Affbuzz and Offerbuzz Tools for Affiliate Marketers

As you may have already noticed, the Internet doesn’t exactly sit idly by as you sleep in your bed or enjoy your morning coffee. It is a very dynamic space that is constantly being updated and changed. How can you keep up with everything, particularly in the realm of making money online? What’s “hot” now could be “not” tomorrow.

Well, the subject of today’s review is meant to help you out in that regard. Affbuzz describes itself as “a popular affiliate marketing news and blog aggregator.” It also comes with another feature that could come in handy for all the Internet marketing folks in the audience.

All Your Internet Marketing News in One Place

Looking for fancy graphics? Embedded videos? Well, you’ll want to look elsewhere. purposely offers a stripped down interface that “takes most of the top blogs in the affiliate marketing space… and lists their most recent posts all on one single page.”

If you’re expecting to customize the Affbuzz homepage with some of your favorite blogs, you can’t do that. If you’re expecting to get excerpts from the blog posts, you won’t get that either. The people behind do that for you, leaving very little to you in terms of customization.

For my part, I don’t really see how is all that much better than using a more standard RSS aggregator like Google Reader. At least with Google, I can choose which blogs I want to subscribe to and I can, if the feed allows, read either the full content or the excerpts as provided by the blog owners. If you want the “single page” look, you can opt for an iGoogle custom homepage.

What Blogs Are Included?

One of the good things about this affiliate marketing news aggregator, if nothing else, is that it can introduce you to a number of informative blogs in the Internet marketing space that you may not otherwise know. That said, the majority are already fairly prominent in this niche and will likely be familiar to people who have been reading them for some time.

Not surprisingly, John Chow dot Com made the cut and you can find it about halfway down the main page of Other noteworthy blogs that you’ll find listed include Ad Hustler, Blam Ads, Nicky Cakes, Shoemoney, Andrew Wee, Uber Affiliate, and Clickbooth Blog . You can also suggest a site if you don’t see one of your favorites included.

For each, you can read the titles of the last ten posts or so. You can hover over the post titles to get the first sentence or two, but you’ll need to click through to read the full posts. From the standpoint of a business model, this sounds like would go against Affbuzz, since they’re directing people away from their own site.

Offerbuzz to Search for Affiliate Offers

While I’m not sold on the utility of the main Affbuzz affiliate news aggregator, I do think the secondary Offerbuzz tool is useful.

Offerbuzz is an affiliate marketing offer search engine, allowing you to sift through over 37,000 offers from over 100 different affiliate networks. This can be a real time saver, since you don’t have to search through each of the individual networks to find the offers that best suit your target demographic.

You can search for your target keywords through all networks or you can search individual networks. It would have been useful if the site included the option to search multiple networks, through the form of checkboxes, so that you can ignore the networks where you don’t have an account. As it stands, you have the ability to see the offer, network, payout, and offer type, as well as preview the landing page.

Part of the Affiliate Marketing Mix

The developers behind Affbuzz may have started with a pretty good idea, but it’s hardly original. By simply aggregating several RSS feeds in one location, they really don’t bring anything new to the table. The lack of customization and full feed RSS access hurts too. Offerbuzz, although not terribly original either, can be a lot more useful for people looking for affiliate offers to promote. It’s not there yet, but it has potential.


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      Another awesome news aggregator site, if you’re into the domaining industry, is domaining dot com.

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