Adobe and Yahoo Testing PDF Ad Service

I got my email newsletter from good old Web Pro News today and it had a very interesting story on Adobe and Yahoo testing out a new PDF ad service. The opt-in program pulls ads from Yahoo’s network to place in a panel next to the PDF content. Each time the PDF is opened, the ads will be refreshed to keep timely and relevant ones in place.

To participate, publishers register and then upload their PDFs so the ad functionality can be enabled for the document. After that has been completed, the publisher distributes the PDF as usual.

InfoWorld’s participation is of particular interest. The long-time trade journal scrapped its print magazine in opting for an online-only, ad-supported presence. If profitable, we expect to see other print publishers express interest in trying out the program.

Like the Yahoo Publisher Network, this is no doubt for US publishers only and when we’ll see the service offered for the rest of the world is anybody’s guest (I’ll still waiting for YPN to go outside the US). I guess I’ll have to wait to monetize my eBook with PDF ads.

22 thoughts on “Adobe and Yahoo Testing PDF Ad Service”

  1. Hello more ebook profits.

    1. Israel says:

      I doubt it would be so significant, but its something. cool idea.

    2. Well, only for the US residents 😉 saw the news today and seems like Yahoo has done a great move for them..well for us, we will have to get used to see YPN ads on free ebooks (and not only) 😉

      1. Speaking of Yahoo Publisher…I registered with them months ago and still haven’t heard from them. Are they ever going to release it to the public?

  2. Amazing! Ads show up everywhere…always more ways for an affiliate to make money.

  3. Neil Duckett says:

    What is it with Yahoo being US only i have no idea, considering yahoo is the number 1 search engine in Japan i’d love to be able to use the yahoo network.

    1. You’d get surprised, but a famous private italian TV network uses YPN ads on their site, now don’t ask me how in the heck they managed to do that.

    2. Etienne Teo says:

      Yahoo does not like to hit the international scene

  4. dcr says:

    Interesting… I have tons of PDFs on one of my sites.

    I remember InfoWorld! Haven’t read it since they stopped sending me the print version.

  5. tekxzen says:

    Yet another reason to invade our privacy. Then again, making money is a good way to do it.

  6. Ivy says:

    Looks like Yahoo has decided that Google shouldn’t have the whole pie in online advertising. I guess they are inventing “e-advertising” now, and the timing couldn’t be more apt given the angst Google has created among publishers.

    This is a brilliant marketing strategy though – instead of going headon with Google for website advertising, they are targetting a different audience via PDF. Given that PDF documents can be used as legal documents I wonder if there will be some sort of laws or rules about ad placement in PDF doc’s…

    I’m actually excited about this new channel of advertising though it sucks that this feature will probably not be made available to asia in the immediate future.

  7. I am all for someone giving Google some competition in the web advertisement field. This does sound like a great marketing strategy.

  8. Mike says:

    thats great that some more players are coming on the scene.. can’t wait till they open it up to canadians!

  9. Terrence says:

    At first wasn’t sure how great an idea this was, but after giving it some thought, it has real potential. Know lots of people who want to put out some e-books, but don’t have a great way to monetize it.

  10. King says:

    This is a great idea. I can’t wait to be able to monetize the eBook that I have yet to write.

  11. hmmm..interesting…would this really work with PDF files?

  12. Steve! says:

    I would never click one of those ads. Ever.

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