T-Shirt Contest Finalists – Who Should Win The $1,000?

I want to thanks everyone who entered the T-Shirt contest. We had a ton of great entries and has chosen the five finalists and now it’s up to Missy Ward, Zac Johnson, Murray Newlands and me to pick the grand prize winner. The big winner will receive $1,000 cash and $1,000 donated to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund in their name. Here are the five finalists.

Heather In BC
Affiliate By Night
Blog Fully
Stog Blog
Joe Tech

Please read over the entries and tell me who you think I should give the grand prize to. Thanks to for sponsoring this contest and thanks to everyone who entered. It’s been a lot of fun.

81 thoughts on “ T-Shirt Contest Finalists – Who Should Win The $1,000?”

  1. Diabetis says:

    I think that it should be Joetech.

    1. John Chow says:

      What made you like Joetech over the other entries?

      1. Diabetis says:

        I like the fact that he has put Haiti on his title.

        1. I think may be that is negative point as well … as he want to gain sympathy with Haiti word. (Applicable for as well )

          1. Clever marketing is clever marketing. He has recognised the value of a certain trend, and by associating with it has earned himself immediate brownie points.

          2. Joe Tech says:

            I put Haiti in the title to emphasize that they’re donating $1,000 to Haiti as well. Clever marketing, too. =)

    2. I didn’t get my t-shirt until the 19th πŸ™

      I still tried to carry out my plan for a post which was to head over the to River Rock Casino, try to convince one of the poker tables to let me set out a ton of these poker chips I had and have my wife video tape me bringing down the house. Of course, I would’ve given the shirt credit for the luck I was having.

      Unfortunately the casino would not cooperate with me and after the 20th I just couldn’t come up with another cool idea quick enough.

      Would have been funny if I were able to carry out my action as planned.

      1. John Chow says:

        That’s too bad. You might have won had you pulled it off.

  2. I pick HeatherinBC because I love her video and you can’t beat the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics! πŸ™‚

    1. Another one supporting Heather.

  3. My vote is for Heather In BC.. she has a great looking page design and friendly welcoming layout. Thanks Duane

  4. Oh no I didn`t know this opprtunity :((

  5. corrin says:

    I vote Heather – who else could work that shirt at an INTERNATIONAL event like her?!

    1. Heather you got really good support here.

  6. Daiv says:

    No offense, but none of those entries are even remotely creative.. Maybe once we find out what the criteria was used for judging, it’ll make more sense. But as it stands right now, I’m completely underwhelmed.

  7. my choice would be stogblog…..his presentation was hilarious……

  8. you thoughts on thin john

  9. April says:

    Yes Joe Tech because it’s the only one I understood !

  10. I vote for Heather!

    1. And your choice is the winner.


  11. My Choice is Affiliate By Night

    Simple and like this comment as well – β€œHey Everyone, make some space for the King to catch his flight!”

  12. browie says:

    Wait a second. Why is my post not in there? Mine is the best for sure.

    1. Diabetis says:

      Who are you?

      Obviously John doesn’t consider you since he doesn’t know you.

    2. John Chow says:

      If it was up to me, I would have chosen you as a finalist but picks the finalists. Zac, Missy, Murray and I just pick the winner.,

      1. browie says:

        Thanks John,

        @Diabetis – actually John and I have met.

  13. Ted Murphy says:

    I gotta vote for my girl Heather in BC

  14. John Raser says:

    I gotta go with my Canadian mother, Heather in BC!

  15. Steve says:

    I have to go with Blog Fully cause his girlfriend is a brick house.

    1. John says:

      The brick house owns BlogFully. It is Her site.

  16. Wow! Psyched that I am a finalist for this.
    Read through the other finalists entries and it’s a strong group for sure. Good luck choosing the winner, John, Missy, Zac and Murray!
    Hopefully it’s me, but either way everyone wins with free shirts and charitable donations.

  17. Heather in BC for sure!

  18. JustJulie says:

    I’m going with Heather. She always does such great things in the affiliate space and is active in her community doing fundraisers and helping others. She’s just an all around great person!

  19. Carolyn G says:

    I am voting for Heather. She is active inher community and is a great gal.

  20. Chef Patrick says:

    Heather in BC has my vote!!!

  21. Eileen says:

    I think Heather in BC should win. Good job doing this for your followers and Haiti!

  22. I’d say Heather In BC – she’s larger than life in the affiliate marketing community, and always a big help. Plus, I liked her entry and the tie-in with the Olympics.

    But for the record, I seem to be the only one that doesn’t like that shirt.

    Now, I am not going to pretend to be some fashion plate, but why is everybody crazy about this thing? Is it a joke and I am not in on it?

  23. fas says:

    I vote for stog blog for being hilarious.

  24. Christie says:

    It needs to Blogfully and not an insider that already has a foot in the door πŸ™‚

  25. I vote for Heather in BC!

  26. My vote goes to Affiliate By Night – Anyone who can turn a free t-shirt into a free drink has mad skills and deserves to win.

  27. The difference is like day & night. Affiliate By Night all the way. Even his girlfriend thought the shirt’ wasn’t so bad & anyone who gets the advantage going through airport security is a winner in my book.

  28. i vote affiliate by night i think it s rocks

  29. Beth says:

    The King shirt by Affiliate By Night rules!

  30. Dave says:

    I vote for Heather, she’s at the Olympics. Yeaaahhhh Heather!!!!

  31. Diana says:

    Affiliate by Night is the only choice for me!

  32. I opt for stog blog because of the sense of humour in his blog post. The from “zere to hero” pics made me smile πŸ˜‰ An dthe post itself? this guy is a natural story teller of the celtc style! SY

  33. renee says:

    I hope Barb at Blogfully wins because she’s my blog buddy πŸ™‚
    Yes, I know this is not a popularity contest but she is such an enthusiastic, contagiously happy person I’d like to see her have a reason to be even more so!
    Good luck to everyone, nevertheless!

  34. Katie Noddin says:

    I vote Affiliate by Night!

  35. so who have you decided on

  36. Hope Heather in BC wins because she’s spreading the affiliate love in Canada during the Olympics…unless Canada beats the US in Men’s Hockey, then all bets are off! πŸ˜‰

  37. John says:

    I would have to say Barb @ BlogFully for two reasons.

    1. They are the only ones with King & Queen shirts.

    2. Her idea to make Joker shirts for the kids is Just Too funny.

  38. Udi says:

    I vote for Heather!

  39. roger says: should win

  40. Bonnie says:

    I vote for Heather in BC!
    Olympic Fever baby!!

  41. It has to be Barb @ BlogFully!! I love what she does. Way to go Barb!! πŸ™‚

  42. Affiliate by Night-anyone who appreciates curling is a winner in my book!!

  43. I’m voting for Heather in BC because she’s always willing to share great info!

  44. Laurie says:

    Definitely Heather! Her video was so much fun, she’s authentic, and is a good friend and affiliate.

  45. Affiliate by night should win for sure – free drink? get through security faster? Where can I get one?

  46. Maximum vote is going in the favour of Heather.

    That is the main benefit of powerful community.

  47. Ben says:

    Affiliate by Night gets my vote, he seems like a real classy dude that has truly mastered the english language.

  48. Michael Wachniak says:

    Hands down my vote is for Heather! Rocking the shirt at the Olympics! She deserves gold!!! πŸ™‚ Go Canada!!

  49. Grit Becker says:

    I vote for Heather! Best photo! Deserves the win!

  50. William says:

    I vote Affiliate by Night. Anything that makes airport security easier ftw!

  51. Sarah says:

    I definitely vote for Heather! Go Canada!!!!

  52. Skimming through thew comments it seems like Heather has the edge here. I wonder how the audiences on the other blogs are feeling?

  53. I am lobbying for JoeTech to win. His website has been such an asset to my husband and I. We are both in the tech field ourselves. Oftentimes when we need further information about something, we’ll do a typical Google search. EVERY SINGLE TIME it has turned us to We finally stopped searching on Google first, and go to JoeTech before anything else!!

  54. XShot team says:

    I vote for Heather, she was GOLD at the Olympics…

  55. Greg says:

    I vote for Joetech. In response to people voting for H- the olympics are now over. Haiti still needs help. The marketing works well and Joetech is just awesome anyway.

  56. And the winner is Heather


  57. That’s a grand prize for me. πŸ˜€

  58. Heather In BC gets my vote.


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