Affiliat Summit West – Rubbing Elbows & BBQ

On the last day of Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, we got together with some fellow bloggers and affiliate marketers at Rub BBQ. I was looking forward to trying this place out to see how it compared to the Memphis Blue in Vancouver. The answer is it didn’t compare. As as matter of fact, it wasn’t even close. However, that was OK because we were there to rub elbows and not BBQ.

Our group was so big that the restaurant needed two tables to seat us. The BBQ was a great place to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. Everyone had a great time and we’re looking forward to doing it again.

The real value of the Affiliate Summit is not the conference or the show itself. The true value of the show is in its relationship building aspect. I place a very high value on relationships and it’s the number one reason I attend industry trade shows.

The Attendees


Paul Bourque of Uber Affiliate, the team from AffSpy, myself and Greg Morgan. Mr Gary Lee tried to get into the pic as well. He was partly successful.


Mr. Gary Lee, Danny Chang, Mark Wielgus from 45n5, Ian Fernando, Ms. Danielle, Andrew Wee, Reena and Zac Johnson.

The Rub BBQ Chopper

You got to love a chopper with a BBQ sidecar! However, I think it’s kinda hard to ride without a seat.



Mmmm, BBQ!




46 thoughts on “Affiliat Summit West – Rubbing Elbows & BBQ”

  1. Eastwood says:

    looks like someone’ll be gaining a few pounds there 😛

    1. Syed Balkhi says:

      lol yeah i am noticing that too 😉

      1. John will have to hit up the gym.

  2. Chetan says:

    Hmmm the food looks delicious lol..
    And yeah Eastwood, pounds rolling on there.

  3. Wow i wish i could of went this year, looked really fun i hope you enjoyed yourself!

  4. Linky Love says:

    Hi Mr. JC, why don’t you team up with Mrs. JC me:
    I would love to promote something as a giveaway from your end or like an AffSpy T-shirts and Tops giveaway?

  5. Mmmmm. that looks good! 🙂

  6. note to self – try Memphis Blue again.

  7. Looks like you all had a great time. The food looks good, too.

  8. hey chow great finally meeting you! too bad I was not able to get a real interview and not a picture to picture interview as i did prior =P – but I will definitely talk to you soon and I know I will see you around – again great meeting you and learning from you

  9. Kacper says:

    Your posts with dining pictures always make me feel hungry. I need to check my frige. Don’t wait for me…. 👿 g

  10. After we can speak about ❗

  11. Tom Beaton says:

    Looks pretty great! Big fan of BBQ food myself. Who isnt?

    1. I use to be a big fan till i had a bbq challenge… Two of us ate a platter for four. I haven’t gone for BBQ since then. 🙄

  12. I used to love BBQ, but since I became a 90% vegan a few years ago all that meat isn’t that appealing any longer.

  13. JC, you are right. In any industry establishing relationship is the key.

  14. Paul says:

    Good times Johnnnnnnnnnnn.

    We’ll have to stay in touch.

  15. David Grace says:

    I just want the grill. BYOM (bring your own meat) and let’s build the relationships.

    That’s what I spend a great deal of my time doing at church – helping create environments for people to get connected. Then trying to reconnect the church into the community to develop its relationships there.

    It works the same for business. Great looking food..I mean great post. 😀

  16. Jim says:

    Now theres an all american meal, eh? heheh.
    You gotta dig the flames painted on the trailer… haha 😆

  17. Gary Lee says:

    like JC said . . the food wasn’t spectacular even though NY Times and USA Today said it was one of the Top 10 BBQ places in the country . . . I already know of 2 places in SoCal better than this place . . . no matter though . . good times and good talks . . . just the drive back to Hell-A was a nightmare!

  18. Robert says:

    Is that a polish sausage or a bratwurst?

  19. Kay says:

    Wow, the last pictures just make me hungry :]

  20. Mike Huang says:

    Affspy should really change their logos. From far away, it looks like “OFFSPY”. It even looks like that in the pic, but probably because I’ve never heard of them before. I’m sure others are the same.


  21. james says:

    I’m hungry 🙁 better eat something delicious.

  22. John –the BBQ looked good and so does the group. We did not get a chance to meet at ASW08, but it looks like we know some of the same people. Good post – Great Pics – Let’s meet up next time around.

  23. Rebecca says:

    I have to say, and not only should y’all take note but also anyone who owns or does advertising for restaurants: pictures of food never come close to looking as good as the real thing. There are only 2 things that don’t make me want to gag: the garlic bread in pic#2 and the pickles in pic#3. So if you’re marketing cooked food, don’t show pictures of it if you want people to buy it.

    Otherwise, wish I was there too.

  24. Nothin’ like a good ole BBQ!

  25. ms danielle says:

    it wasn’t bad, but Naples Rib Company in Long Beach is better. you should check it out if you ever come down to Los Scandalous… i mean, smell-A…

  26. ms danielle says:

    hmm i just noticed everyone is wearing either black or grey with the exception of mark. kinda like the dinner pic from bwe. why we so colorless?? lol

    1. RacerX says:

      Guys – BBQ – Mess -Dirty Clothes
      Black looks more clean 🙂

  27. Terry Tay says:

    Looks like a very nice friendly group of people to rub elbows with. I’m glad you had a great time, a great feast and thanks for sharing the pictures.

    That chopper is crazy cool!

    I’m getting hungry looking at that food though. You just had to post those now didn’t you. Please tell me that wasn’t all just for you. 😆


  28. RacerX says:

    Looks like a great time and ggod company. Sorry to have missed it.

  29. Mouth watering food items again

  30. David says:

    I definitely need to go with you to Memphis Blue next time I’m up your way.

  31. David Chew says:

    John you just keep eating and still looks the same.

  32. eathan says:

    Wow… that makes me hungry.

    1. Mayank Rocks says:

      I agree. That last pictures waters my mouth lol. Looks Tasty Roasted chicken :O

  33. Those pictures John, makes me so hungry all the time! 😀

  34. natespost says:

    I’m hungry for the food and hungry for the money. I WILL be there next year!

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