A 40 Minute Video Tour of The #ASE12 Show Floor

In past Affiliate Summits, I have always posted a highlight video and photos of the show floor. For the 2012 Affiliate Summit East in New York, I decided to do something different. Instead of highlights, I’m taking through a complete tour of the floor!

The 40-minute journey will let you experience the entire show as if you were walking beside me. Except for a part where we had to stop and change the GoPro Here2 battery, the video is unedited. Please let me know how you like the video. Would you like to see more like them in the future, or should I go back to just video highlights?

12 thoughts on “A 40 Minute Video Tour of The #ASE12 Show Floor”

  1. Rank Watch says:

    Hey John.. Great work i hope you had a good time with sugar mama at the click booth party 😉

  2. Hotdogman says:

    Great camera work!

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes, the camera work was very amazing.

  3. Hotdogman says:

    Check out the exchange at 30:35 TOO FUNNY!!!!

  4. Really loved the live video. It’s great to see what actually is going on those shows. So I know what to expect one day when I go to one.

  5. faisal says:

    AWesome work with the camera. I told you goPro2 battery is not as good as the goPro 1.

  6. What did you learn at this trade show that you didn’t expect to?

    What did you learn that you will implement into your business right away?

    What would you change about the show if you could snap your fingers and have it done immediately?

    Thanks for sharing

  7. Thanks for the @BlueGlobalMedia shout-out!

  8. Great blog you got here. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep posting! 🙂

  9. Nice work on the video John. Didn’t make it this year but I hope to see you at the Affiliate Summit trade show next year!

  10. Thanks John – I almost felt as though I was really there 🙂 Maybe we will see you in Veags!

  11. BUM says:

    LMAO American Express sales lady = FAIL! You mention you’re not wearing your “I’m John Chow, Bitch!” shirt and she thought you were calling her that. Dumbass will probably be given notice after this vid.

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