A Blog Traffic Source You Probably Haven’t Considered

Most people focus on all different types of getting traffic to their blog. There are SEO courses, social media, advertising and emailing to your list. However, there are other very effective ways to get traffic to your blog and your business. Many people use this tactic and if done correctly, it can be one of the fastest and most effective ways to get traffic to your blog. What is it?

Benefits of Blog Commenting

What is blog commenting? It is going into someone’s blog and leaving useful, helpful comments in a way that contributes to that post. It does not mean spamming, it means sharing thoughts. It means adding value to someone else’s blog. You should always comment on blogs that are similar or complement your own.

Here are some benefits to blogging on others blogs:

  • You tap into an already-existing community.
  • You learn valuable things from the blogger and the community.
  • You can get targeted traffic and new subscribers.
  • You can build your own reputation.

Blog Commenting to Build A Community

blog commenting

When you post a comment, add your full name, your website address and your email address. You put these in the fields provided before you comment, not in the actual comment.

Here are some other courtesies to follow:

  • Do not spam. This is worth mentioning twice, because people actually use software to spam incessantly. Bloggers are sensitive to this. Do not be THAT person.
  • When contributing a comment, make it the best comment you can.
  • Add valuable links to other websites when necessary. For example, on a travel blog post for families, add a link to a Disney promotion that is too good to pass up.
  • Do not flame other members of the community.

Think about the things that people do (or don’t do) on your blog and follow these protocols when commenting on other’s blogs.

How to Add Value in your Blog Comments

When you add value, you help everyone, including yourself. Here are some tips to add value.

  1. Read the post, think about what you are going to say, and then say it in a way that inspires, educates or empowers.
  2. Add yourself into the comment, whether it is insight, and experience or a perspective. Better yet, tell a good story if you can. A true story.
  3. Consistently comment, like, and share. Going to a blog once is not going to get you traffic and guest post invitations. You have to keep going back and be a valuable member of that community.
  4. When you see a comment that you can add to, reply directly to that person.

Are there blogs that you already visit on a regular basis? Start with those blogs. Start visiting great blogs. You will want to go to blogs that have a good amount of traffic and comments already. If you go to a blog that has no comments, then all you are creating is a backlink. This is fine, but you really want to interact with other people.

Now that you know the basics of blog commenting, get started. Fine tune your efforts and you may have found the blog boost you were looking for.

34 thoughts on “A Blog Traffic Source You Probably Haven’t Considered”

  1. Very useful and interesting post Mr. Rampton. Thank you very much for sharing with us!

  2. Enstine Muki says:

    Hey John,
    I absolutely agree with you on this. I have known the benefits of commenting on blogs in my niche in terms of traffic and community building. Like you said, it has to be meaningful comments with a personalized gravatar.

    What I love with Johnchow’s blog is the fact that he changed the default gravatar. This makes his blog more personal. I did same and wrote a tutorial on my blog and to do it. Quite simple!

    Thanks for the post

  3. dan fisher says:

    thanks for the great insight mr chow this method definatley works same with forum marketing i have had quite a lot of traffic dribbling in from doing your above mentioned tips keep up the good work

  4. Benjamin Hur says:

    Great post John. Been telling my friends and clients this for years. Even been thinking of bringing this service back. It’s such an easy thing to do, and it’s the ‘being social’ part that “attracts” people to one another. Just be yourself and your audience will find you.

  5. Hi John,

    You’ve got it spot in with this post. Blog commenting accounts for the majority of the traffic to my site so I know that, not only it works, it’s a great source of traffic.

    The technique absolutely must be done in the right way though, as you mention. I view it the same way as I do making money – I put the ultimate end goal to the end of the equation. In other words, while I want traffic to my site of course, I don’t comment on blogs with that goal in the forefornt of my mind. Rather, I try to contribute comments of value, help out if I can and only comment if there is something I can add. If I don’t feel that I can add anything to the post then I simply won’t comment. That way I’m focusing on thinking about the quality of my comments and contributing for others and let the traffic side of things handle itself.

    Thanks for posting this great reminder. People are always wanting to know about ‘driving traffic’. This, I believe, is one of the most effective ways, at least to get quality traffic. It requires commitment, patience, diligence and sincerity but if approached in the right way it can be very beneficial indeed.

    Kind regards,

  6. life tips says:

    very important!

  7. Great article John, it reminds me to comment on other peoples blogs more consistently by added this task to my social media strategy. I love it when I get a comment on several levels, someone read it, liked it and was motivated enough to spend their time to engage and hopefully add more.

  8. Edson Hale says:

    A wonderful post; I want to add something here with regard to blog commenting.
    It is wrongly assumed that blog commenting is a great source of getting back links. It is wrong because only those blogs with do-follow comment option give a back link to your blog and that is also not much important to get higher PR because Google does not consider it with that value as it used to do previously. Reason is because people flooded other do follow blogs with their comments just to get huge number of back links. It is also now like keyword stuffing if someone just comment for the sake of getting a back link.
    So one needs to simply comment on other blogs to be known in bloggers community and put value in his comments to make other commentators to click on your URL and visit your blog and be its regular visitor if you really offer value.

  9. JACK says:

    Haven’t considered? Seriously?

    That’s the oldest thing in the book … pathetic

  10. Hello,
    @John Rampton

    I am Ujjwal from India.

    It is a very good article, I helps me lot to make another traffic source for me, Usually I have used all of them, but I have not think about giving value in comments.

    I will now think about it.

    By the way thanks.

    And Nice to Meet You.

  11. faisal says:

    Blog commenting is easy but takes a lot of time.

    1. Roman says:


      I completely agree. Blog commenting is absolutely time-consuming process but I believe that is worth of that time.

      Best wishes.


  12. I’m your regular reader and follow your tips to be successful in this entrepreneurship journey. Good article to say about the blog traffic source through commenting. 🙂

  13. Babanature says:

    Hello John,
    I couldn’t agree with you more… Blog commenting is one of the best source of getting valuable traffic and as well as engagement to ones blog but only if you can do it well. Putting a personal touch to your comment can also attract the eyes and as you say, gravatar also plays a lot of role in blog comment traffic.

    Thanks for the lovely post and do have a wonderful weekend start…

  14. Gugulethu says:

    Great post. Another tip is to also comment on .org, .edu and .gov blogs those get a lot of traffic and if you can find a few that are frequently updated then keep commenting and join the community you’ll get good results.

    I also vouch for blog commenting, it is a good traffic source.


  15. I think many people do consider blog commenting a source for traffic, but how many use if effectively is a different story. If you plan to use Scrapebox and try to comment on tens of thousands of sites for backlinks then in my opinion you are headed in the wrong direction.

    However, if there are blogs in your niche that you can read and contribute to regularly then other readers who regularly view the blog will take notice of you and see you as part of the community. If your comments are of good quality and add to the topic, then you gain some interest and credibility and when they go check out your site they are already interested in you.

    I think the most important take-aways are to add value and be part of the community. Don’t just expect to sprinkle blog comments all over the web and develop sustainable sources of traffic.

  16. I. C. Daniel says:

    The biggest problem is so much time consuming while we let comments with value.

    1. Laura Blog says:

      haha i saw few days ago on fiver an offer ‘I will write a high quality comment on 20 high pr blogging sites for 5$’

      why not give it a try ? 😛

  17. Interesting to know that I think will make good use, congratulations for text

  18. AJAY says:


  19. To write good blog comments takes time, but it pays off in the long run, you can get good and many follows to your own blog or website.

  20. Franky says:

    Fully true! I have very nice sites but not enough traffic. After commenting on blogs the ranking was going up quickly

  21. metz says:

    Communication will always be on the list for building a good blog. Commenting on blogs will create a good upshot; it will build relationships between the commentator and the blogger/writer, so this one should be a considered. I encourage engagement.

    Even though this post is quite short, but the ideas and reviews here are valuable and helpful. Actually you’ve spotted on some important things to generate good and boosting blog traffic.
    Simple but timely post! Great! Thanks!

    This comment was left on the Internet marketing site – kingged.com where this post shared.

  22. Tola says:

    Firstly, i want to commend you for sharing this useful tip.

    Yes, blog commenting is one of great ways to get traffic to your blog, which is backlinks that is getting link from another site and this will increase your google search ranking.

  23. Hey John,

    I didn’t realize how powerful commenting was to get traffic until I start writing a blog post everyday without commenting on other blogs LOL. Yes the advice last year was to write a post everyday and the traffic will come. They forget to mention the engage with other bloggers which I found way more beneficial. Although it can be tedious, but when you find a great informative blog that piques your interest, then this overrides the tedious action. Thanks for sharing!

  24. WilliamJohn says:

    John, Thanks for sharing good post. Blog commenting is one of the best source of getting backlinks and targeted traffic. We have to make sure to get links from high authority websites like .org and .edu websites.

  25. Paul says:

    I definitely see bloggers at a welcoming community! Thanks for another great post John

  26. Emily says:

    Another great post, thank you. I recently started commenting on other blog posts and my traffic increased. Worth doing as long as you don’t just add loads of links to the comment you are making.

  27. I love this post very much.please keep sharing of knowledges with us.

  28. James Murphy says:

    I want to thank you for the article we sometimes overlook the importance of communication, to get a quality traffic without itself is useless, I value your opinion and please give me your suggestion to my blog.

  29. I am from India and I have started blogging by seeing your blog I will be thankful if any suggestions given and this blog is so informative
    thank you

  30. Games says:

    In 2009 I made a blog comment on not (yet then) popular blog which was one of the first ones there. After a year or some I was getting a huge traffic from just my comment ( also because it was on top ). So commenting is totally worth it – especially on the new blogs because after some time you can make profit from it. I’d say it is a investment: )

  31. This post was awesome. I just started back blogging and forgot about this method. I know myself that everything John speaks of on this post is true. I myself aimed for high ranking sites in order to reach out to a larger community, It also provided a backlink from the high rank blog to my blog which helped in my rating as well. Thanks for the reminder John.

  32. Dean Henry says:

    Blog commenting is old-school traffic generation technique, but still relevant.

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