Adding Videos To Your Blog for Traffic & Profit

As you no doubt noticed, I’ve starting adding videos to this blog in a big way. The effect on traffic has been quite positive. Video is where blogging is heading and you should consider adding a video element to your blog if you haven’t already done so.

Videos Boosts Blog Traffic

I have noticed traffic to the blog has gone up by 15% since adding more videos to my posts. In addition, RSS subscription is on the verge of breaking 26,000 for the first time. Readers seem to really like videos. It allows me to express myself in ways words on a blog can never do.

Something I haven’t paid attention to at all was YouTube subscribers. I didn’t know I had any until I checked it. There are nearly 100 people subscribed to my YouTube videos. YouTube could be a nice traffic source if you built up a big enough subscriber base. I found iJustine via YouTube and I’m sure many others found her the same way.

Google Can Spider Video Content

Here’s another reason why you want to start adding videos to your blog. Google now has the technology to spider video content. YouTube videos are showing up more often on Google search results. For example, the YouTube video for the Macbook Air commercial shows up on page 1 when you do a search for MacBook Air. The video has been viewed nearly 2 million times. Imagine how much traffic you would get if you had been the one to post that video with your blog URL watermarked on it.

Videos Are Inexpensive To Add

You don’t need an expensive film studio to add videos to your blog. All my videos are shot with an inexpensive Flip Video digital camcorder. Most digital cameras can take video so you don’t have to buy a separate video recorder.

Editing the videos can be done with the software that came with your computer OS. I used Windows Movie Maker when I had the PC. Now I use iMovie on the Macbook Pro. While neither program is as powerful as Adobe Premier, they’ll get the job done and they’re easier to use. Thanks to services like YouTube, hosting your video is easy and free.

Videos Can Make You Money

I haven’t tried to make money with my videos yet but I can this as a viable income stream down the road. We already have sponsors giving us free stuff for the weekly Dot Com Pho videos and I can see product placement fees in the future.

Another way to make money with the video is by becoming a YouTube partner to get a percentage of the advertising money. YouTube is not the only service to offer partnerships. There are tons of video sharing sites, like Revver, that will give you a cut of the advertising dollars.

Maximizing Your Video Traffic

To get the most out of their videos, many bloggers will upload their videos to a bunch of video sharing sites. However, this can be a long and boring process. To make thing easier, I recommend using a service like Tube Mogul, which distributes your videos to all the major video sharing sites with a single upload.

The service also offers video analytics so you can see how your videos are performing across all the video sharing sites. It’s no harder to use than uploading a single YouTube video so I highly recommend it.

Another thing I recommend to maximize your video traffic is to always embed your blog URL into your videos. If the viewer likes the video, chances are he’ll want to know who made it and see any other videos you may have made. Putting your URL at the beginning or end is also good for branding purposes.

69 thoughts on “Adding Videos To Your Blog for Traffic & Profit”

  1. tina says:

    l have been wanting to do video as my traffic has drop a lots. am still learning just how to go about it. thanks for the encouragement.

    1. You need to post regularly too to encourage repeat visitors to your site.

  2. Pradeep says:

    Dont feel offended John but after spending almost 2 months on your blog this is the 1st post i found which justify your blogs theme 😀

    1. Uncle Che says:

      Pradeep, what part of the theme is justified by this post? The “Miscellaneous Ramblings” or the “Dot Com Mugul”?

      1. Pradeep says:

        Driving traffic to your blog and learning new ways to cash those traffic hits 😛

        1. Yeah but John’s blog is about rambling mainly…

          1. Terry Tay says:

            and with video John will be able to really ramble on about anything and everything 😆

    2. Sha says:

      I don’t get this reply. It also says misc. ramblings so of course it’s not going to be 100% about how to make money.

  3. jsanderz says:

    I have been considering adding videos in my blog for a while, I think it could be a great way to do tutorials. Now where is my video camera.

  4. The Cuso says:

    I have over 2600 youtube subscribers and its driving me a nice bit of traffic to my blog. The trick is to write your url in the top of the video description with the http so that it’s clickable.

    1. Nice tip!
      I used to do it as well and can verify that it indeed brings traffic.

  5. chessmaster says:

    Hi John,

    Could you explain more your thoughts when you say ” Video is where blogging is heading “. You think people get more lazy and rather click on a video then read a post?

  6. People want to get in touch with the bog`s owners. And John is right videos are the way to maximize your earnings and also keep in touch with your readers much better. But so far the are only two blogs where I see videos posted frequent – and No wonder traffic is building up as well as RSS readers. I`ll start posting videos too 😀 Good luck everyone :mrgreen:

    1. Flimjo says:

      Blogs succeed if they are personal. Readers want to get in touch with the personal views and whims of a blog’s owner. Personalized content obviously works well. But videos work even better by leaps and bounds.

    2. There are alot of other blogs that do them.
      Shoemoney in the past has and there are a few video bloggers around too!

      1. Flimjo says:

        Yea, but I would say that JC and Problogger make it a featured part of their blogs. Shoemoney does it, but sporadically at best.

  7. webandrank says:

    💡 I agree the video bring you the new traffic but if the video is also viral bring you more and more the days after days

  8. Barbara Ling says:

    I completely agree and am in the process of teaching myself how to make these videos optimal and engaging. ‘Tis really brave new territory for me…but hey, if I must learn, I shall!

    Best wishes,


  9. bz says:

    DO you get 24hrs in China? I wrote on this EXACT topic in today’s paper!

    1. John Chow says:

      Great minds think alike. And no, there’s no 24hrs here. 🙁

  10. Thiago Prado says:

    Video is the future of blog. Whoever start doing that is gonna be in advance against other bloggers in the future. A lot of lazy people don’t like to read they prefer to sit and watch in instead.
    I spend a lot of time everyday watching videos of things. I uploaded a lot of videos from my visit to Brazil as well.
    the youtube partnership is good and can bring money and traffic.
    good stuff!

    1. make150aday says:

      Videos is not the future–but the current trend. So don’t wait.
      Act now..
      I do lots of videos on my other websites and does bring $$$.
      However, its not that easy. Depends on many factors.
      I will provide my views and recomendations lil later.

    2. I personally like reading – it is a lot faster and allows you to skip to the interesting part! But I also see your point – there probably are more people who are lazy and like to watch a video than people who would rather read!

  11. Flimjo says:

    Videos are becoming mainstream. I think, John, that you started the trend yourself with daily videos in your posts.

    1. Its happened before john, with video blogging sites.

      1. Flimjo says:

        Yea, but are they as popular as this one?

        1. Sha says:

          Well, the “Best Week Ever” blog had been posting videos long before…

  12. Great tips John, thanks!
    I think i will add some videos to my blog!

  13. Again a master shot by the champ..John a very good post indeed..nice way to increase traffic without any investements.

  14. A month ago, if you typed in these keywords ‘2009 ferrari maserati’ on google, I had all 10 entries on page 1 of google. Today I have positions – 1,2,5,6,8 on the first page plus other sites have picked up my video for the other entries except for the last two. Problem is that I haven’t really monetize except for my URI and Revver. You can check out my Revver videos. Google ‘revshare’ now! :mrgreen:

    1. make that ‘revshare videos’.

  15. Bob says:

    Thnx john! this is very nice trick to gain visitors, if u upload videos to youtube, v get many viewers which ultimately become viewers!

  16. Nick says:

    Interesting timing, I just posted my first video post today! I’ve been wanting to for awhile, but just never got it done.

    1. What does the name of your website mean? ? My name is Roman, so Im just wondering… 😀

  17. Pachecus says:

    If YouTube closes your account?

    1. Why would they do that??

    2. Sha says:

      Can you elaborate on this?

  18. Stephen says:

    The company that sells the Devotec Solar charger featured in Dot Com Pho: John Chow Free Edition offered to send each of the crew one. I’m sure I could get the gadget of the week supplier from this past week’s Dot Com Pho: Epic Win and Fail Edition to send us all Lapworks Coolers, but no one would want the ugly new colors.

    Since the last episode, I’ve had all sorts of questions on how I did the dramatic slow mo kick to the junk. I’ve never had anyone ask me how it’s done on Dot Com Pho before 😆

    It’s only a matter of time till we get FREE PHO 😀

  19. Well for maybe 3 months now this train has been building momentum and it really started with smaller blogs easily a year ago. But the top dudes have been doing it now since 2008-except Shoemoney of course-who started his videos BEFORE his blog, so he’s really ahead of the curve, but that’s also the reason he can hold up a 132K check.

    I have to say though, the John Chow variation allow for strong personality to come through. Not to mention “location shooting.”

    I got Camtasia and because I’ve got a big new lumberjack beard I don’t want to cut I’m just going to do my videos that way starting sometime in the next week.

  20. Thanks for the tip, I’ll add some videos to my blog and see how they do. Windows Movie Maker can watermark your logo/URL?

  21. The Foo says:

    good job…. one thing though, your videos are little too long and some things could be edited out — i notice that you tend to stay on a particular scene more than you have to. don’t forget that most people surfing web have short attention span!

  22. Mike Huang says:

    I have wanted to start video posts for a while now, but after the recent one I did for the Sichuan Earthquake…it makes me rethink things. I suck 🙁


  23. cheryl says:

    John-good post. I have had video on both of my blogs since the beginning. Readers get to the point of the post quicker and retention is better with video. I also love my Flip Video Camera and use it for all my youtube videos.

  24. Another option is using Viddler as it allows you to add link popouts useful for other posts your talking about or site, or even affiliate links. This person to person interaction via video promotes good business. And as John said I have also found that it lets the writer relay a truer sense of how they feel. Keep up the good work with the Videos John. My favorite so far has to be the dot com lifestyle.

  25. Great post. It’s pretty obvious videos are the thing of the future, and even of the present! How long until it completely takes over is the only question.

  26. I have a Flip camera coming as one of the prizes I won at the contest so I’ll be getting into video shortly.

  27. Cool, I won a Macbook Air as well in that previously mentioned contest so maybe I’ll do my own Mac Air commercial and see if I can get it on page 1 of mamma G.

    1. Your middle name must be “Luck” ?

  28. What the heck is up with your Alexa graph, it’s tanking hard even with traffic up 15%. I know Alexa isn’t accurate but if they’re having some new problems we should figure it out.

    A lot of affiliate rating systems use it, and so must we.

  29. Joy Smith says:

    “I found iJustine via YouTube and I’m sure many others found her the same way.” <—- Nope I found her thru you. Thanks though! Awesome website/blog!!!

  30. i agree videos are great! it’s a more interactive way of conecting with your audience. my blog is still very new, but adding videos makes perfect sense with the theme of my site. people love videos becasue it’s a lot more entertaining to watch someone say something than it is to read it.

  31. Terry Tay says:

    So John, since you are always promoting the Flip, perhaps they can send you a bunch you can give away to your devoted readers to help give them a jump into the video blogging world 😉

    1. Stephen says:

      Flip has no EPIC Slo-Mo kick to the junk capability. Definite FAIL. The Samsung SC-HMX20 featured at last week’s Dot Com Pho FTW!

      1. Thiago Prado says:

        Where is the video of the last week’s Dot Com Pho?

  32. VeRonda says:

    You know, getting good business information is always a good thing… no matter where it comes from. There’s a saying, “eat the fish and leave the bones”. It’s important and relevant to know what your site will need to thrive now or later. Keeping it coming, John, with the tips!

  33. I have really enjoyed your videos and have become a daily reader since you added this feature.

  34. Paul B says:

    Great tip about Tube Mogul, saves a hell of a lot of time.

  35. Noobpreneur says:

    John, great tip…

    The Tube Mogul – I gotta bookmark it!

    John, what is your opinion on mobile phone videos? Are they good enough to put on blogs and video sharing sites?

  36. Natural says:

    just bought a refurbished video camera for 119.00 starting to make more videos which i hope to add to my blog and youtube channel. sometimes people like to watch

  37. abdfatah says:

    yeah… very good traffic with video… and i just try once and i have to remove it and change it by link only… because the bandwith limit.

    why? because my hosting limit MB. hehehehehe….

  38. Personally I do not like videos on blogs – however i am sure that I will need to move with the times and start putting some on mine !

  39. I also don’t really like video posts, but only because I have a slow connection 🙄

  40. Sha says:

    I keep hearing about the Pinnacle video editing software. Someone told me that it’s better than Adobe Premier, iMovie & WMM put together.

  41. exgrafix says:

    True , so very true. Videos can bring a lot of traffic to any website not only blogs. I run a few adult websites and I can tell that video sharing sites , especially in the adult niche have helped boost up my traffic a lot.

    A good start point is to get some quality videos made , loaded with a nice intro where your blog URL must be shown. The videos don’t have to be too long this will mainly catch the viewer’s attention and will forget you blog’s URL pretty fast, jumping to put in practice any goodies they gathered from the video. A way around this would be to watermark the video through out but be careful not to cover anything important.
    There are many video editing softwares that are easy to use, like avidemux witch is free, just google it out. A very nice and catchy out put can be done with this software.

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