Affiliate Dot Com Live! with Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins

Bob The Teacher

After a truly dreadful lunch, I’m back in the Affiliate Dot Com Live! conference for a session with Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins. Bob simplifies the complex world of internet marketing into easy to understand lessons for business owners around the world. Now a full time business coach, speaker, and internet marketing consultant, Bob is the author of the book, Take Action! Revise Later: A Simple Guide to Success in Business.

Bob started as a soul sucking high school teacher before discovering the Internet. One thing Bob learned from teaching was he loved teaching but didn’t like the fact that it was sucking his soul away. The Internet allowed Bob to leverage his teaching talents into a consistent $10,000 per month income.

The Secret To Getting Things Done

Bob is very good at helping people get things done. He says the biggest obstacle to your success is inaction. Nothing happens without action. Bob offered the following tips to help you get things done.

  • Investing in mentors’ brains and rolodexes
  • Set up or be part of a mastermind group
  • Take Action, Revise Later (TARL)
  • Have accountability partners

According to Bob, nothing can help you get things done more than by forming a mastermind group. It was Bob’s mastermind group that allowed him to go from zero to over $100,000 in eight months. Powerful thing can happen when like minded people get together.

8 Benefits of a Mastermind

  1. Faster list building
  2. More traffic to your products and services
  3. Get things done with accountability
  4. Generate new ideas to refresh your business
  5. Learn from others’ success and challenges
  6. Eliminate costly learning curve
  7. Share resources to save time and money
  8. Affiliate partnership and connections through each other sphere of influence.

The two most important things Internet marketers should work on is building their list and getting traffic. Bob shared his list building matrix, which I admit, is pretty ingenius. The maxtrix allows everyone in the mastermind group to get equal benefit and avoid the pitfalls of the typical collaboration cartel.

Bob ended his presentation with what he calls the Promotions Parade for mastermind groups. These are ten things that members of the mastermind group can do together to help each other increase the size of their list and build a lot of traffic.

The Promotions Parade

  1. Auto responder message exchange
  2. Thank you page exchange
  3. Co-host a pair of teleseminars
  4. Guest blog on another person’s blog
  5. Record a testimonial video
  6. Retweet campaigns
  7. Facebook stalking
  8. Recommend and endorse on LinkedIn
  9. Bookmark posts and sirte with OnlyWire
  10. Publish their YouTube videos

Bob pretty much reaffirmed my belief that success is a team sport. I did not get to where I am today all by myself. I had a team of people helped me along the way. Bob calls the team his mastermind group. I just call them the team but at the end of the day, they are the same thing.

8 thoughts on “Affiliate Dot Com Live! with Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins”

  1. Linda says:

    Coincidentally, I’m reading his book right now! Great stuff in it. He sure does know how to break the process down into little steps…and I really need to hear his “Take Action Revise Later” (TARL) implementation plan! Making $ happens by taking action, not just continuing to make something perfect!

    1. d3so says:

      Nothing happens without taking action. Many people waste their time planning and waiting until everything is perfect. The best thing to start and improve and your project progresses.

      1. Hey John,

        This report is very helpful indeed. The master mind group is definitely a good idea.

        I suggest you create a master mind group for those who purchased your course Blog Profit Camp.

  2. PPC Ian says:

    John, I am learning an incredible amount of knowledge from these write-ups! I feel like I’m at the conference. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Abhik says:

      Me too..
      Thanks to john for making me feel like I am there at the conference.

      Waiting for the highlights video.

  3. I should be there because not know even about the list building techniques in the case I have nothing important to give the subscribers.

  4. d3so says:

    I haven’t experienced what’s it’s like to have a mentor or be a part of a group. I’m interested in doing so. Please contact me if you have information.

    1. I’m sure many people will contact you if they are mentors.

      I thought that you bought Shoemoney’s product which included mentoring and a group.

      You are also reading this blog and you were even promoting John’s product Blog Profit Camp. There was a group there.

      Things like that abound and they all cost money.

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