A WordPress Theme for Professional Reviewers

A substantial part of what I do as a freelance writer is write product reviews. I’m known mostly for reviewing consumer electronics, like smartphones and tablets, but I also get called upon to review other products and services too. That’s why today’s review is very much up my alley.

We’re taking a look at ProReviewTheme, a WordPress theme that has been designed from the ground up for use by review sites. According to its developers, this theme has “many features which separate us from our competition.” Let’s dig a little deeper and see what this digital product has to offer.

A Purpose-Built Theme for WordPress

WordPress is a very versatile content management system, since you can completely customize its utility through a variety of themes and plugins. ProReviewTheme is one such example.

Clearly, the goal here is to create “powerful review sites in minutes.” Going through the features of WordPress theme, you’ll find that there is a custom “review” post type included. This makes the review posts quite different from regular posts, offering you the ability to apply unique settings and display features. In this way, even though you may be building a review site, you can still have regular posts. At the same time, it gives a way for your reviews to stand out too.

ProReviewTheme also allows for changeable backgrounds and includes a big collection of pre-made headers. There are 20 different options to choose from, making it easy to customize the look of your site. There is easy layout selection with the ability to go full width without a sidebar, as well as a customizable header, multiple custom widgets, and a shortcode generator.

An Attractive and Flexible Layout

The easiest way to understand this theme is to see it in action. That’s why it’s good that they’ve set up a couple of live demo sites for you to check out. Shown below is the Amazon variant; the other live demo utilizes Clickbank.

As you can see, the overall visual style is clean, yet robust. There is the optional featured post area at the top with three articles being highlighted. Below that is the main content area with thumbnails and excerpts, as well easily visible links for reading the full review and buying the product being highlighted. That affiliate link integration is a very powerful monetization tool.

Similarly, you’ll notice that the sidebar is populated with several useful widgets, including top ratings, social media, and spaces for sponsorship. The layout is flexible, of course, but you can see how a theme like this would be perfect for all kinds of different product reviews. It’s not overly cluttered, but it has everything that you would really want to see.

Speaking of the flexibility, you’ll also notice that the administration area in the backend won’t require you to know too much in terms of coding and specifics, since it’s all field-based for the customizations. Want a custom logo? Just go to the general settings tab and upload an image. It may take you some time to go through all the settings, but it’s good to know that each individual component is easy to change. Check the page on how it works for more information on that.

Product Reviews and Affiliate Links

Looking at an individual review, you’ll see that there is further “review” integration in this theme.

Using the sample review of the HP TouchPad, you can see how you can use a shortcode for listing the main features. Below that, the conclusion also allows some great space for providing ratings on the various aspects of the product. People like clear ratings like that, which is also good why the comments section allows readers to provide their own ratings.

Special Discount for John Chow dot Com Readers

So, how much does it cost to buy this premium WordPress theme? Well, you can recoup some of your costs by taking part in the affiliate program (with 365 day tracking cookies). In terms of the actual price itself, a single site license is $37, a multisite license is $67, and a developer’s license is $127. At least, that’s the regular price.

You can save 25% off that price when you use the exclusive coupon code provided to readers of John Chow dot Com. That coupon code is JOHNCHOW and it offers the highest discount available for ProReviewTheme right now. I say get the developer license, since it gives the most flexibility and includes the PSD files.


59 thoughts on “A WordPress Theme for Professional Reviewers”

  1. GamesDunia says:

    I think it is great theme for general propose blog. It has some common feature with some good illustration. Really Great theme.

    1. We blogger always look for nice and easy templates … Though I am blind fond of thesis but however would love to try these themes for my other projects.

      1. SportsNub says:

        I am also a big fan of Thesis framework and I am using it on many of my blogs.

        1. Yes thesis is simple, elegant and most importantly SEO friendly.

          John also shared some great tips on thesis.

    2. Party Ideas says:

      Agreed Games & review theme is also made by INTERNET marketers who know how to build a professional review theme for converting visitors into buyers.

  2. Really Nice Theme for Blogging.Thank’s

    1. SportsNub says:

      Yes, it looks like a very good theme for reviewers.

  3. Erwin Miradi says:

    Looks great to promote affiliate products. The layout almost looks like Thesis.

    1. Yes, really a neat and professional website.

    2. Party Ideas says:

      Yes really looks good & i glad to know that i can build as many affiliate websites as i like.

  4. Pam Britton says:

    This is a nice theme for reviewing products–nice layout, easy to read.

    Thanks for your review!

    1. SportsNub says:

      Yep, a great review by Michael and surely very good theme.

      1. Party Ideas says:

        Sportsnub i already said that Michael is a outspoken & single minded man.

  5. I like shiny new themes. I’m just wondering how is with other functions, like sliders, sidebars, footers, doe it have those available too?

  6. Dan Thorley says:

    I really like it. It looks professional, easy to navigate and easy to read. Excellent stuff.

    1. SportsNub says:

      Yep, it seems like a very good theme.

  7. After aweber and hostgator are you on theme affiliate ?

    1. SportsNub says:

      I think this a paid review.

      1. May be he is adding his affiliate link on the post … check that first.

  8. fas says:

    Nice theme but why is the overall content area small?

  9. I was about to build my 1st WP site. I see possibilities.

  10. Lalit says:

    John, I like the theme and it is looking quite attractive.

    1. Party Ideas says:

      Yes Lalit it’s a quite attractive theme & consists of great quality features indeed.

  11. Hey Michael, i really like this theme. It has some high quality features. Thanks for share.

    1. SportsNub says:

      Yes, surely it has some great quality features.

  12. rakesh kumar says:

    Looks very much interesting for review type blog and website. Looking forward to use in my next .

  13. Very nice looking theme! My question is how hard is it to customize the header? Or is that just a banner that can be replaced?

  14. Tom says:

    Great review looks great. Maybe I should sign up for becoming an affiliate. Very much like thesis theme

  15. fazal mayar says:

    Looks like a good theme, a bit of similarities with the big thesis theme 🙂

  16. GlyphTab says:

    Currently I use Karma which is good looking and full of potential. This theme looks good too.

  17. Great themes for a review site. I was looking into starting a review site. Thanks for making it a little easier Michael.

  18. PPC Ian says:

    Cool concept. You can make a lot of money with honest, solid reviews. Now there’s a WordPress theme just for this purpose.

    1. fazal mayar says:

      yes we needed a review theme for all of us reviewers and affiliate marketers! 🙂 honest reviews are the best

  19. GamesDunia says:

    I was looking for a review theme for long time and i choose a elegant theme but i think this will be better then elegant theme.

    1. Haitham says:

      You are true $37 is a good price for a theme like this one.

      1. SportsNub says:

        Yes, that is cheap I should say.

      2. Party Ideas says:

        Haithem this WordPress review theme for affiliate marketing is being sold at an incredibile price for a limited time.

  20. GamesDunia says:

    Awesome Them for Review and Affiliate Business.

  21. allan stuart says:

    the design looks proffesional and elegant… is there an option to choose other color to complement our product review or someting like that Kwan??

  22. SportsNub says:

    I just got a question, is it SEO friendly as well? It looks very good anyway.

  23. GamesDunia says:

    Great Theme for Review in a word.

    1. Party Ideas says:

      Yes Impressive straightly said & simple comment given by you Games.

  24. GamesDunia says:

    One of the great theme for review site and i buy this theme last night and yes it is great and it has lots of option for use.

    1. Party Ideas says:

      Gmaes agreed with you this a fabulous theme for review sites & best wishes for the buying.

  25. GamesDunia says:

    At present i’m working with the theme and soon i think i’ll be able to give you an update on it.

  26. Great theme, nice selection John. I watch their Clickbank live demo.

  27. Party Ideas says:

    Like a good promote affiliate products.

  28. Party Ideas says:

    Good thing that ground up for use by review sites & i think it is often customized into a Content Management System (CMS).

  29. Party Ideas says:

    Wow above is the huge example of the attractive and flexible layout,thanks for the valuable sharing.

  30. Party Ideas says:

    Pro review good to know that each individual component is easy to change.

  31. Thanks for your review! Great themes for a review site.

  32. Yeah its a great theme I think I will buy it

  33. Hi,

    how fast does this theme load?
    is this theme usable for high traffic sites?

    Thank you,

  34. Bo says:

    I’m using this theme and the header area is actually difficult to figure out. They have an option to add the header background but then you need to also add logo. Unless you are familiar with creating headers and editing files, you will find it difficult to get it how you want.

    Why cant it be just a clickable header? Looks like they got too fancy with it.

    Overall a great theme and looks to convert well.

    I give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars for ease of use for newbs.

  35. Nice collection of wordpress themes looks more professional

  36. yes. this theme is designed for professional reviewer. Design wise, theme is very professional too. Not too crowded.
    nice review.

  37. I’ve been using Trey Smith’s Landing Page Robot theme for my review sites – It’s not as smooth looking as these but it gets the job done and is Google tested. I love it…

    And it’s made for marketers – I will try this in the future. I’ve bookmarked this page just to get it later…


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