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While it certainly helps to be the first to come up with a fantastic idea, you can still make loads of money if you’re a little further down the food chain.

Some guy named Martin decided to sign up for Cash Crate, a paid survey and offer service. While he tried to promote it on his own blog, Martin realized that the best way to cash in on that referral income was to reach John Chow’s gigantic audience by ordering a ReviewMe review. Good thinking.

Ugh, Paid Surveys?

I know that was my first reaction to Cash Crate. This isn’t the fault of Cash Crate; it’s because we’ve been bombarded with so many scams that most of us are automatically turned off by any of these kinds of websites. There are several common issues to paid survey sites: they could be phishing scams in disguise, you could get bombarded with junk mail, and the payouts are typically way lower than what they advertise. Realistically, do you think you can make thousands of dollars each month filling out surveys? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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With this paid survey service, however, they seems to be much more up front and particularly honest with what you can expect to get. Each day, you will have the opportunity to complete a maximum of two surveys for 80 cents each. This translates to a monthly income of less than 50 bucks, assuming you do two surveys each and every day. I tried doing one survey and it took me nearly 10 minutes. That works out to an hourly “wage” of $4.80. Pretty abysmal.

Thankfully, there are tons of other offers to pick up the slack and you can find these in the member’s area.

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As you can see, many of these pay out more than 80 cents each. For example, I just signed up for a two-week trial membership with Rogers Video Direct, which is similar to Netflix. It hasn’t shown up in my dashboard yet, but I’m supposed to get $12 for doing that. Offers that require credit card information or money up-front (e.g., shipping and handling) are indicated as such. I’d stay away from offers that ask for money.

No Cost To You

Also unlike other paid survey services, Cash Crate will never ask you for any money whatsoever to become a “member.” In fact, it’s quite the opposite because they have a referral program in place. When you first sign up, you get 20% for first-level referrals and 10% for second-level. This is the “bronze level.” Here are the rest of the levels:

  • Silver: 50 active referrals, 25% first level, 10% second level
  • Gold: 150 active referrals, 25% first level, 15% second level
  • Platinum: 300 active referrals, 30% first level, 15% second level
  • Elite: 500 active referrals, 30% first level, 20% second level

It takes quite a bit to move up on your membership status and even when you do, the difference in the payout is fairly minimal. You would think that with 500 active referrals, they’d be willing to fork out a little more. I should also note that when any user you refer makes his or her first $10, you get a one-time bonus of $3.

Low Payout Threshold

Cash Crate sends out checks every month so long as you made at least ten bucks. This should be very easy; like I said, I earned $12 (or so I’m led to believe) for signing up with Rogers Video Direct. As far as I can tell, there is no Paypal option, unfortunately.

So, How Much Can I Make?

Let’s have a look at how much is showing up in my account:

cash crate earnings

Yup, one big goose egg. Considering that this is my first day, the zero can be expected, but I did complete one survey and fulfilled one of the offers, so I would have hoped to see some instant gratification. They say that they need to receive confirmation from the vendors first.

In the end, you can’t possibly expect to make a full-time income by filling out surveys and completing promotional offers, but with an odd survey here and a membership signup there, you could make a little extra pocket change to blow on some Adsense-optimized WordPress themes or something.

On a side note, most of the offers are catering to people in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. While people from other countries can sign up, they won’t find nearly as many offers.

Sign up for Cash Crate

78 thoughts on “A Crate Full of Cash, Just For You”

  1. awflasher says:

    Very good idea;)

    1. It is a great idea, but the low payout is the downfall. Good for teens looking to make a few extra bucks!

      1. Nabloid.com says:

        I don’t know if teens are allowed to fill out a lot of the surveys…

        1. Jacob says:

          Yeah, I think teens are not allowed, which really is unfortunate because it’d bring a whole new market of people in. Advertisers who want a teenagers perspective. They are some of the world’s greatest spenders after all.

      2. Debo Hobo says:

        I don’t see the value in this program.

  2. I never liked the pay per survey programs either. I am not sure it is worth the time.

    It might sound a good idea for someone tho, so, nice share.

    1. Yeah, not a fan of Paid surveys…and while this site may not be a scam, it’s still a lousy deal. Also, they probably sell your personal information.

    2. It could be worth it if you have a lot of referrals. But if you don’t have a high traffic website like JC it is hard work to get them.

      1. mason says:

        yep exactly… I think spending your time advancing your skills in some area related to the internet is better time well spent.

        1. Jacob says:

          It all depends what your goals are, though. If you can sign up ten of your friends and you all do the same thing, perhaps you’ll get a little pocket change to spend as you see fit. It’s nothing to retire on, though.

  3. Nice Idea thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. Scam says:

    Personally, I’d still be wary – in the screenshot of offers I see at least one site that are reportedly a big time scammer 😮

    As ever, due diligence is required and always remember that you shouldn’t pay anyone for whom you are working.

    1. As ever, due diligence is required and always remember that you shouldn’t pay anyone for whom you are working.

      Hah, now thats well said, “you shouldn’t pay anyone for whom you are working” that makes sense. Otherways noone would want to work if we had to pay our “bosses”..

  5. Filling out survey is probably far more boring than blogging, anyway :-)…

      1. MrGPT says:

        I disagree. I make over $400.00 a month by filling out surveys. Some people don’t even make that much in a month with Adsense. I run a site that will help you if you are interested, http://www.mrgpt.com.

    1. and waste time….. ❗

  6. HarpersDad says:

    I’ve had some pretty good success with cashcrate – though the real key is not doing the surveys themselves, but getting other people to do them for you (referrals).

    1. Jacob says:

      He brings up a good point. If the other people are foolish enough to spend ten minutes for $.80, then you’re really making some good money.

  7. shman says:

    Nice program, worth trying.

  8. Martin says:

    Thanks for the honest review, I really appreciate it. The main reason why I did ask John to write a review about Cash Crate was the fact that his target audience are mainly webmasters who hopefully would see the opportunity here.
    I don’t think a lot of webmasters would want to fill out surveys or complete offers at Cash Crate but take the opportunity of the referral system and generate passive income from that by promoting Cash Crate on their blogs.
    I never completed a single offer at Cash Crate and still manage to do nicely because of my referrals.
    So, don’t just think about filling out surveys but to referr others to Cash Crate which is far more profitable and with almost no work.

    Thanks again..

    1. Hadn’t actually thought of it that way Martin, you raise a good point…may not be a bad way to build some passive income.

      1. Yeah not a bad way of thinking…but…would you do surveys? Do you think your readers would do surveys? And if they do, how successful will they be or better, how much time will pass before they get bored doing surveys ?

        After all it depends on the niche, wonder if teens are allowed to do surveys 😯 , those wild young little *beep* would not mind few pennies extra in their pocket and they are longer than anyone here in front of the computer 😛

    2. KingJacob says:

      Interesting well JC.com would be the right place to gather webmasters for your referal program.

      1. Nabloid.com says:

        No kidding! I’m surprised more affiliate marketers don’t order review’s from JC just to get more people under them on their downline.

        1. Jacob says:

          I actually thought up a really evil idea that revolved around ordering a review from John Chow, but before I could do it, I’d have to find the necessary information. I never really saw myself as ‘evil.’ Guess I am wrong… 😈

  9. jsanderz says:

    I think you can possibly make more money with multiple cashback sites like Quidco, Topcashback, Rpoints etc and they are a little more fun to do.

  10. Nice ReviewMe John, a good read.

    I have a proposition for you and it could be a cool concept for your blog so John if you want to use the contact form to contact me from my website with an instant messenger info that will be great 🙂

    P.S – just joined CashCrate from the referrer link

  11. Martin, That is what I was thinking. Also, just an idea to throw out there, how about Arbitrage. If you have contacts in India for example, you pay them a monthly fee to complete surveys on your behalf and they win, you win (provided Cash crate pays 😉 )

    1. Martin says:

      Colin the difficulty is that Indians can’t make a lot of money from Cash Crate because they won’t be able to take lots of surveys (they still can make money by referring users to Cash Crate of course).

      If you are from the US you get literally hundreds of surveys while people from India or Germany for instance get only a handful.

    2. Martin says:

      Oh, Cash Crate does pay. I know of someone who received a $1800+ check last month 😉

  12. Do you really think that is an important way to earn cash?
    I don’t think so…there are many ways, much better of course to earn just a couple of bucks.

    See u under the moon 😉

  13. Michael says:

    You are right about this one John! I tried a similar thing called EmailCash and I found out that there were certain things I had to do before I can take my money making surveys. The only thing I can do is to take a 1 question survey and get 3 point. And you need 100 points to get $8.

  14. Geedos says:

    It’s not a bad idea, however I remain skeptical of pay per survey programs and the comment from Scam puts me off even more.

    It just seems like quite a lot of effort for not a lot of gain and potentially a fair amount of risk. I think you could probably employ your time better (and more profitably) by concentrating your efforts and time on other money makers.

    I enjoyed the thorough review though, and hopefully the zero’s don’t remain in your earnings information box for too much longer.

    1. KingJacob says:

      As more webmasters take advantage of the referall program Im sure those zeros will change unless their referal program isnt multi-tiered.

  15. bob cobb says:

    They’re definitely a legit. I’ve been using them for a couple months now.

    1. Geedos says:

      What kind of success have you had with them?

      I only ask because two months is probably a decent reference frame for earnings.

  16. Pranjal says:

    first thing is that Vizu brought this paid survey crap :evil:. in my site i put up the vizu publisher survey but for the first month i got some 17$ ever since i never made a penny for almost 3 months now.

  17. I’ve been doing paid surverys for a few months now and made OK money from it. I limit myself to half an hour a day, 3-4 days a week and usually make enough to treat the wife to a few meals out each month. Of course there are much better ways of making money but to fill half an hour I see no harm in it.

  18. flexy says:

    not a bad idea at all. can be useful for making more cash

  19. Paid Survey sucks. I have this tech-say or something, which keeps coming to my inbox. I am so lazy bum that I don’t even unsubscribe from that, but still I hated one thing about it that it shows me whether I am eligible for it or not after starting off for the survey.

  20. OMGbay says:

    Well if your goal was to target webmasters looking to spread the affiliate program I hope 1) they click the referral link and 2) you hit “elite” so you’re making 20% off of their sign ups. Good luck on the quest for 500 (if you’re not already there) 😀

  21. time consuming 😕

    i guess the referral system wouldnt be a bad idea though. there are alot of people who will do a lot to make a few cents.

    Carl Zetterlund

  22. ali hatukai says:

    i know that site =] i allready signup!
    i didt get payment yet, maybe i will get payment, i am not from US so i need to do some things for me to get that money..

    http://anyshack.us – free file upload

    1. Jacob says:

      Let us know if you ever do get payment or not, though, because sometimes these sites scam you and that’s really unfortunate.

  23. Joshua says:

    A friend of mine actually does these offers and paid survey things.

    He makes money at it too, so there must be something to it!

  24. I just signed up, did a survey, since I live in Mexico I will let you know how it works for foreign users.

    Thanks John!

  25. 😯
    I thought paid surveys were long time gone by now

  26. Cubofild says:

    I don’t knwo how much USA webmaster see offers, i have 4 offers and 3 are “ban” for me. But maybe ref. option will work good!


    Bidz Sign-up and make a purchase. $13.00 $0.00 , it said 0$ cost but in desc it said you need to make purchase. What that mean?

  27. mason says:

    Sounds like he’s making you guys complete affiliate offers to me. I still consider that a scam 👿

  28. Im not into these paid surveys too much, but this was a well written review with some useful info…

  29. angad says:

    Great Idea. All offers not available in all countires 🙁 🙁 🙁

  30. Krillz says:

    so have many people have you reffered so far johnchow or was that the refferar link to the dude who paid for the review?

    1. mason says:

      I wonder how many different refers john gets through various links he puts up. must be a lot lol.

    2. Michael Kwan says:

      The referral link is of the person who ordered the ReviewMe. This is mentioned in the first couple of paragraphs.

  31. KingJacob says:

    I made 10 bucks off gozing way back when but this looks like a scam.

  32. Click Input says:

    An interesting tactic getting the paid review here basically to promote your affiliate links. I wish you all the best… although us webmaster crowd can be tough to sell to!

  33. Pranjal says:

    Actually problem is that lots of publishers nowadays joins too much programs too quickly so thing is that the ad networks get saturated and bulk of the publishers receive impressions in paid surveys which is very vital. I had that kind of thought with vizu.

  34. Pranjal says:

    bulk of the publishers doesn’t receive impressions. 😳 😳 😳 😳 OOPS

  35. Ginene says:

    I heard that this program is really good. Here is a blog from someone that has made a nice amount from it. http://www.mydebtfreegoal.com/

  36. thatedeguy says:

    I’ve been using CashCrate for a little while now and really haven’t been very happy with it as an income stream. And I certainly don’t see how you could make any significant money off of their offers.

  37. John has always had a great mind for marketing. I’m trying a promo myself now. If anyone is interested in winning a free Barry Bonds card come see my promo.


  38. Nick says:

    I tried crate barrel works alright, but hard to make any real money from… maybe if u live in eastern europe its a great deal?

  39. Alan says:

    I was one of the first 2000 people to join cashcrate, so even though i barely use it anymore its nice to still get commissions from referrals from time to time. No giant income, but its nice to get 5-10 per month for doing absolutely nothing at all with it.

  40. MrGPT says:

    Hey guys! This is right up my alley! My site, http://www.mrgpt.com, is all about CashCrate and those type of programs (along with providing tips and reviews). Not only is CashCrate on there, but I also have other sites just like CashCrate along with a “Payment Proof” page so you can see my checks and Paypal payments.

    I’m so glad to see CashCrate on JohnChow!

  41. Jacob says:

    Well, if you got paid, I suppose the others get paid as well, which is very good. I may try it, or just try and get people to sign up under me.

  42. Matt Jones says:

    CashCrate Works. They sent me over $100 recently, the URL I entered links to my photos of the checks.

  43. Wahlau.NET says:

    thanks…but is those survey only for US and Canada citizen ?

  44. Sunny says:

    Paid surveys are one of my least favorite things in the world. Are people really happy to be doing these?

    1. Geedos says:


      Dull, monotonous and poorly paid – just like the average office job I guess! 😆

  45. No thank you, thats barely any money.

  46. Supermom says:

    Tons of moms and others are actually making good money from this

  47. There’s another site called Gather on which you can earn points for commenting people’s articles, photos and videos as well as submitting your own material etc. 3000 points earns $50…which isn’t too bad for just commenting or getting comments.

    Check out Gather!

  48. I agree, cashcrate pays so little for so much sruvey effort….i’d rather mow grass!

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