A Fun Video Recap of The Supercharge Seminar

Here’s a video from the Supercharge Seminar that was held last month in San Diego. This was one of the best events I have ever attended. For one thing, the weather and location was great.

The level of information sharing was awesome, and I got to meet some really great people. They come from a diverse background. Some are seasoned Internet professions like me, while others are just getting started in their Internet marketing career. Their age ranged from twenty to 70+.

I attend over a dozen events every year. They range in price from the free local meetups to the $15,000 six-day mastermind in Fiji that I’m flying to this Saturday. Now you might thinks spending $15,000 to attend an event is crazy. I look at it as money well invested.

The Cost of Not Attending


It was at ProfitPoint, another $15,000 event, that I met Peng Joon, one of the biggest Clickbank marketers in the world. Since then, we have a formed a business partnership and launched three six-figure Clickbank products, and has starting plans for the fourth. It was at the $3,000 ThinkTank event that I met Matt Lloyd and his MOBE System. Since becoming a MOBE Licensee, I”ll made $128,804.40 from it in six month, and got a brand new Mercedes-Benz SL550 for free.

If I hadn’t attended those two events, I wouldn’t be out $18,000. Instead, I would be out hundreds of thousands! I have never lost money attending an event. The deals, contact, and information I get from it renders the cost a moot point.

My point is, you should not look at the cost of attending a conference. Instead, look at the benefits of attending. They will always outweigh the cost. The cost of not attending is always higher than the cost of attending.

Speaking of cost, the next Supercharge Seminar will be in Chicago, and will cost $297, which is a really great price for a two-day event in a major city. However, you’ll get a free ticket if you enroll in the MOBE Licensee Program by this Friday. Find out more here.

7 thoughts on “A Fun Video Recap of The Supercharge Seminar”

  1. VKool says:

    I agree with the point that the cost of attending a conference is outweighted the cost of not doing so. Networking is the key to success, we all can help each other be weathier. I also like the recent post you wrote John about the deadly affiliate mistake.

  2. Conferences are a great way to network! I just heard from Jon Morrow paid to get into Frank Kerns mastermind that costed $10,000, and I think he said because of that he was trying to befriend Frank Kern. Though he shared that he ended up making over 100K being apart of his group.

    Any other conferences you will be going to John?

    1. John Chow says:

      I have a mastermind in Fiji and I’m leaving for this Saturday. Then the Home Business Summit in June, the Supercharge Seminar in July and Affiliate Summit East in Aug. I think ThinkTank is in Aug too.

  3. faisal says:

    Awesome, really well done.

  4. Catherine says:

    I just booked in for an seminar that I was on the fence about because of the cost, but my gut was telling me I’d be leaving money on the table if I didn’t take the opportunity. So this post couldn’t have come at a better time, John! Maybe I’ll meet my very own Peng Joon:) The limitless possibilities are going to keep me awake at night!

  5. Your results certainly out weight the cost of the various seminars or meetings. Thank you for the informative post.

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