A Visit To The Lamborghini Store

Lamborghini Store

The Lamborghini Store at Richmond’s Aberdeen Centre is the first Lamborghini store in Canada and only the third Lamborghini Store in the world (LA and Beijing have the other two). The store opened on the weekend with a visit from the President of Automobili Lamborghini to cut the red ribbon.

While the store has two Lamborghini cars on display (a yellow LP560 and a white Versace Edition Murcielago), it doesn’t really sell cars. Instead, the Lamborghini Store leverages the Lamborghini name to sell Lamborghini branded clothing items. I guess if you can’t afford a Lamborghini, the next best thing is wear a shirt with Lamborghini written on it. All clothing items are made in Italy and are priced accordingly, which is to say, very expensive.

Personally, I don’t know how long the Lamborghini Store will survive at the Aberdeen Centre. Before Lamborghini took over the store, it belonged to Ferrari and was used to sell Ferrari branded clothing. The store was always dead and I had never seen anyone actually purchased anything in there. They would just look at the Ferrari on display. The Lamborghini Store is pretty much more of the same. I didn’t see anyone buy anything while I was in the store. Like the Ferrari Store before it, everyone just looked at the cars.

Good luck Lamborghini Store. Call me when you’re about to go under and I’ll come and clean out your entire inventory, including the cars… for 5 cents on the dollar. 😛

Lamborghini Store

Lamborghini Store

Lamborghini Store

Lamborghini Store

Lamborghini Store

Lamborghini Store

Lamborghini Store

58 thoughts on “A Visit To The Lamborghini Store”

  1. Michael Kwan says:

    If the Ferrari store failed before it, I don’t see how the Lambo store will do any better at that location.

    1. John Chow says:

      I guess Lamborghini thinks they’re better than Ferrari.

      1. Karl says:

        Haha true. But seriously, do they have anything the Ferrari store didn’t to make them more likely to succeed? This doesn’t sound like a very smart move.

        The cars are really hot though..

        1. fas says:

          A Ferrari has more brand recall then Lambo.

          1. Karl says:

            Which makes the Lamborghini store even more set to fail. 😛

          2. I have to agree with that one! Where Ferrari fails I fail to see Lamborghini succeeding. Ferrari is a much stronger brand, with greater appeal over all age groups and sexes vs Lamborghini. You know they started out by making tractors, don’t you?

        2. yeah, I can see the clothing be more popular in younger generations, but no job or money equals no clothes…

      2. Perhaps the mall owners and the merchants in the mall want the cars there to attract visitor traffic to the mall and Lamborghini gets a free rent and even extra cash.

        A bit far fetched perhaps but a possibility. Nobody can deny that at least for a while people will visit the mall just because they want to see the cars.

        Don’t you? And now John made you want it just because you read it on his blog and saw the pictures. Plus the fact that you know they may not be there for long makes you want to see them before it’s too late.

        And the traffic is coming to the mall.


      3. helal says:

        they may think they are better all they like ,
        but this car says Ferrari Rocks

    2. Tyler says:

      There is that new Ferrari store on Burrard. The previous place was in East Vancouver and now they were a big massive Ferrari building on Burrard and 3rd next door to the Aston Marten dealership

      1. John Chow says:

        Ya, it’s about time Ferrari built a proper store. That one on East Van just doesn’t fit the image!

        1. John what was the reason of visiting this store … ?

          1. John Chow says:

            No reason. I just happened to be in Richmond that day.

          2. He lies. He’s going to get a new one!

  2. PakBlogger says:

    hmm just two cars and loads of clothes. What does an average shirt cost there and what about caps, wallets and stuff?

    1. John Chow says:

      If you have to ask, you can’t afford it. 🙂

      1. PakBlogger says:

        lol may be a cap or wallet. Some shirts look cool though

    2. Might be because more people can afford a Lamborghini t-shirt then a Lamborghini car 😉 SY

  3. I’m sure I could afford a keyring 🙂

  4. You should have bought one for a give-away John!

  5. David says:

    I can’t see that store really doing that well. However, we do have a fair few Lambo’s in Vancouver. Even see a Reventon around Downtown on a regular basis! Don’t know who the owner is though 🙁

    1. Tyler says:

      Most of the exotic cars you may see around Vancouver are usually rentals 😉 Yup you can rent a Ferrari for the day, the deposit is pretty hefty but I know a few people who have done it.

      Not saying no one in Vancouver owns an exotic though. I did see 3 different Ferrari’s the other day within 1.5 blocks of each other downtown

      1. Yes if you can’t own it than there is another option to enjoy this and that one is on rent.

      2. David says:

        I agree that a lot of them are rented. However, the Reventon I’m doubting… It’s too limited edition to be a rental… And, it’s out downtown way too much, whoever it is, has a place at the new Fairmont though… Seen it there enough times…

  6. d3so says:

    There’s rarely any business in these exotic dealerships; I wonder what it’s like to work there on a daily basis.
    Definitely a good place window-shop when you have nothing to do 😉

    1. It doesn’t seem to be a dealership…more like a clothing store. Seems like a waste to have these cars just sittin there…

      1. These cars are making whole difference my friend …

  7. Boy when I saw the title I thought you are going to have a test drive on Lamborghini. But this was something like window shopping only.

    1. d3so says:

      I know huh. John shouldve taken one on a test drive and recorded it.

      1. John Chow says:

        It’s not a dealership. The cars are for display only.

        1. Lakhyajyoti says:

          Are you planning to buy one John?

          1. He will need to upgrade soon 🙂

  8. Simon Bunker says:

    I have never really understood why a car manufacturer would go to the trouble of running what is in effect a boutique store. Personally they should stick to shifting cars not T-shirts.
    Cars look nice thoug!

    1. Spreading brand my friend … spreading brand.

  9. Cars looks very nice. Looks like need to work whole life to buy one 🙂

    1. And do you think that after your whole life you will buy it … naaahh there will be more stuff on urgent list.

  10. Luca says:

    May be you should also go to visit Ferrari museum and Factory in Modena. They have also a school dedicated to the founder of Ferrari company.

  11. effect a boutique store. Personally they should stick to shifting cars not T-shirts.

  12. wow wow wow, very beautiful. Wondering if there’s any chances for me to own this 🙂

  13. Ethan Caine says:

    Lambo Cars are awesome but buying Lambo clothes and hats when you don’t have one is lame…

    Cool video

    1. Yes very good point but people buy fake watches to get the feeling of original ones so similar thing applicable here as well …

  14. i remember when you first put up pics of your car John, it’ll be time for an upgrade soon huh… 🙂

  15. I can understand the ploy of drawing customers in with pretty looking cars in order to sell other goods and would have thought the tactic would’ve been quite effective regardless of the inflated cost.

    Strange that it isn’t working out so well for them.

    1. Yes this is like showing cheese to rats … lollzz

  16. Well I guess Lamborghini just like to show off their cars and waste money. Shouldn’t they know that if Ferrari took down the store is because they weren’t selling anything?

    I just wonder whose brilliant idea at Lamborghini was this. Some people just really suck at marketing.

  17. Nice place but looking deserted one.

    The only difference between this store and other cloth store are these two lamborghini …. lolzzz

    1. And the brand name as well ….

  18. Headstones says:

    I am glad to see lamborghini making an in road into the market place that that – although I am really surprized that they are doing it without trying to seel their cars as well.

  19. Thinking about upgrading your car John???

  20. Free Picks says:

    i love the first cr

  21. PPC Ian says:

    Sweet cars! Definitely serves as inspiration to work very hard!

  22. Jeremy Blake says:

    I’d just feel like too much of a poser buying Lamborghini clothing…unless I actually owned one, of course.

    1. I know, right? I could understand Ferrari since they are mostly a F1 team, but I would feel like a poser wearing Lambo clothing as well.

  23. SEO Results says:

    Lamborghini makes serious motor cars that cost serious money. This is obviously reflected in their clothing and accessory range, and while many people might come into the shop to gawk at the heavy metal on display, I do not actually see that traffic translating into much impulse buying.

  24. I had no idea that Lambo had a store here in LA – I am so going! Did you pick one at your new store in canada? 😀

  25. Sweet cars. I’d go for the white one 🙂

  26. John Chow: Not only driving traffic on the internet, but now driving traffic to the Lamborghini store by mentioning it on his blog! 🙂

    There’s something Ferrari didn’t have!!!

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