Affiliate Summit West 2010 – Welcome To Las Vegas!

Las Vegas

I’ve just touched down on Las Vegas for the 2010 Affiliate Summit West! For the next few days, I’ll be networking and partying it up with the who’s who of the affiliate marketing world. If you see walking around the show floor or at any of the parties, make sure you come up and say hi! I would love to meet you.

The Affiliate Summit is the biggest affiliate convention in the world and the 2010 edition should be the biggest one yet. While the rest of the world is still struggling to come out of a recession, the affiliate industry is partying like it’s 1999. The industry is expect to post record earnings this year and if you’re not part of it, then you’re missing out on some major bucks.

While I’m in Las Vegas, I’ll be bringing you all the sights and sounds of the ASW. Tonight, I have a dinner party with Market Leverage and an affiliate poker tournament to attend. I hope to meet Shoemoney in the final table so I can school him in the art of bluffing. Either that or he’ll call and I’ll lose it all. Viva Las Vegas!

23 thoughts on “Affiliate Summit West 2010 – Welcome To Las Vegas!”

  1. Kerwin says:

    Thanks John. I have to see it through your eyes this time around. I’m looking forward to your updates. It was great to meet you at blogworld.

  2. No deposit says:

    It’s a pity that I can’t be there 🙁

    1. I can’t be there, too. All what I want is I can get to know something from ah ah

      1. This is the start of a huge party!

  3. chester says:

    Boy do I wish I were there. Have an awesome time. Hey John, you spelled affiliate wrong.

  4. I want planning to go Affiliate submit but didn’t got chance in the draw.

    I always think that what happens in affiliate submit but one day I have to go there and understand more about affiliate marketing.

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  5. Wish I was 21, heard it makes Vegas a lot better.

  6. Scott Short says:

    John? Will you still be there on the 21st? The Sahara offered me 3 free nights that weekend. At the time of my reservation, I didn’t know there was an ASW. Enjoy.

    1. John Chow says:

      No, I am flying home on Monday night.

  7. S Ahsan says:

    Looking forward to be there.. Get some awesome videos when you can 🙂 … this is going to be sweeeet

  8. Bojan says:

    Oh man. I wish I live in Vegas so I can attend this event. Ever thought of coming on the East Coast John ?

  9. Just remember John, card counting is illegal!

    1. John doesn’t need to card count or even play cards, he makes enough with his blog.

  10. Remember folks – Whatever Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas! – hahahahahahah – I think we will get a carefully censored version of events……hahahahahahah

  11. Wilson Usman says:

    Good stuff bring us back some good info for us that can’t go there yet I will be there next year for sure I am going to work my butt off this year I am excited..

  12. mmo says:

    This is the real party of the town, I m j.

  13. Tyler says:

    Oh gawd… so what’s where Pauly Shore went to die.. Vegas?? (shows he’ll be there july 10th in the photo)

  14. That pic at the top is one of the most famous signs in all of Vegas.

  15. Have a great time out there, and we’d love to see some pictures of all the parties!

  16. Waiting for report John!

  17. Scott Short says:

    First of all, the blackjack win was really cool. Anyway, after the summitt, I was there invited by the Sahara to stay 3 nights free and enter a slot tournament. Places were 6th-45th got $100. 1st – 5 obviously got more. My wife got 29th. I got 7th. Although happy to receive $100 free, it was somewhat disappointing to get so far and 2 away from the big money. Oh well, they sent me more free hotel rooms.

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