A Crate Full of Cash, Just For You

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While it certainly helps to be the first to come up with a fantastic idea, you can still make loads of money if you’re a little further down the food chain.

Some guy named Martin decided to sign up for Cash Crate, a paid survey and offer service. While he tried to promote it on his own blog, Martin realized that the best way to cash in on that referral income was to reach John Chow’s gigantic audience by ordering a ReviewMe review. Good thinking.

Ugh, Paid Surveys?

I know that was my first reaction to Cash Crate. This isn’t the fault of Cash Crate; it’s because we’ve been bombarded with so many scams that most of us are automatically turned off by any of these kinds of websites. There are several common issues to paid survey sites: they could be phishing scams in disguise, you could get bombarded with junk mail, and the payouts are typically way lower than what they advertise. Realistically, do you think you can make thousands of dollars each month filling out surveys? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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With this paid survey service, however, they seems to be much more up front and particularly honest with what you can expect to get. Each day, you will have the opportunity to complete a maximum of two surveys for 80 cents each. This translates to a monthly income of less than 50 bucks, assuming you do two surveys each and every day. I tried doing one survey and it took me nearly 10 minutes. That works out to an hourly “wage” of $4.80. Pretty abysmal.

Thankfully, there are tons of other offers to pick up the slack and you can find these in the member’s area.

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As you can see, many of these pay out more than 80 cents each. For example, I just signed up for a two-week trial membership with Rogers Video Direct, which is similar to Netflix. It hasn’t shown up in my dashboard yet, but I’m supposed to get $12 for doing that. Offers that require credit card information or money up-front (e.g., shipping and handling) are indicated as such. I’d stay away from offers that ask for money.

No Cost To You

Also unlike other paid survey services, Cash Crate will never ask you for any money whatsoever to become a “member.” In fact, it’s quite the opposite because they have a referral program in place. When you first sign up, you get 20% for first-level referrals and 10% for second-level. This is the “bronze level.” Here are the rest of the levels:

  • Silver: 50 active referrals, 25% first level, 10% second level
  • Gold: 150 active referrals, 25% first level, 15% second level
  • Platinum: 300 active referrals, 30% first level, 15% second level
  • Elite: 500 active referrals, 30% first level, 20% second level

It takes quite a bit to move up on your membership status and even when you do, the difference in the payout is fairly minimal. You would think that with 500 active referrals, they’d be willing to fork out a little more. I should also note that when any user you refer makes his or her first $10, you get a one-time bonus of $3.

Low Payout Threshold

Cash Crate sends out checks every month so long as you made at least ten bucks. This should be very easy; like I said, I earned $12 (or so I’m led to believe) for signing up with Rogers Video Direct. As far as I can tell, there is no Paypal option, unfortunately.

So, How Much Can I Make?

Let’s have a look at how much is showing up in my account:

cash crate earnings

Yup, one big goose egg. Considering that this is my first day, the zero can be expected, but I did complete one survey and fulfilled one of the offers, so I would have hoped to see some instant gratification. They say that they need to receive confirmation from the vendors first.

In the end, you can’t possibly expect to make a full-time income by filling out surveys and completing promotional offers, but with an odd survey here and a membership signup there, you could make a little extra pocket change to blow on some Adsense-optimized WordPress themes or something.

On a side note, most of the offers are catering to people in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. While people from other countries can sign up, they won’t find nearly as many offers.

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