Adding a Photo Album To Your Blog

I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos from the 2008 Blog World Expo into my photo gallery. You should check them out if you haven’t done so. There are some pretty funny photos of Shoemoney and Darren Rowse in there.

Ever since the new theme went live, I’ve been receiving a ton of emails about the photo gallery. A photo gallery is a great way to keep readers on your blog longer and to increase page views. Depending on the photos used, a gallery can help connect the reader with the blogger. The software used to create my photo gallery is call Flickr Photo Album for WordPress by Tan Tan Noodles. It’s one of the best WordPress plugin I’ve came across.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

This Flickr plugin for WordPress allows you to pull in your Flickr photosets and display them as albums on your blog. The plugin provides a very simple template that is fully customizable. Unique Blog Design was able to integrate it into John Chow dot Com Version 3 pretty easily. You can also hook the plugin up with Lightbox or any other number of display libraries.

Another really cool feature of the Flickr Photo Album is it will add new Flickr icon to your WordPress edit screen which will allow you to easily insert your Flickr photos into your blog posts with just a couple clicks. You can either have your inserted photos link back to your WordPress Flickr photo album or directly to your photo page.

To use the plugin, you will need a Flickr account. Flickr offers a free account that limits you to 200 photos and three sets. For $24.95 a year, you can upgrade to a unlimited account. Considering how many photos I planned to upload, that’s a really good price! Since all the photos are being pulled by Flickr instead of your blog, you’ll be saving server resources.

Download Flickr Photo Album for WordPress

49 thoughts on “Adding a Photo Album To Your Blog”

  1. 100kjob says:

    Saw this on your blog lately. It is a cool plugin. I like the name too – Tan Tan Noodles

    1. Pretty good… but have you noticed Flickr images load slower or no?

      1. John Chow says:

        I’ve noticed no speed slow down.

        1. Debo Hobo says:

          For me it slowed my load down quite a bit. I had to remove it:(

          1. That is weird. Usually it doesn’t really matter but maybe you are on a slower server. Photo albums you make your blog a lot more personal and that is what readers these days are really looking for. I think you should try to figure out a way to put your photo album back on without it slowing down the load that much.

          2. I think the speed matters very little. I’ve not noticed it so much that i’ve been bothered.

      2. I have used it before, but no obvious feeling of slowing.

        1. I guess every blogger has had different experiences with this plugin.

  2. Very cool plugin for photos. I used to run a blog about parenting dad style and I used WP-Photo Album for my photo gallery. It is also a very good plugin.

  3. John,

    WOW! how freaky that you should do a post on this as over the last few days I have been working on the gallery2 free download for pictures on my website. I have just set up the database for it and I am in the middle of customizing it.

    I can have as many photo’s as I want and host them on my own server. this is the same program shoemoney uses, and it’s free.

    If I had known of this plugin I probably would have gone that way and saved heaps of time.

  4. Mat Packer says:

    It’s quite a nice set up, my only problem with using something like this is that if you have multiple contributors to a magazine using WordPress is that you can’t pull photos in from all their flickr accounts.

    For a multi user environment I’ve found NextGen gallery really good, and it doesn’t take too much configuring.

  5. Ben says:

    That’s some good stuff. A good way of sharing tons of photos without hurting your bandwith! Easy WP integration is also great.

  6. sean says:

    cool! this is something i’ve been wanting to add to my blog for a little while. It’s now on the list of stuff to do. I only see one photo though when i go to your page. are you using it fully yet or is it just me?

    also the link “back to gallery” brings me back to the home page.


  7. Great idea. The same solution doesn’t yet exist for Blogger, which has poor photo management tools through Picassa.
    Amazon offers a similar service at very low cost (useful for people who aren’t using the WP engine, maybe Joomla instead), which gives lots of storage space and bandwidth.

    Recommendation for new bloggers: If you want to use lots of photos without the expense, consider using the space your ISP gives you as a photo storage site, then link to your photos from your blog. A little HTML will give you all the control you need. Not slick or simple, but free, and knowing some HTML is very useful when blogging.
    Once your blog gets popular enough to justify the expense, then pay for the Flickr service or whatever alternative works.

  8. Gabriel Lai says:

    I’m using tantannoodles flickr plugin too.. really effective and I’ve also signed up Flickr Premium ๐Ÿ˜€ Nice one John

  9. Dinh Trung says:

    It’s really nice pic.
    Thanks for your post John !

  10. Andrei Buiu says:

    John, I’ve added this plugin right after I saw it on your blog. And I’m very pleased I did.

    1. I actually followed John’s rise to making $40K/month but for some reason came up short ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. PhotoKungFu says:

    Very nice! Bookmarked, downloaded and soon to be installed. This find couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks John.

  12. jhay says:

    Looks neat. Hope this plugin will work with WP 2.7 so I’m holding back on implementing this until then.

  13. whitening says:

    Nice photos. I wish i were there…

    Never heard about Flickr Photo Album plugin before, i’ll try it soon

  14. Ian Fernando says:

    your welcome =P – tan tan has done a great job with this plugin – I kinda edited mine a little more extensively.

    1. Thats because your miss fancy pants ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Jeff says:

    Nice pictures,thanks for your post : )
    I want know how can i add a video collection at my blog ,any one know ?

  16. Very cool John, thanks for the heads up on where to get this.

    Do you know where thre is a plug in for adding a link exchange on your site. One that is like directories?

  17. Torley says:

    And if you want to embed an animated (Flash) Flickr gallery inside a blog post which shows off a big image with scrolling thumbnails for others, I can’t recommend PictoBrowser enough. It’s lightweight, elegant, and gets the job done. You can even customize colors to match.

    I made a fun little video tutorial for it:


    What’s even neater is there’s a cool Flickr Set Manager tool which creates AUTO-UPDATED sets based on criteria you specify! This makes it super-easy to embed a PictoBrowser based on one of those refreshed sets and show all photos you’ve tagged with “money” or whatever.


    I’m not affiliated with these. I, like John, like sharing cool tools!

    1. Eric Tan says:

      Cool video Torley, Thanks for sharing your cool tools!

  18. Dot_Commie says:

    Up next : Joel Comm sells an ebook on how to make money with the Flickr WordPress plugin for 19.95

    1. Ha, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone actually came up with this one.

  19. Its a great plugin…looks cool on your site

  20. It’s always nice to have an album on the page of what you are doing so that people will know that you are a human. Question: I noticed that you can look at one photo at a time. Do you know of any plugin or if you could do it with this plugin what would almost make it a slide show or that you could scroll through the large photos?

  21. I have not tried Flickr yet, but have always heard great things about it, thanks John for the great guide, as always ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Stay Evil,

  22. fas says:

    I have been using another flickr plugin, check my site to see how you like it.

  23. I think that photos can bring a blog to life as long as they are are relevent to the content. This plugin is one of the best. I plan on using it as soon as I figure out how best to use it for my site.

    Cheers for the post

  24. I don’t use Flickr, but I know people who do, so I’ll tell them about this post. Some have been having trouble trying to combine Flickr & WordPress together, so this plugin would be godsend for them.

  25. I would feel wierd if strangers were looking at my photoes. But if I was a mega blogger like John, then who knows..

  26. Very cool! I will add it to my WP blog as soon as it is set up. I do wish they would make one for Blogger!

  27. Joe says:

    Hey John, just wanted to say thanks for the link and mention! I’m glad you’re finding the plugin helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Thanks for that tip. I have always wanted to do this for my blog but I was not sure if it would be good for a celebrity blog. Thanks for the advice though. I’m going to check into this.

  29. Gary Grant says:

    Looks like a cool plugin, but I have SEO questions.

    On many of our older posts, I would use a main header image for the post, followed by text, then a slideshow using flickrslidr. Using that setup, I found that my header image titles drew significant traffic from google images.

    With WP 2.6 (haven’t done 2.7 yet..I know, I know) galleries, I have been careful with image titles and the search engines seem to be responding to it. So….my question is: Will the search engines find the image tags and follow to the actual Flickr page, or will they follow to the WP page?

    Any thoughts?

  30. izzat says:

    nice plugin especially if edit and use it to make photoblog theme for wordpress,
    should be nice.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. Mike Huang says:

    I was recently looking through your blog and noticed this photo album. It works great and it’s a great thing that it’s embedded into the blog, so readers could navigate elsewhere easily.


  32. Kahthan says:

    wow nice plugin, im definitely going to check it out.. yeah and the name tan tan noodles is very cool..

  33. Gary Grant says:

    It would appear that your akismet is failing!

  34. Thanks for the headsup on the plugin! Just what I needed. This will be a great way for me to display our group flickr account..Coming out soon. thanks again and continued success.

  35. I think adding photos is really cool! I put up all my vacation photos on my blog also. I mean what the heck? I get my vacation money from my blog so the people paying for them should get a little glimpse….right?

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