Deadly Advice That Stops You From Making Money Blogging

This post is going to blow your mind. Yes, I’m so sure about that!

You see, we’ve listened to several experts and it’s like we’re confused. Nobody wants to trust her guts anymore.

I know why your blog isn’t making money and I’ll tell you the one deadly web traffic advice you’ve received.

You’ll have to make a change today or else, you’ll continue to struggle online.

Blogging is quite unique. As a blogger, I’ve gained so much from helping people with quality and valuable information.

If you’ve been struggling to beat the wind and become a blogger who truly makes money, read this post – don’t just skim through.

Maybe you’ve written several articles on how to make money blogging, but within you, you don’t even make money blogging. Does it mean that you’ve been pretending or deceiving people?

I believe you’ve to practice what you preach – or you’re a fake preacher and there is no place for them in this awesome world of opportunities.

What is that traffic advice?

You should know this by now – build a blog and promote it to drive thousands of readers. Now, at the surface, this seems like a good advice.

But internally, it isn’t. The question you should ask yourself is this: does it mean that if I successfully attract 1000 visitors to my website, will it put money into my bank account?

Bloggers have kept this advice in their hearts for a long time, and I think it’s time we debunk that. Of course, web traffic is important. Most likely, you need it to build your blog up. But there is something the experts are not telling you….what is it?

You don’t need web traffic, but focused traffic

If I were you, I’ll read the subheading again, and again. Truth be told, you don’t actually need web traffic for any reason. It doesn’t add to your bottom line.

It’s a waste on your bandwidth. It doesn’t matter if they all left a comment before leaving, hundreds of comments doesn’t equate the amount of money you’d earn. There is more to building a successful blog than all this noise about getting comments and web traffic.

On the other hand, if you drive few focused traffic to your blog, the conversion rate would be high. No matter what you’re selling, few targeted traffic can make a great difference.

Most bloggers are simply wasting time attracting their fellow bloggers to read and comment. At the end of the day, they complain that blogging is too difficult to earn a living from. But that’s not true. I can prove it to you…

23 Focused Buyers, $450 Monthly

Yes, that wasn’t a typo. I’ve a micro blog in the health niche. I only receive about 25 focused buyers from Google search engine, and my monthly earnings from that single site is about $450 per month.

Yes, if I can increase the level of focused traffic to this niche blog, I know I can make at least $1000 – $5000 monthly.

Now look at this, I also have another niche blog that attracts over 400 organic visitors, and my earnings have never surpassed $70 per month. Do you know why? It’s because, the high earner receives targeted traffic, even though it’s few.

And that’s a big lesson for you. Stop chasing after thousands of blog readers. You don’t need them. In fact, you need to start building a tribe – people who trust you and can help your blog grow.

If you continue chasing after the next traffic loophole, you’d continue to go in circles. And a circle has no end.

You should become a service provider

The major reason why bloggers are desperately looking for more traffic is because, they’re not professionals yet. If you’re a service provider, you don’t actually need thousands of clients to hire you. If that happens, you can’t keep up with the deadline and that’s a dent on your credibility.

When I started my freelance writing business, I thought I needed several clients to work with. Believe me, I was wrong. In the first 3 months of starting my writing business, 5 serious entrepreneurs contacted me to write for their blogs.

I became so busy to the extent that when potential clients contact me, I simply say “NO.”

There is a time to say NO in your business. I don’t worry about traffic and you shouldn’t be bothered about it. Start offering your professional services like wordpress installation, graphic designs, content writing and so on.

That’s the only cure for web traffic cancer that’s sailing the blogosphere. All you’ve to do is market yourself. Create a hire me page on your blog and let potential clients find you.

Word of mouth marketing wins

It’s going to take you eons of time to make a living online if all your traffic is from search engines, social media or even guest posting.

The best targeted traffic comes from word of mouth referrals. When you satisfy a customer or client, he would go the extra mile to promote you; tell others about your awesomeness and advertise you for free.

So, are you still looking for web traffic? Let me know in the comments box. See you there.

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