Deadly Advice That Stops You From Making Money Blogging

This post is going to blow your mind. Yes, I’m so sure about that!

You see, we’ve listened to several experts and it’s like we’re confused. Nobody wants to trust her guts anymore.

I know why your blog isn’t making money and I’ll tell you the one deadly web traffic advice you’ve received.

You’ll have to make a change today or else, you’ll continue to struggle online.

Blogging is quite unique. As a blogger, I’ve gained so much from helping people with quality and valuable information.

If you’ve been struggling to beat the wind and become a blogger who truly makes money, read this post – don’t just skim through.

Maybe you’ve written several articles on how to make money blogging, but within you, you don’t even make money blogging. Does it mean that you’ve been pretending or deceiving people?

I believe you’ve to practice what you preach – or you’re a fake preacher and there is no place for them in this awesome world of opportunities.

What is that traffic advice?

You should know this by now – build a blog and promote it to drive thousands of readers. Now, at the surface, this seems like a good advice.

But internally, it isn’t. The question you should ask yourself is this: does it mean that if I successfully attract 1000 visitors to my website, will it put money into my bank account?

Bloggers have kept this advice in their hearts for a long time, and I think it’s time we debunk that. Of course, web traffic is important. Most likely, you need it to build your blog up. But there is something the experts are not telling you….what is it?

You don’t need web traffic, but focused traffic

If I were you, I’ll read the subheading again, and again. Truth be told, you don’t actually need web traffic for any reason. It doesn’t add to your bottom line.

It’s a waste on your bandwidth. It doesn’t matter if they all left a comment before leaving, hundreds of comments doesn’t equate the amount of money you’d earn. There is more to building a successful blog than all this noise about getting comments and web traffic.

On the other hand, if you drive few focused traffic to your blog, the conversion rate would be high. No matter what you’re selling, few targeted traffic can make a great difference.

Most bloggers are simply wasting time attracting their fellow bloggers to read and comment. At the end of the day, they complain that blogging is too difficult to earn a living from. But that’s not true. I can prove it to you…

23 Focused Buyers, $450 Monthly

Yes, that wasn’t a typo. I’ve a micro blog in the health niche. I only receive about 25 focused buyers from Google search engine, and my monthly earnings from that single site is about $450 per month.

Yes, if I can increase the level of focused traffic to this niche blog, I know I can make at least $1000 – $5000 monthly.

Now look at this, I also have another niche blog that attracts over 400 organic visitors, and my earnings have never surpassed $70 per month. Do you know why? It’s because, the high earner receives targeted traffic, even though it’s few.

And that’s a big lesson for you. Stop chasing after thousands of blog readers. You don’t need them. In fact, you need to start building a tribe – people who trust you and can help your blog grow.

If you continue chasing after the next traffic loophole, you’d continue to go in circles. And a circle has no end.

You should become a service provider

The major reason why bloggers are desperately looking for more traffic is because, they’re not professionals yet. If you’re a service provider, you don’t actually need thousands of clients to hire you. If that happens, you can’t keep up with the deadline and that’s a dent on your credibility.

When I started my freelance writing business, I thought I needed several clients to work with. Believe me, I was wrong. In the first 3 months of starting my writing business, 5 serious entrepreneurs contacted me to write for their blogs.

I became so busy to the extent that when potential clients contact me, I simply say “NO.”

There is a time to say NO in your business. I don’t worry about traffic and you shouldn’t be bothered about it. Start offering your professional services like wordpress installation, graphic designs, content writing and so on.

That’s the only cure for web traffic cancer that’s sailing the blogosphere. All you’ve to do is market yourself. Create a hire me page on your blog and let potential clients find you.

Word of mouth marketing wins

It’s going to take you eons of time to make a living online if all your traffic is from search engines, social media or even guest posting.

The best targeted traffic comes from word of mouth referrals. When you satisfy a customer or client, he would go the extra mile to promote you; tell others about your awesomeness and advertise you for free.

So, are you still looking for web traffic? Let me know in the comments box. See you there.

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48 thoughts on “Deadly Advice That Stops You From Making Money Blogging”

  1. Great Blog. I totally agree about building your tribe. Find people that are like you, that share the same values, it will make it much easier to sell/ provide solutions to those people. We are in the business for money, not traffic.

    Thanks again for the Fantastic post!

    1. You truly got the point. I’m happy you did!

      1. Thanks Michael for being straightforward in this article. The way to go these days is to become a service provider. You are spot on right with that.

  2. Aqif Azizan says:

    What a good advice. Simple.

    Don’t chase for every traffic. Identify who is your readers (because they are the one who will give you money), then go find them. Anyway, love your micro niche sites case study.


  3. Jimson Lee says:

    I can summarize the article in 3 words….

    Laser Targeted Traffic.

    1. Great summary friend. See you around!

  4. This is great advice. I wish I knew more about how to follow it! I’ve been focusing on making my blog look great and have lots of great content. I’m hoping I’ll get some word-of-mouth referrals that way, but I don’t know what else to do.

    1. Keep your head up Jen. Keep marketing your blog to the right audience. I’m sure you’ll smile.

      1. quite new to blogging so I’m not sure where I stand on that, but I have noticed that quite a few money making blogs (usually to do with frugal living and/or investing) tend not to a lot of email subscribers. Which was a surprise to me.

        Jen just looking at your website is making me fat, wow!!!!!!

        1. While I agree with you it would be helpful to know how you make the money, is affiliate sales, adsense, click thoughts etc

  5. JJ Wong says:

    Very well written Michael!

    I always go for traffic, because you’re right on that, I’m not professional yet!!

    I have a blog with traffic more than 13,000 per month, yet only earning $10++ per month, while I know a blog with the traffic less than mine, but making thousands and so much more money out of his blog. Focus is the key word!
    Thanks for the wonderful post, it made my day; and I shall have a turn on my blogging journey to improve my site+my online income. =D

    1. Thank you Wong for reading. I’m grateful to you.

  6. Thanks for the post John, great advice. I suppose when you think about it, it’s better to have 100 targeted visitors to your site, than 10,000 one page viewers that don’t do anything.


    1. Sure Lloyd.

      If you look at it critically, a 100 targeted visitors could bring in more money and value than 10,000 visitors who do nothing.

  7. Faizan Elahi says:

    Very nice point is articulated in this post which many bloggers overlook.

  8. Mitch says:

    I can’t disagree with this post much more than I do, you are talking peanuts in both traffic numbers and income, If you want to make real money, 6, 7, 8 figures you need traffic and lots of it, everything else will take care of itself..I have 650,000 visitors a month an 5-7 million pageviews and I don’t even know how many are “targeted” because it doesn’t matter, if you have numbers that found you by looking for content you have they are all targeted visitors in one form or another.
    Just sounds like an excuse to justify some numbers that don’t indicate a heck of a lot of hard work.

    1. I don’t agree with you Mitch. Sure, lots of traffic is only good if they’re targeted. If not, I don’t think it matters to waste precious time chasing after every traffic loophole. I know a lot of Super Affiliates who make 6 – 7 figures with less than 3000 monthly visitors.

      And believe me, it takes hard work to attract the right traffic. Anyone can generate hoards of traffic, using any method.

      BTW: I’m so glad you’ve the huge influx of visitors to your website. I hope you convert them – stay gracious!

      1. Mitch says:

        Thanks for writing back Michael and I of course understand what you are trying to say but at the same time I think you are guessing on both traffic sources as well as what converting really is.
        When you build decent traffic, (over 250,000 visitors a month) you get approached by large ad agencies for CPM advertising deals which pay considerably more than things like adsense so using this model every single visitor is monetized in one way or another as is every page view, of course that is just on top of all of the loyal visitors who become members at my membership site or others who may buy an affiliate product I promote. No gimmicks or loopholes for getting traffic here, I do it the old fashioned way, content the public wants to read and plenty of it, we average over 1,200 all exclusive original articles every month.
        As we all know there is more than one way to get it done and my way probably isn’t the best, but I will compare my P&L with any super affiliate any month.

        Best of luck of course,


        1. Caleb says:

          Just wanted to say congrats Mitch and after visiting your site I strongly believe the niche you have chosen plays a big part in your conversions as the niche you have chosen naturally stirs up strong passionate opinions which usually leads to some monetary action taking 🙂

        2. Well understood Mitch. Yes, when it comes to Advertising, you sure need thousands of visitors. I’m with you on that. Thank you!

  9. Stanley Rao says:

    First thing that has to be remembered here is that you should not run behind the strategies of gaining traffic.. but the ways to know who your market audience are

    1. Know your audience – I like that Stanley. I appreciate your comment.

  10. warren says:

    Thanks Michael. From this post i learned that TRUST is so important for a business and targeted traffic is one of the most important thing that can boost our internet business, wow … 🙂

    1. Absolutely Warren. Targeted traffic is much more better than any-type-of-traffic. I’m glad you got my point. See you again!

  11. Word of Mouth marketing is effective for businesses that focus on niche markets where clients move in more or less the same circles and talk about the services they avail of.

    1. I agree with you – word of mouth works best in service-based businesses.

  12. Samantha says:

    Thank you for this post. I am just looking at changing from blogging as a hobby to making money and this has been great advice. Thank you

  13. Robert Brown says:

    I really enjoyed your post John and I agree that targeting is so important with any marketing online of offline it is still the same. I think that when people start an online business that they tend to forget that it still adheres to the basic principles of business practice and a lot of people forget that and change what they do because they are now online. In my opinion that is wrong and adopting an untargeted approach to marketing and communicating to your audience is not only wasteful but expensive. Great post John and keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you so much Brown. Business is business. No matter where it’s done, the same principles of management, customer service, quality and delivery is present. Your comment is exceptional. Thanks!

  14. Thanks… a lot of realization for someone who is just starting to blog like me. I heard from other bloggers in the online community that I should promote my site when I have a lot of post already. Thanks and this is such a great help. Hope others can give me feedback on how I can improve on writing a blog. Thanks again..

    1. Caleb says:

      Try this: if you’re blog is already about something you are passionate about then pretend you’re talking to your best friend about it while recording it into a voice recorder. Then when you are done transpose it into words then post “:idea:

      1. Great idea. But you don’t have to pretend, because in reality you’re actually talking to a someone. Thank you for always contributing.

  15. Ben Troy says:

    i mainly focus on qualiied traffic and extreme low bounce rate

  16. faisal says:

    Well said, you need targeted traffic to be precise.

  17. rakesh kumar says:

    Your advice is only useful if we are promoting niche content on a niche site, If we have to promote an authority site then i think all the coming traffic is important.

    1. Hi michael, i do agree with Rakesh points

  18. Zak says:

    I agree and I would say that all the point that you mentioned are correct. Targeted traffic and word of mouth marketing are two major keys to success in my niche too!

  19. Hello!! This is absolutely true and most new internet marketers think that the more traffic the better…but they do not actually understand that 10 targeted visitors are more profitable that 100 no-targeted!! Really thank you for this post and it is extremely helpful for new internet marketers!!

  20. Caleb says:

    It’s going to take you eons of time to make a living online if all your traffic is from search engines, social media or even guest posting…

    That one statement reveals the harsh reality but some advice bloggers make it sound as though the money comes instantaneously 🙄

    This is why I much prefer buying targeted traffic as this is what a professional would do – treat it like a real business which requires monetary investment!

    1. Absolutely Caleb. Referral traffic tends to convert more than SEO traffic. Believe me – I’ve personally interviewed several experts who can attest to this.

  21. John Wade says:

    I agree Michael, targeted traffic is usually king. However there are times when volume helps especially when your trying to build an authority site.

  22. James says:

    This is a great post Michael. I am fairly new to internet marketing and still learning , but one thing I have noticed is there seems to be a lot of contradictory information out there. This appears to be a good example; volume traffic vs targeted traffic. Which is right? I personally believe that targeted traffic is the best, but having said that, I also believe that the method that you are most comfortable with and suits you is always going to be the best method for you. Keep up the good work.

  23. Vijay Reddy says:

    cool advices, thank you…

  24. anja says:

    This article is like a big-hard fall rock on my head… I do agree. I have the same trouble too. I wasnt focus

  25. PPC Expert says:

    Targeting a very narrow niche was always a much better approach. Same with bogging. Becoming an expert and selling high quality professional service to clients is indeed the only way to go if you are talking about successful bogging.

  26. DylanC says:

    Great advice. Targeted traffic is really important for any site.

  27. Ehab Attia says:

    thanks for big advices, I recommended to traffic = Gold

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