Adding The Nitrous – How I Won $10,000 Cash

Last week, I was presented with $10,000 in $20 bills for winning the IM Revolution sales contest. The money was presented to me by Matt Lloyd at his Add The Nitrous event in San Diego.

The contest was five weeks long, but I didn’t entered until there was 72 hours remaining. Needless to say, I took the other competitors by complete surprise. Even Matt was blown away by what happened…

John came out of nowhere. I met him for the first time about a week before the end of the IM Revolution contest, told him what I was doing, and he seemed ‘somewhat’ interested. He didn’t really do anything until the last 72 hours… and then he went crazy. I’ve never seen anything like it in the 4 years I’ve been doing internet marketing. In total, he bought in 296 sales, which was almost double that of any other partner.

Here I am happily relieving Matt Lloyd of $10,000 in cash. I have to admit. Holding $10,000 in 20’s is pretty cool. I also found another great use for my ScotteVest. It makes a great money transporting jacket.

Below is an interview I did with Jane Orlov (she came 8th in the contest) shortly after the Add The Nitrous event. In addition to explaining how I was able to beat out the entire field in three days, I share a few success tips that will help take your blogging and Internet marketing to the next level.

14 thoughts on “Adding The Nitrous – How I Won $10,000 Cash”

  1. Kenny Fabre says:


    it pays to be a super affiliate, thats what being a super affiliate is all about. That big list generated all those sales

  2. Edgar says:

    Your the Man!! Chow only 72 hours. I got 2 place.

  3. Jason Parker says:

    Hey John,

    I got the leaderboard e-mail and saw you snuck up and took 1st. That’s also my plan of attack because if they sense you’re on the move then it’s tough to take that 1st place spot. haha

    I was going head to head with John Shugart (keyword rockstar) for the 1st place spot in a launch for some cool new tracking software the other month. John did a last minute webinar and knocked me out by about $300 in sales. I tried to sneak up on him and take that 1st place spot, but ah well… I don’t feel so bad losing to a guy like him…

    Anyway, 170 sales even at a low pricepoint like Lloyd’s offer within 72 hours is definitely bringing the heat! Lloyd’s JVs might have been swapping around a lot of the same leads doing launches so I can see how a newcomer to his circle could jump in and bring fresh eyeballs to the page and drive in that many last minute sales.

  4. Jane Orlov says:

    Thanks again for the interview John 🙂 and for sharing with your audience… I will catch up shortly on the number of viewers to your blog 😉 Jane

  5. George says:

    You need not watch the interview to know how John did it. John sent around 6 mails to his list whereas other internet marketers stopped with two. I know because I am part of his list. When Matt announced that john is in second place short of 3 leads that got him going. He mailed a super mail claiming that he checked the system himself and made money with it. Another of his mails had the subject title $3600 within 3 days or something. He told matt’s story though not as good as matt told others and told them how much he makes $250k per month. Secondly he added a fake deadline that the book may not be available after 27th. All the spices made the dish great. That’s it.

  6. mobkas says:

    wow congratulations,that is competition to win

  7. Herman says:

    Congrats john, I took part in the competition as well as I am a licensed affiliate to Matts products, but when I seen your name on the leader board 3 days before the competition could end I knew what the final result was gong to be 🙂

  8. Hello John
    I would like to thank you for this powerfull interview.I already download your Ebook and i expect to become the next super star of the blogging.

  9. Wow! This motivates me even more. Entering just 72 hours prior to deadline and shoot to the top! It’s an incredible achievement and gives me even more motivation to grow my list and generally work towards a better .com lifestyle.

  10. Ben Troy says:

    Congratulations, like the video, very in depth analysic.

  11. faisal says:

    Wow awesome, congratulations.

  12. wired says:

    great congratulations John, just 72 hours… your like a machine… .

  13. Kadz says:

    Imagine if you started in the first few minutes of the contest :O!!

    Good work John and to everybody else… i hope to be there one day.

    – Kadz

  14. Ferb says:

    This should impress negative comments on the post called IM Revolution. And congratulations John that you won $10,000 cash!

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