Advice I Wish Someone Had Given Me When I Started Internet Marketing

A couple of days ago, Matt Lloyd did a webinar about advice he wished someone would have given him when he started out in Internet Marketing. Because he didn’t get that advice, he ended up wasting a lot of time and money before achieving success.

In the Webinar, Matt passes this advice to you so you won’t have onto go through what he went through. The webinar is over two hours longs, so I recommend you grab a drink and pull up in a comfortable chair. Here is Matt’s email about the Webinar.

There’s close to about 200,000 people on my list, who get my emails.

We can classify them into 3 categories:

  1. 6 figure + earners – people who are making steady sales online, and are building their business full time.
  2. Those on their way to being in category one. They are getting sales here and there with increasing frequency. They just need spend more time repeating the actions that got them those sales, and setting up systems to do more of those actions for them.
  3. Newbies, and / or those who’ve been trying to make internet marketing work for a long time – but still have get very little results.

If you’re in category 3 – this video training is for you. The exact reason you’re not getting results, is because you have not mastered the basic concepts of this industry. Or you’re just not implementing them. But don’t feel bad, it’s not easy trying to learn something new for the first time. Especially when you have dozens of people all telling you they have the ‘secrets’ in your email inbox every day.

It’s likely no one has ever sat down with you, and explained how all these pieces fit together. In this video, tell you what is and is NOT important to do well in this industry. Also, at the end I have an offer for you if you’d like to come to the Home Business Summit, and be trained live in person by myself, and my chosen experts of the industry.


Matt and I will be both be speaking at the Home Business Summit

11 thoughts on “Advice I Wish Someone Had Given Me When I Started Internet Marketing”

  1. Wow, what a wealth of knowledge in this video. Great info in there for beginners. The sad thing is, a lot of it seems like common sense to me now, but it took me YEARS and many dollars to figure it out!

    I wish I had someone I trusted sit down and give me this message years ago.

    Thanks for sharing, John!

  2. instafamous says:

    Great video. Thanks for sharing. ^_^

  3. 2 hours of goodies! Nice to know we can always get good stuff out of JC’s blog. More pls …

  4. faisal says:

    This is going to help big time.

  5. Sunday says:

    Thanks John for sharing another great webinar that could motivate newbies. Its always fund learning of new events for Internet marketers. I will keep to heart the date for the Home Business Summit!
    I have shared this comment in where this post was found.

    Sunday – contributor

  6. Lee says:

    Great stuff John. It’s always important to remind newbies as well as category 2 people like myself, that anything and everything that is worth learning takes time, just like learning a second language, a musical instrument, or an undergrad.

    Probably one of the most frustrating obstacles, aside from every distraction on the internet competing for your attention, is weeding through the crap of “how tos” that don’t work in order to find the one thing that DOES work, and then trying to trouble shoot with new software installations that need other plugins, and costs money that you don’t have yet, stalling everything in the process, and a task that should only take 10min to do ends up taking 5 hours. Not what most people want to sign up for.

    When this happens, and it will, it’s important to step back and have another look at the principals of making money – anywhere – and the different ways of selling that worked so well offline for hundreds of years. The internet is a tool to LEVERAGE traditional techniques that have always worked. The principals of selling don’t change that much just because it’s on the internet. Building trust, relationships, and being truly authentic and transparent while building your list, still hold true on the internet.

  7. I. C. Daniel says:

    Always tough to start making money online.

  8. floriefe may says:

    Remarkable video John!
    Yes indeed others would neglect every chance that a rookie can deal with. I mean few are just paying attention that is why some have to spent dollars before they even realize what was missing and how they can generate good results with their labor.

  9. ken murika says:

    A great information in the right time, I am new in internet marketing and this has come in the right time. Thanks

  10. Roman says:

    Hi John,

    Thank you for sharing this great video. The best part for me was “gun to your head attitude”. I’ll try to implement it asap.

    Best wishes.


  11. Vlad says:

    Thank you John for sharing the great post. This will help me a lot. I will try to use your methods in my work.

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