Affiliate Dot Com Live! with Brian Koz

Brian Koz

The Internet is one giant lead generator and making money by generating leads was the topic by Brian Koz. You can generate a lot of money by generating leads for yourself or others and Brian used his session at Affiliate Dot Com Live! to give a ton of examples on how you can you make money with lead generation.

Many people think of lead generation as mailing list building but it really isn’t. You don’t even need a list to generate a lead. Brian went over the five ways you can make money online with lead generation. I’m pretty sure there are more than five ways but these were his five:

  1. Generate leads to sell your own product
  2. Generate leads for others (local business and service providers)
  3. Generate leads to rent or sell
  4. Generate leads for affiliate or CPA offers
  5. Find business and joint venture / affiliate partners

Brief Samplings of Real Business Ideas You Can Do with Lead Generation

  • Sell leads to real estate agents.
  • Use your eBay affiliate link for people looking to buy used stuff.
  • Become a middleman for website designers or other web service providers.
  • Team up with antique dealers and find rare items or hungry antique buyers/sellers.
  • Find clients for local businesses.
  • Start a reputation management business for politicians.
  • Team up with a job recruiter to search for hard to find resumes.
  • Use CPA offers for those looking into vacation or time shares.
  • Become an affiliate for high price point items.
  • Find leds for other companies/sellers to partner with or sell to.
  • Become a middleman for writers or writing sites.
  • Become a dating matchmaker and match up people with potential dates.
  • Find leads of car buyers (even hard to find cars) and sell to car sellers or take a percentage.
  • Find leads of related business to JV with.
  • Take a commission for matching up pool installers with those looking to get a new pool.

The above list should get you start if you want to try your hand at making money with lead generation. As a blogger, your goal should be to generate leads for your list. All the other businesses are cool and all but the ROI will always be higher when you generate leads for yourself instead of generating leads for other people.