Guide To Making Passive Income

How do you earn passive income?

I’m sure you must have read several blogs showing you the various steps to take. However, this post is quite different and simple.

It’s a brief guide because I believe 2014 is all about “action.” Make it a duty to simplify your business. The way to move forward in blogging is to build systems that can generate consistent income for you even when you’re asleep.

I can’t promise you passive income without the initial hard work. On the contrary, you’ve to work hard today so that you can earn tomorrow. And the efforts will be worth it if you stay focused.


Stop looking for shiny opportunities to make money online. What you need is right within reach. One of the mistakes I see a lot of bloggers make is…

Doing so much at once

Yes. That is it!

Of course you could break even if you know how to prioritize your tasks. But it’s a lot easier if you focus on one task at a time. Channel all your efforts into it. Learn all you can. Make friends in that “ONE” thing and learn to become an expert therein.

Now back to passive income. Let’s assume you want to earn recurring income from affiliate marketing. It’s obvious that you’ll promote web hosting service, email autoresponder services, membership sites, secured coaching courses or software and so forth.

There are thousands of recurring products which can help you earn passive income. You may have to work extra hard at the beginning. Put in more hours and help your target audience/readers to understand what the product is, and learn how to use it.

Teaching sells recurring products

Did you know that if you create short video courses, showing people how to use email autoresponder to build their online business or get more traffic that your conversion rate would go up?

It’s a proven fact that teaching sells. Don’t just write article and ask your readers to check out an affiliate offer. The majority of them would perceive or assume you’re after the money – which is TRUE!

What you should do instead is teach. Teach people how to use the affiliate product. Most people who want to start their own online business are worried about wordpress installation. They don’t even know which web hosting service is good for them. That’s an opportunity for you to make passive money.

As a blogger, quit assuming that every blogger out there is knowledgeable enough when it comes to autoresponder, wordpress, web hosting etc. It’s your job to help them.

If you can’t create short tutorial videos, then write step by step guides every now and then and use screenshots to explain how to achieve a particular goal.

Yes, you can recommend your affiliate link because it’s necessary after you’ve rendered a help. This is called business!

There you go…

When it comes to passive income, you don’t need thousands of subscribers or visitors to earn $500, $1000+ monthly.

What you need is the right audience coupled with your quest to help them succeed. So, if a web hosting service pays out $30 per referral, you only need 40 people to earn at least $1000 every single month, with no extra effort on your part.

Are you taking any definite action this 2014 in order to start earning passive income? I need you to share your honest comment below. See you at the top!

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17 thoughts on “Guide To Making Passive Income”

  1. Jenny Locke says:

    You are so right. I have been procrastinating over writing a course and assume that everyone knows how to create a blog, install WordPress, build a list. I have been trying to think of something ‘different’ but really the answer is right under my nose and I know what to do. Thank you for the reality jolt.

    1. rashed says:

      Really that’s a informative post ever. but some times i want to do affiliate marketing without website or in a easy way. Finally i got a tutorial on it which is very much helpful for me as i think it also will be workable for others too.

  2. I. C. Daniel says:

    Get to the basic, teach how to make a blog from scratch and you’ll become millionaire…

  3. rakesh kumar says:

    It is now well known fact that teaching sells this is the main reason people used to post review and collection of most searched articles on the net. if you are able to provide in depth information about the product then i am sure people will love to purchase. But in this process do not cross the line as i used to do in my earlier stage.

  4. Vicki says:

    Passive income is the holy grail of online business … once it crosses daily expenses, you’re effectively free!

  5. Sean DeSilva says:

    what’s even cooler than passive income is doing something, you genuinely love on a daily basis. I’ve tried both and trust me when I say it’s no fun going long periods without something you can put your heart into. Maybe I just don’t have enough cool hobbies 🙂

  6. Blog New says:

    Great Article. your All tips is Really useful to Earn Passive Income. Thank you very much for Sharing.

  7. Arcy says:

    Great blog post! There is definitely no shortage of motivation when it pertains to successful bloggers yet often, a great deal of individuals that do not understand that there is equally as much chance of failing as there is prospering. The quantity of hard work needed may occasionally be astonishing and at that point, a great deal often be disappointed and never ever returned to try once more. Occasionally, you have to be prepared to make little to no money for months prior to things lastly begin to click.

  8. Create value to become valuable John….on both a passive and active level. Good short post!

    I just sold my eBook and offer my gifting team members free, customized training via a private Facebook Group. Teachers prosper. Go in depth, share your secrets, prosper.

    I publish 5 or more times daily using this approach to prospering because money responds to value. The more you teach and offer a useful product through your teaching the more you can earn in the online realm.

    Note; resist trying to get rich quick and you might make a ton of money quickly. Money responds to detached, calm and confident folks. Be one of these folks to prosper, because money will make a beeline for your door by giving off that vibe.


  9. Write a course on how to become rich quickly, divide it into 10 different sections, and offer it for free, you will get many who want it, after 4-5 sections so you can start charging and the money coming in. .

  10. faisal says:

    To become a teacher you have to be someone brilliant in your niche.

  11. olayinka says:

    BEING A TEACHER IN YOUR FIELD IS THE BEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.. Create your own product and promote for good sales..

  12. Lee Cole says:

    Nice! Especially the part about being focused! That’s really the key for me. Focus on one thing and get it to make money, then expand that thing or add something else.

  13. Hi Michael,
    I have read thousands of articles on “how to make passive income”. The main face is that you got to sell something related to your niche to your audience. People prefer selling e-books. Now also some products and package are being sold which will lure the audience. By selling such stuff I think that passive income can be earned.

  14. Princewill says:

    Reading this post clearly shows me how much of time I have been wasting, Nice one, it is true that all one needs to do is focus on Key areas to make money and not try to be jack of all trade, you most times end not even trading nothing… The hard work pays in the long run, never been a believer of eating before working and will not start now, thanks for sharing on Kingged .com

  15. Waskita Hadi says:

    2.5 years ago I started business online, and I’m feeling great now.

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