Advanced Retargeting Tactics At Affiliate Summit West 2012

Have you ever gone to a website and then have that site follow you around the Internet? You see their ads on all the sites that you visit. It feels like you’re being stalked. If this has happened to you, then you have been retargeted. Retargeting is the latest advertising methods companies are using to increase their conversions.

In the Advanced Retargeting Tactics session, Joanna Lord, director of customer acquisition for SEOmoz, talked about what retargeting is, how to segment and sequence retargeting, as well as how you use this as a cheap testing vehicle, a branding campaign, and a bottom-line gain to your returns.

As the title of the session states, this stuff is pretty advanced and was open to Platinum and Diamond pass holders only. However, I’ve hooked you up with the session video below. You may not be able to understand everything Joanna is talking about, but it will give you an idea on this new way to make money online.

14 thoughts on “Advanced Retargeting Tactics At Affiliate Summit West 2012”

  1. Justin Mazza says:

    Is that how this happens. Being an online entrepreneur I totally changed my opinion about advertisements.

  2. fas says:

    Awesome tips, really.

  3. Ahmed says:

    Thanks for the tips. That was helpful. Cheers!!!

  4. Ahmed says:

    Those tips are great

  5. Topstuff says:

    Wow, legend is unfolding.

  6. georgiecasey says:

    This is not that advanced.

    1. John Chow says:

      @georgiecasey Then I guess you’re using retargeting in your marketing. 🙂

  7. alok24smart says:

    This is really exciting news for me. For the first time I have heard such kind of powerful marketing technique.

  8. Thanan says:

    Thanks for share good thing.

  9. It’s not a new marketing method; it has been used with mass advertising in newspapers, road advertising, mailbox advertising, etc. The first who used this method was Coca Cola; it is new to the Internet. It is very effective but very expensive

    1. John Chow says:

      @Property Marbella It is new. What you’re talking about is branding, not retargeting. Coke doesn’t target anyone demographics with their branding. They go after everyone. Retargeting allows you to go after only certain group, thereby saving you money and getting better returns.

  10. Choyon says:

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  11. srpatterson says:

    Getting a message that this video is private.

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