everybody and they want me or people like who to whom they are following, to come at their page and see their ow product. 🙁

  21. trevor says:

    Interesting that you make the most money from twitter. I am definately interested in your book and fingers crossed achieve the same success (or even close) and turn my current blog into a make money from home

  22. I am using Twitter to build a community as well of strong followers for my website Stocks on Wall Street, never though about trying to cash out on them.

  23. Benjamin Cip says:

    Well, I tried to buy the kandle version of the book, but I got the following message :

    ‘Benjamin, we currently do not show a Kindle, iPhone, or iPod touch registered to your Amazon account. Kindle Editions are only available for these devices.’

  24. John Pope says:

    For a short messaging service like Twitter a 376 pages guide seems awfully long…

  25. Thanks for the book info. I’ve been interested in making money using twitter for awhile and this book would help me out greatly. And for just $20 it’s a great investment.

  26. Brad says:

    I still don’t know why twitter has blown up as it did ~

  27. EarningStep says:

    awsome . i will really order this ebook .

  28. Let me get my first 10k followers, i will get back to this post then “99 Ways….

    1. And how long will that be? Just order it from your local B & N and go red it when it comes in, but don’t buy it. And if you learn something that makes you the $34 back, then pay for it.

  29. $20 to learn how to make money on Twitter….hmmm..

    You could pretty much just learn yourself and keep that $20 🙂


  30. Dean Saliba says:

    Although it sounds good I won’t be ordering it. I’m happy with the way I’m earning on Twiter and I’d rather keep the $20. 😛

  31. Honestly, it’s possible. There are numerous ways that you will be able to make money with Twitter, even while doing your usual “tweeting”.

  32. Albert says:

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  33. Eric Tan says:

    Why only 99 ways? If you ordered a copy let us know if the information is worth it.

  34. Fery HS says:

    Wow,99 way to make money on twitter.Its Amazing…I just know this information from you John.Thanks for sharing this information

  35. Bank jobs in says:

    wonderful post on twitter what are you doing now

  36. Just ordered the book, thanks John

  37. Make money says:

    Sheesh, I doubted even one way to make money with twitter but this is amazing!

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