A little Known Secret To Ranking At The Top of Google

Have you ever noticed the these big corporate sites just seem to dominate Google for every keyword they write an article about? I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. In every niche there’s always a few sites that rank at the top of Google for every keyword you’re trying to target. Not to mention that there are mega sites like Wikipedia and About.com that just dominate every niche out there.

Well, my buddy Shoemoney has created a new tool that shows me EXACTLY what these big sites are doing so the little guys like us can copy what they’re doing and get the same results. It’s called the SEO Checkup tool and it’s totally awesome. Then again, most stuff developed by Shoe are always awesome.

The SEO Checkup tool tells you EVERYTHING your competitor’s are doing to rank for a certain keyword. Like what they have in their tags, where their links are coming from and how they set their page up to rank so high in Google. Seriously, this thing works so well it should be illegal. Shoe created the following video to show how his new tool works.

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Shoe is offering a 10 day trial on his new tool, as well as 20 other money making internet marketing tools. The cost is only $3.95 to use all the tools for a full 10 days. But you have to hurry to take advantage of it. Shoe’s offer expires this Friday, September 11.

Try Out The Shoemoney SEO Checkup Tool Plus 20 Other Internet Marketing Tools

96 thoughts on “A little Known Secret To Ranking At The Top of Google”

  1. HAHA you guys are like legends in your own minds 🙂
    This crap was out last year it’s still worthless.
    man you recycling now ?

    1. Teen money says:

      Well if you are in the field of making money online, then John chow and shoe money are the two names that are legendary. We just cannot ignore them.

      1. Bradley says:

        If it’s still around after a year –
        wouldn’t it NOT be crap?

        So much stuff is here and gone instantly.

        It shows the shoe is deciated to his service and providing value to his clients. for 1+ years.

        I know some ppl are makin 5k/month with it.

        1. Money-Era says:

          Afterall, if ShoeMoney is using that tool for optimizing his service, then taking him and his income http://www.money-era.com/2009/05/shoemoney/ into account would mean that you can do better than 5k/month 🙂

  2. Lex G says:

    John is just trying to make some money as an affiliate … aren’t you john ?

    Even if a tool tells you what keywords are used where and how.. it doesn’t make a difference … because big sites usually have more inbound links than you will have when starting out … -> result would be that they will always outrank you …

    Anyway, I would never sign up for a service that first asks me to put my name in the box … it makes no sense …

    Sorry John, but this post annoys me to hell … is it all about the money for you ?

    1. LetUpdate says:

      nothing bad in money my friend. 😀

      1. Lex g says:

        I don’t have a problem with anyone making money from the web … don’t misunderstand …

        It’s just that in terms of SEO , promises like these are not realistic … simple …

    2. Teen money says:

      That is pretty obvious. We are here to learn from John. What is better way to learn than learn from him when he is making money.
      He is trying to monetize every opportunity available but I sort of believe he will not recommend a poor product.

      1. Lex g says:

        All you guys who read money making blogs just don’t get it yet … do you …. Geeez ….

    3. Make Money says:

      lol tragic, a make money blogger, trying to actually um, make some money. What ever will they think of next.

    4. If it helps you get on the first page of Google then it’s worth it. Even if the whales are still above you, most people already know them; they’ll either go to what they know, or they will go to your site.

      1. It doesn’t help you. Chris people, use some common sense. Go to Yahoo Explorer, put in your competitors URL, and use your *brain*. This software will not make your site rank first.

        1. I never said it would be first. I said IF it could get you on the first page (top 10 for most search engines) then it would be worth it.

          A wise man learns more from a fool than a fool learns from a wise man.

    5. Affiliate promotion backlash… Watch out, here it comes!

      The point is that you can try it out for $3.95. Find out if it is worthwhile for you!

  3. Wow! This is like one of the better tools available on the web at an affordable price! The backlinks check is already pretty dang cool for this product itself.

    1. Its too bad John didn’t mention the price for the full product and it isn’t on the special offer signup page.

      1. Yeah… It is not cheap, per month…. every month!

        1. Bummer. Hopefully a similar promotion roles around again in a few months *hint hint* 😉

        2. EarningStep says:

          if people can optimize the tool . then this will really worth… to try… lol

  4. LetUpdate says:

    It is always worthy to know how powerful site become powerful. And i think this tools can help me to know it.

    1. Lex g says:

      Why don’t you pick a site that ranks for a very difficult keyword and put your analysis in a post ?

      Write down all your thoughts and the concepts that you believe they used in order to outrank everybody else for a very competitive keyword …

      I am not talking about a 5 or 6 phrase long tail keyword …

      Now, that would be a very educational post for your readers …

      1. LetUpdate says:

        Yes, what you say more better, but i don’t blame the person (john) who do not do it.

  5. (My last comment didn’t work, so trying again)

    For those of you new to SEO, you can find which sites are linking back to any website on Google. Just search “link:www.bigcommerce.com” – obviously replace “www.bigcommerce.com” with the domain name you want to check.

    For a great keyword research tool, try http://www.spyfu.com and even http://www.compete.com gives you lots of info – both free to get lots of info.

    You can also use Aaron Wall’s dozens of free SEO tools here: http://tools.seobook.com/ – we use them quite often and they’re excellent.

    You can pay money for SEO tools but you can more or less get everything you need online for free. For example, we (Interspire.com) rank #1 for “email marketing software” – one of the toughest phrases to rank for.

    How did we do it? Lots of backlinks built over time, year after year. It’s not about a magic tool that gets you to the top of the search engines. It’s about working hard (but smart) to build links from high quality sites combined with on-page optimization that honestly took me years to master but now I can rank any website in a #1 spot on Google (I’m not trying to brag, just being honest).

    Mitchell Harper

    1. You raise some very valid points, Mitchell. SEO is all about competitor analysis, and there are lots of free tools out there that can help you gather the information. What you do with the information on the other hand is what will determine your success, or lack thereof. Trying to match the backlinks of well established authority pages who have steadily been accrueing them over many years is not easy….not by a long shot.

    2. Blogging says:

      Best advice i have read in the whole thread, you not only need tools, you also need brain and knowledge to use them. And it takes time, effort and something what is called “work” 😉 SY

    3. Make Money says:

      r u serious? googles link command is ok if you only want to see about 10% of the links pointing any particular domain.

      If you want to see them all, your best bet is to use yahoo site explorer, and click the inlinks button.

      Or if its your site your looking up, use a google sitemap, submit it to webmastertools and google will tell you every single link it knows about.

    4. BaySeec says:

      Ya. What Mitchell said is correct. My opinion is all you have to do is create ton of webpage on your site. The more the best.
      I used compete.com before as a research tool. It’s the best.

  6. BLOGERCISE says:

    As someone who works for a corporate site that dominates the top of Google rankings for some prize terms, I would suggest that the secret to “our success” is actually thanks to a PR team that regularly pumps out stories into the national media ensuring tens of thousands of back links are being created.

    In fact, I was surprised by how poor our “on site seo” was (something we’ve moved to improve this year), yet it didn’t seem to matter all that much to our ranking.

    1. Make Money says:

      ya, oh how sweet it would be for most of us work at homers to be able to afford real pr.

      thats gotta be the ultimate seo goal.

      1. PinoyBoy says:

        You can easily create your own press release and submit it to free press release directories.

        It’s not hard at all. Just write as if you are a reporter. Don’t use my, mine, ours when you introduce new things about your site, and don’ be over promotional . When done with the press release, google free press release sites and submit one by one..

        It doesn’t take much to make press releases, specially if you’re not lazy..

        All Success!

        1. Make Money says:

          Yeah I use press releases a lot, but I meant a real professional Public Relations agent working for you.

    2. Once again…. It is all about the links!

      1. You got it! Google’s algorithm is based on links counting as “votes”, so an overwhelming majority is just that 😉

      2. EarningStep says:

        link.. link … link everywhere.. this must the first think people need to learn before the seo will work

      3. Nick Aviles says:

        It is all about the links, not the number of links, but rather the quality and the relevance of the links.

  7. Teen money says:

    John Chow and Show money are uniting to make money and provide some value I think. We are ready to pay if we are provided the value.
    I always wanted to know the secrets of how websites which are very low on contents and quality rank higher with google. If we can learn the secrets for 4 dollars well I am ready to pay.

    1. I’m all about learning those secrets for $4 too. The fact that it is a Trail and the full version isn’t mentioned is the only downer. I’d rather just get the full thing than buy a trial then have to buy the full thing at full price.

  8. Well if you are in the field of making money online, then John chow and shoe money are the two names that are legendary. We just cannot ignore them. It’s true!

    1. LetUpdate says:

      Hem… learn from the legend if you could, don’t it?

  9. Even Shoemoney has been busting on SEO and how it’s worthless on his blog and radio show. That being said, any slight edge is better than nothing, but I’d have to say quality inbound links and quality content will bring you to the top the fastest. Look at Bankaholic.com.

  10. Make Money says:

    a lot of these types of tools, although just tell you what you can look up manually, are usually huge time savers, and let you spend more time doing stuff that count, rather than searching out your comps backlinks etc

    1. Exactly agreed. Fortunately for my sites I have such a specific target audience that I can go directly to that audience via one dominate social network and offer bribes for them to join my email list.

      It is a beautiful thing!

  11. Disappointed in this post 🙁 No info in it at all, just a sales page.

    1. Nick Aviles says:

      Maybe John is running low on cash, come on give him a break, look how much USEFUL information he has already provided.

  12. By copying what others have already done, you will always end up worse in the SERP, because of domain age, back links and other factors. This tool might save you same time, but will it help you? I don’t think so, I use Market Samurai to find new profitable niches with low competition and then do everything to dominate them. This way I don’t get caught up in a battle I can’t win against some biggie that is dominating a particular niche since years. You need a huge PR budget to be successful in that, SY

    1. Just because you can’t be at the top of page 1 doesn’t mean there isn’t value optimizing for that term. A lot of people already know the whales and just skip over them because they’ve already looked and didn’t find what they wanted, or they just want something else.

      I know I usually check at least to the bottom of the first page and occasionally the second page. Wouldn’t it be worth it to be somewhere on the first page of a medium competition term?

      1. I prefer to be on top of the search for a nano niche then on the bottom of the search for a too competitive term 😉 SY

        1. Nick Aviles says:

          That’s why you start with a very small niche, get ranked on top, and work on a bigger keyword. That’s the basic concept of niches.

    2. LetUpdate says:

      We always can do something if we creative to do it. So, no need affraid about hard competition.

      1. Make Money says:

        yep, agreed, it just takes a little thinking to come up with innovative ways to get there.

  13. You are a fuckwit John. I don’t blame you for this cheap attitude. Chinese after all. Its in your fucking blood. Now this Shoe Stupid Money has copied Google Adword Keywords tool and selling something camoflaged as his own invention. You are trying profit through some commissions. Both of you should be put in hell you rotten brains.

    1. PinoyBoy says:


      Do you kiss your mom with that mouth?

      I’ve read some really nasty comments in my life and I consider yours as the most..

      I know about free speech and all but hey you seem to take it to the extreme..

    2. I don’t mean to sound like a fanboy or anything, but John really doesn’t push a cheap attitude at all. As far as I can tell, John actually tries out the products he write articles about and points out frequently that you have to spend money to make money.

      If anything, I would say the readers on this blog (myself included) are cheaper than him.

      sometimes I forget a golden rule: DNFTT 🙁

    3. Somebody, John perhaps?, should delete this comment! Being of a different opinion is one point, name calling and foul language a completely different ball game, SY

    4. LetUpdate says:

      Hahahaha… easy tiger 😛

    5. Nick Aviles says:

      There’s absolutely no need for this type of language. You probably don’t realize that it’s just part of marketing. If he truly found this product useful, he has all the right to put it up, and profit from it.

  14. John Pope says:

    A limited version demo should have been nice, don’t you think.

    1. Yes that will be great … as with that you will be able to see whether this one is beneficial for us or noy.

  15. buzz bishop says:

    dude needs to wear a seatbelt. just sayin 😉

  16. aansa says:

    If anybody signs for trial period, please do cancell it if you don’t like the product before the trial ends otherwise you will be charged full price for next month.

    1. Lex g says:

      Hey .. it’s one of the shoe’s tricks … what a surprise …not…

  17. Benjamin Cip says:

    It’s always good to know your competitors well in order to become better than them. I’m sure this tool will be very useful for most of us.

  18. There are free tools like this that do the same thing … Just use Yahoo Explorer, backlink checker, etc … Free and easy

    1. Nick Aviles says:

      To my surprise, Yahoo Explorer is a bit slow on updating the inlinks..

      1. If he is charging some money that means he will provide the worthy service as well.

        Jeremy certainly knows how to earn money but along with that he do not want to see himself as scammer.

  19. Main thing which plays an important role here is their credibility and their reputation in the eyes of Google.

    Google rank them because google feel that they will provide useful and correct information to the people who is searching for a keyword.

    Yes backlinks plays important roles but here main factor is credibility and reputation of these sites.

  20. Obama says:

    Shoe’s stuff is pretty good. This could be the one tool that put’s his subscription site over the top.

  21. Hajib says:

    selling tools… what i know its all about links… thats the basic…

  22. Unless we see the product, I don’t think we should make such harsh judgments. If you didn’t use it how do you know it’s like Google’s Keyword tool?

  23. Vik says:

    Man John! I was excited to see the title of your post and was looking forward to read the whole post. To my disappointment, however, this turned out another one of those sell-a-product posts. Such posts are appearing more and more often on you blog. I know it’s your blog and you are making a killing from this blog. But just thought I vent a little.

  24. That’s the power of affiliate market. Where everything sells 🙂

  25. It might be time to rejoin the program, but for some of the bigger words, it will still cost a lot to even match the massive promotions that the competitors are doing- even if we can see what they are that doesnt mean it will help us

  26. fas says:

    Awesome house and that pool is crazy.

  27. bill says:

    You can find this all online for free.

    1. Free? really, from where?

    2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      Are you sure that you can get these online for free? Please share with us, I’m interested! lol! 😉


  28. Thats cool! u r a geneous in affiliate marketing

  29. EarningStep says:

    awsome..powerful tool for free.. this will help me to even more boost my seo

  30. Nanovor says:

    I might have to sign up for that free trial. Looks like there are some great tools in there.

  31. Jesus! That looks like it would be really useful!

  32. Can this tool be really helpful for the free blogger? I don’t think so.

  33. Dragan says:

    The possibilities of this SEO tool looking good. I read previous comments and think that there are also free tools but you must to use different tools and at the end to collect all data into one intelligence report for decision making.
    I have keywordelite 2.0 and previos several days play with the software and its very cool. I also note that some of the reports in the SEO Checkup Tool was obtained into Keywordelite. The results that I can receive for only couple of minutes are realy incredible.
    Here is not about worth of data but about worth of intelligence received or analitics.

    1. Lex g says:

      The results of all these tools are merely aggregations of basic SEO appliances from the web master in question.

      Simply said, thing link reading what keywords are used in titles, meta tags and in the post bodies.

      If you go do the same thing for your web pages, you are automatically competing with the top sites, thus even lowering your chances of ranking …

      In order to rank high in Search Engines : GET THIS PEOPLE you need to know basic SEO, attract inbound links and use smart strategies in order to succeed in that …

      Tools don’t do much for your rankings and this tool is promoted by John Chow ONLY in order to make money.

      I’d like him to do a tutorial post once by analyzing a site or blog after using this tool. He could write why he thinks that the site is ranking high based on the information provided by this tool.

      Then experienced SEO’s can comment on his post and it would be a valuable post …

  34. S Ahsan says:

    Shoe has been in this business for a decade 🙂 of course no doubt his tools are useful!

    1. Lex g says:

      I don’t agree … the reason that the Chow’s and the Shoes make money from blogs is because they started out when blogs were new …

      Overall, a lot of content is designed just to make john money, and not to give you the real information about how to make money online …

      It’s my opinion, and you don’t have to agree, but I have many years of web experience and believe me that I know my way around ..

      Again, disagree, or agree, I don’t care… what I do are about though is stating my opinion when I know that I am right …

  35. Hey guys, there is nothing wrong with being number two or three in your niche. This tool helps you imitate the best of the best. Most people are lazy and will not do what it takes to rank high. In any business there are tools to make your job easier or efficient. This is a tool… See you near the top. R

  36. Katie says:

    This is a wonderful tool and price. Thanks for sharing.

  37. jeremy’s tools rocks big time!

  38. It’s rather funny how some people keep complaining about some of John’s posts, yet, they’re the first ones here when he makes a new one.

    1. Lex g says:

      Well, I hope you are not talking about me, since I just visit this page to see the comments … I also only visit this blog 1nce in 3 months or so …

      Funny, how most like to stay ‘misinformed’ …

  39. Hasannudin says:

    Nice information about tools, becoming Master of google keyword is my dreaming. I still learning how to get top rank of niche keyword.

  40. Volksphone says:

    I did the trial period and have to say this tool is awesome. After i have analyse a competitor website i could rank better than them. I have try to better for over 2 month and now it happens over 10 days.


  41. I understand that this would definitely help people like us to understand what the competition is doing. However, if we were to copy it to replicate their success, then I don’t think that the website would stand to give value to readers but it would just become mere replicas. What is the advantage of that?
    But I am sure, understanding the various strategies of successful strategies would definitely help.

  42. When I saw the title of this post, I was excited! In fact, when I saw the content, despite John trying to make a commission on a product, I was STILL excited because it was something that was useful to me.

    I really don’t understand what has upset people here so much.

  43. Money-Era says:

    Anybody has insights on using the Shoemoney tool? Please share!

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