A Day At The Vancouver Aquarium

Normally, I try to do all my family events on a weekday so I can avoid all the rat racers who are working for the weekend. One of the downside of living the Dot Com Lifestyle is you forget to keep track of the holidays because everyday is pretty much a holiday. This was what happen this past Friday. We decided to take a nice family day at the Vancouver Aquarium. Upon arriving, I found the place absolutely packed. It turns out this is the Easter long weekend and families were out in force to take advantage of the nice weather.

Joining Sally, Sarah and me on this Dot Com Aquarium trip were my mom and Sally’s two cousins, Daniel and Amy. Going to a crowded family place is a mixed blessing. On the positive side, it allows Sally and her cousins to interactive with more kids. The negative is I no longer have the place to myself, which I have gotten quite used to over the years. Finding a free parking spot is also a problem.

The video below was filmed using a Canon IS870 digital camera instead of my trusty Flip Mino. The quality of the Canon is actually better than the Mino. However, it lacks a the close milked mic of the Mino so the audio picks up a lot more background noise. My new Canon Vixia HFS100 HD camcorder should be arriving next week. All future videos will be filmed in pure HD. ‘

Happy Easter!

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  1. …to live like everyday is a holiday eh? your living the sweet live brother!

    Have not been to the Vancouver Aquarium is years, but it does help being tall when watching the shows when there are crowds.

    It was a good vid quality btw on the Canon, tho I could not really notice the audio difference you mentioned…it would be cool if you did a controlled comparison one day with the Flip and your new Canon that comes in.

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  2. You like everyday is a holiday
    Good!!! Because You have Big Money from Blogging

  3. The dolphin pool looks rather small. I can hear PETA already.

    1. fas says:

      Yeah I afree, the new cam does not cut noise too much.

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  4. Paul U says:

    I sure envy you!

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  5. I was going to mention the dolphin pool. Shouldn’t it be bigger?

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    1. John Chow says:

      It’s a decent size. It was quite cramp when they shared it with a killer whale!

      1. Ben Pei says:

        LOL would there be any dolphins left then? Not very good at science tho..

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  6. @John Chow
    Have you been to Vietnam has not … When you visit Viet Nam.Lest me know I will welcome you .Beause I’m a fan of you

  7. JustinSMV says:

    I sure wish everyday was a Holiday for me too! Nice camera recording, looks good!

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  8. We were going to go to Sea World when it dawned on us it was Easter weekend. So like John we’ll wait till during the week.

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  9. TuanAnhBB says:

    If John Chow is paying Vietnam a visit, I must be flying back then 😀

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  10. Seeing as how you won’t be filming with the Mino anymore, how about giving it away to one of your readers? 🙂

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    1. John Chow says:

      You wouldn’t want a used Flip, would you?

      1. its better than collecting dust! you can give away an autographed, one of a kind Mino!!

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  11. Silvia says:

    A nice place for children and their parents to have a rest.The children are really happy and enjoy it.

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  12. Sure it was crowded. John I almost can feel that all days are holidays, but because I were being fire, lol. At least going to feel the calm when you go to the groceries stores at hours that everybody is working. I just now need the income to keep this way.

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  13. Happy Easter to everyone here

  14. Ben Pei says:

    Lol I believe sally had lots of fun that day. Still remember the zoo and aquarium days..

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  15. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Haha, Sally looked very exciting and I’m sure she was enjoying the trip in Vancouver Aquarium. Sally is cute! 🙂


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  16. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Additional, not only Sally, I’m enjoying the video on the dophin pool too! John you’re enjoying your life everyday..so relax huh…:P


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  17. NFL Draft says:

    Happy East Jon. The aquarium looks nice. Have you ever made to Kentucky for the Newport Aquarium? It’s on the south side of Cincinnati. Very nice also.

  18. diabetic says:

    hello little boy …… of course a very enjoyable day

  19. Upstarty says:

    Now I realize why my traffic stunk yesterday. It wasn’t because of Easter, John posted a Sally video. Everyone was on cuteness overload.

    Upstarty’s last blog post: Sometimes, I can think too big

  20. Silvia says:

    I wish I were there! A nice place! A happy day for children.

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  21. Dean Saliba says:

    So you had to mix with the general public, my heart bleeds for you. :p

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  22. The place is basically your giant office when you are there with no one else. Walking around with your iPhone and twittering is probably very fun 😉


    1. Michael Zhao says:

      Pretty soon, you could probably blog just by talking in some device and it will automatically correct you grammar if at all and upload to your blog via wirelessly…Now that would be a great, no, super product!

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  23. Jake Stone says:

    That is a pretty cool aquarium! Very nice John!!

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  24. Jake Stone says:

    Your kid looks happy! Nice man

  25. Silvia says:

    The place is a great sourse of emotions and impressions for blogging.

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  26. What a cute video. It’s adorable to see how much you enjoy your family – and how they’re such a large part of your life. I have four younger brothers, and I couldn’t ask for anything more special.

    Thanks for sharing with us – a piece of your life.

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  27. Michael Zhao says:

    That’s so cool. It’s like SeaWorld down here in So.Cal.

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