Adsense-Optimized WordPress Themes

With so many WordPress themes available these days, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Most of these are free, like the MistyLook theme that John uses (although he has edited it extensively), but many free themes have not been optimized for anything in particular.

Gobala Krishnan has developed seven WordPress themes that are optimized for Google Adsense. But he’s not doing this out of the kindness of his heart. He wants to make money online, so he’s promoting these professionally-designed Adsense WordPress themes by ordering a ReviewMe review. Seeing how The Million Dollar Wiki pocketed $7,000 in revenue within 24 hours of their review here, I’d say that Gobala has taken a very smart step.

Seven Themes for Seven Bucks

As I mentioned above, there are literally tons of free WordPress themes out there for you to consider, so why would you bother handing over your hard-earned money to buy themes from Gobala’s Instant WordPress? Well, he says that these themes (which cost $7 for the set) have been pre-configured to attract targeted traffic and maximize online income through Adsense. On the single sales page — yes, it’s another long form sales letter that automatically elicits some rather negative emotions — there are five primary features or benefits:

  1. Advanced SEO Titles: Without having to download and activate the All in SEO Pack or the Optimal Title plug-ins, these seven themes already come search engine optimized.
  2. Flexible Navigation Menu: With these themes, you can provide direct links to whatever you want in the navigation area, including affiliate sites, instead of just WordPress pages.
  3. Clickbank-Ready Profits: Make up to $32 per sale.
  4. Adsense-Ready Profits: No need to color match your ads or decide on the best placement, because the themes have already done that for you. Just enter your Adsense ID and you’re ready to make money.
  5. MyBlogLog-Ready: Again, no need to go to the MyBlogLog website and actually cut-and-paste the code. Just go to the appropriate field in your WordPress admin panel and enter your MyBlogLog ID.


These features can save a fair bit of time, so I can see how there is inherent value to this product. You’ll also notice that the header images and color schemes have already been all matched up… but I’d imagine having the same header image as everyone else who buys these Adsense WordPress Themes might hurt your branding or individuality. It also doesn’t help that all seven WordPress themes have exactly the same 3-column layout. Only the color scheme and header image have been changed.

In addition to the themes themselves, you also get the PhotoShop files so you can fiddle with the header images, and there is a PDF help file included to help you with the implementation and customization process as well.

A One-Time Offer… More Money Please

But wait, there’s more. After you receive the email message with your specific download link (like the one shown here), you get sent to a page that tries to sell you 23 more WordPress themes for an extra $17. Again, the physical look of these additional themes is identical to the other ones, except ones optimized for product reviews come with a couple of extra features:


What’s Your Time Worth To You?

The Instant WordPress Themes offered by Gobala Krishnan seem to be fairly good, resembling many commercial blogs that I’ve seen on the Internet. That said, I’m personally not a fan of the three-column look. Also, the themes aren’t designed to use one of the most lucrative Adsense placements: the inline 300 box (as used in this post).

Realistically, you could get yourself a free WordPress theme and tweak it to your liking, but that takes time. Seven dollars is not a lot of money, so if you can’t be bothered to go through the process yourself, this might be a good purchase. Unfortunately, there are no refunds. On the bright side, you can recoup the cost through the affiliate program. It pays $7 for every initial sale (and 50% of upgrades), alternating between Gobala’s Paypal account and your account on a 50-50 basis.

Download Instant WordPress Themes Here