A Sit Down with The Aymen

My buddy Aymen will be doing a sit down tomorrow with Internet superstar Shawn Casey and you’re invited to sit in. The chat start tomorrow at 5PM Vancouver time (8PM EST). Only 10,000 seats are available and will be given out on a first come, first served basis. You can try to grab a seat for the webcast here.

Aymen is the most successful Super Affiliate I have ever met and the cool thing is he now lives in Vancouver so I get to meet him quite often. For some reason, Vancouver has been attracting a lot of Super Affiliates lately. Must be the weather or something. Anyway, Shawn will be asking Aymen to reveal his 7 simple steps that anyone can use to generate more money online — and be paid in virtually any currency, from anywhere in the world.

You may think there is no way Aymen can fill 10,000 spaces for the webcast but I know he will because this is being promoted by all the big names in the affiliate marketing game. If you want to see what the hype is about, go reserve your seat now.

The Shawn Casey and Aymen Webcast

27 thoughts on “A Sit Down with The Aymen”

  1. I am super excited about this webcast. Given all the hype and stories we’ve heard it will be nice to see if he puts his money (or knowledge) where his mouth is.

    I know most are doubters, but if John msays he is legit, I believe it.

    1. Typhoon says:

      Ya John, I am really waiting to see if you provide any of video of it as It’s not possible for me to attend it. As you said there are 10000 spaces available, it would be good to know from you; How many attend it.

  2. Kalvster says:

    Your getting paid to say this aren’t you? 😈 I like the strategy of using suspense or curiosity.

      1. neelmoney says:

        Thanks john
        No need to read it. I believes in JohnChow.com, and good things always cost some.Readers are getting good information at negligible rate here.

    1. Typhoon says:

      It can’t be as JohnChow now has to follow FTC policy in which he have to disclose about sponsored reviews and by not doing so he will be fined huge $$$ which I think he won’t like to.. And John has already replied to your comment, so read his disclosure policy.

  3. izzat aziz says:

    will it be on youtube? haha sure i will download it if it been tubed.. 😀

    1. I’ll wait for the You Tube version as well.

      1. Typhoon says:

        Yup, YouTube or Vimeo version of this webcast will be great for us John. Don’t present everything about it, Only present some important glimpse and information about that webcast.

  4. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Sounds that a cool webcast, but too bad I couldn’t be able to attend, too far from my country. I believe that you will record down and share with us in video clip John? 🙂

    1. EarningStep says:

      i have the same issue with you lee.. but i think john will share the video with us if he attend the party…

      1. Typhoon says:

        I think John will be surely attending this as he said Vancouver is very near to him, so it won’t be a tough thing to get there for him*

        *Conditions Apply 😉

  5. neelmoney says:

    Meeting a super affiliate is dream of everyone who like to listen to the success and money game . After Jonathanvolk you have another affiliate master as your friend.

    1. Typhoon says:

      I think John will be having few more Super Affiliates Friend than Jonathan…It’s Good to learn things from these people and if we also implement the same kind of hard work; surely we will see money like them.

  6. Melody says:

    So lucky to surround yourself with great affiliates to bounce off ideas…I need to move to vancouver! haha..

  7. videostar says:

    I wait for the video and consider the idea to be attractive.

  8. Have to check how the time works out in my neck of the wood, if it is feasible for me, I will attend and if it is only for the fun 😉 SY

  9. fas says:

    Wel well, I hope there is a pdf script made of this.

  10. Oh, he wants your phone number too. Yeah, right.

    1. big jason says:

      good thing its optional eh?

  11. Just checked and it turns out to be something like 1am in my part of the world, so sorry, I don’t think I will manage to stay awake, SY

  12. I read the first report that came out and honestly I thought it was hilarious.

    I don’t know yet who is actually behind this promotion but clearly the guy has been around for a long time.

    I found that because it was full of inconsistencies it made the whole sordid story completely unbelievable.

    Otherwise it makes for a great read.

  13. Magaly says:

    Hm I am very suspicious about htis arbitrage hype, I think John gets a good percentage of every sale made over his affiliate link – so he wouldn´t write anything negative about it, won´t he?

    I would like to talk with a person who passed the course already, I know how easy it is to get some good reviews if you spend some money for it. All the design and the language these guys are using just sound like the normal Internet marketing bla bla bla to me. Why should a Millionair share his secrets with anybody? Why should he hire staff to work out a course to show people his affiliate marketer tricks – why doesn´t he hire stuff to earn money by using his secret affiliate weapons… This sounds all bla bla bla to me, always the same vocabulary, always the same promises. In the case of Aymen it is just very expensive to participate – so the people think this must it be! I don´t think that this course will bring anybody money than Aymen and his affiliates!

    Cheers from Perú

  14. EarningStep says:

    look like this is a nice event…right ?

    1. Typhoon says:

      Ya, A really Nice and Big Event.

  15. Kevin Pasco says:

    How was it? Anyone know!?

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