A Visualization of United States Debt

I came across an interesting site call WTFnoway.com that had an infographic showing the visualization of the debt of the Untied States of America.

Starting with the $100 bill, WTFnoway gives you an idea on how many stacks of bills it takes to make various amounts. They show what $10,000 looks like, then $1 million, and continued from there. Below is a Visualization of what $100 million look like in $100 dominations. It fits nicely on an ISO / Military standard sized pallet.

Now, the United States owes a lot more than $100 million. Heck, the deficit alone is going to $1.7 trillion this year and the national debt is going to top $15 trillion by Christmas 2011 (assuming the debt ceiling increase goes through).

As big and scary as that sound, the number pails in comparison to the $114.5 trillion US unfunded liabilities. This is the amount of money the US government knows it doesn’t have to fully fund Medicare, social security, military, civil servant pensions, and all the other good stuff we come to expect from living in the land of the debt.

What does $114.5 trillion look like? Go to WTFnoway to find out.

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  1. Duane Storey says:

    Bernie Madoff called the US unfunded liabilities the biggest ponzi scheme of all time, and he would know. They use the money they collect each year to pay off the people owed money, and then write themselves an IOU for the difference. When Bernie does it, it’s criminal. When the US government does it, it’s business as usual.

    1. Boss is always right … 😀

      1. Kevin Kimes says:

        I’d like to mention something to every American citizen reading this.

        Some people try to blame one party or the other for this deficit. While a strong argument can be made for blaming one party, both parties are certainly guilty of heavily contributing to this problem.

        The number one priority to save our nation from collapse is to vote for FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE PUBLIC SERVANTS. And don’t vote based on their promises, either. Vote based on their track records. This will require you to not be lazy, and actually investigate the candidates’ histories.

        1. When they will seat on that Chair … than every person will start acting like past president …

          Problem is we have very less political leader who can think of nation and their citizen first.

          This is not in US but all around the world, this is going on …

    2. Unfortunately, fighting the U.S. up a lot of money to no purpose in different parts of the world, money that does not generate any benefit.

  2. dg32 says:

    $114T works out to $750K per tax-payer. Realistically that amount will never get paid.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      $750k per tax payer, that is unbelievable.

    2. Kevin Kimes says:

      People need to keep this in mind.

      It means if we actually try to go forward with all the “public services” and pensions that the government seems so intent on not giving up, YOUR SHARE of the cost will be $750,000!

      However, naturally, the recipients of all those services won’t be paying their fare share, so double that number for a more accurate figure. $1.5M per ‘real’ taxpayer.

      1. Kevin Kimes says:

        I just looked at the “debt clock” website, and the actual liability per taxpayer is supposedly $1,026,000. One million dollars of liability per taxpayer.

        Another bit:
        The total assets of the United States amounts to approximately $75T. That’s a mere 66% of our unfunded liabilities.

        1. Chris says:

          that is a phenomenal statistic!

      2. Arun says:

        Well US is going to go through a real turmoil, based on these stats

      3. Yeah Kevin will keep in mind those all.

    3. I have no idea about this.

    4. Virtual Tour says:

      Looks like I gotta make some more money to be able to pay that off!

  3. PPC Ian says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of money, and we’re only talking $100 mln there. The US National Debt is quite a bit more.

    1. Direct or Indirect whole world economy depends on the economy of US and these kind of figures are quite scary.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Agreed, definitely scary stuff.

      2. An absolutely amazing compared to see how much money U.S. is down.

    2. Kevin Kimes says:

      Go look at that site, please. You’re an American, yes? Please look at it, then tell everybody you know to do the same.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Yes I am. Already looked at site when I originally read the post.

      2. Virtual Tour says:

        Done and done… Wait, where are you from?

  4. David Hodge says:

    I was about to buy some products online from USA but many firms don,t send internationally.

  5. enzo testa says:

    I think the biggest debt the US has is defence and not to mention the many forclosures.
    As far as the defence goes I can sleep at night knowing that the usa will protect us 🙂

    1. Kevin Kimes says:

      Foreclosures are individual debts, not related to the national debt numbers. The US debt numbers that get talked about are the government’s debts.

      Military spending is a large part of the debt, but not the largest piece.

    2. arun says:

      Rightly said:-)

  6. Mate Hegedus says:


    How can you be in so much debt?!

    1. Virtual Tour says:

      It’s pretty easy, trying to police the whole world will do that to you… it’s stupid.

  7. fas says:

    I would say that the US government does not think much about the people.

  8. Erwin Miradi says:

    It’s nice to see that lot of money. But the fact that it’s debt makes it scary..

  9. I have not much known about this but i prefer to have lots of money in my pocket

      1. In your pocvket … how much money you can store … lollzzz

        Talk about Bank balance … real estate … lollzz

        1. Erwin Miradi says:

          Oh well, good luck dude lol.

  10. Brock Blohm says:

    Unbelievable. I am actually speechless right now… 0_o

    1. who2india says:

      Mee too,, its right above everyone.

  11. fazal mayar says:

    debts are awful, it follows you your whole life and usa’s debt is huge.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      Yeah. Looks like it’s gonna follow the United States for the rest of its history. I hope not though..

  12. Petter says:

    This is crazy!

    Why are Ur country doing this?
    We also have big dept here in sweden, but not close to yours…


    1. After Greece …. many more European countries will come under that condition my friend … so beware

      1. ZK, little information about Europe. It is primarily the Mediterranean countries with payment problems, not the rest of Europe.

        1. Kevin Kimes says:

          “Payment problems” is a bit of an understatement.

          The UK was very wise to not adopt the Euro currency.

    2. Hi Petter, Sweden is very good position to be totally debt free within 5-7 years.

  13. Achive says:

    So much debt… that is a lot of money.

  14. In life everything is depends only on money

    1. Yes Top everything is well with money.

  15. Mats says:

    Thats alot, I would like to be the lender 😛

  16. US debt are totally different from other countries

  17. Will says:

    No doubt the US will need to use inflation to help pay the debt.

    1. yes i agree with your point

  18. With such high unemployment that the U.S. has, should the government been able to hire woodcutter and open more money press factories and then crack the U.S. monetary problems easily.

  19. Virtual Tour says:

    Anyone else buying silver?

  20. worth appreciated post,thanks for this effort.

  21. Thanks for sharing an interesting update about infographic

  22. Essays says:

    We have GBP of 14 trillion and debt, 15 trillion. Surly it will not work for long. Is it going to be another recession or worst?

  23. Amani says:

    1 trillion dollars is a size of football field full with double stacked pallet of 100 dollar. 15 trillion dollars wow!

  24. Technary says:

    Nice website. Thanks for the info and time to share it! 🙂

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