Affiliate High Tech Takeover – Win An Apple iPad!

Direct Agents iPad Contest

My friends over at Direct Agent is holding an Affiliate High Tech Takeover this month and giving you a chance to win the brand new top of the line Apple iPad. The contest is being sponsored by 24 Hour Tax and Direct Agents and is open to all email, search and display advertising affiliates.

The timing is pretty good on this since we’re coming into tax time. I just sent the CRA a cheque for my 2009 income tax and millions will be doing the same in the next few months. Why not make some money on it by referring tax payers to 24 Hour Tax? You’ll make a nice commission and it could win you a new iPad as well. The contest starts today and goes until April 15.

Here’s How To Enter

  • Sign up for a Direct Agent account if you don’t already have one
  • Run the 24 Hour campaign on the Direct Agents Performance Network – Short Form Conversion!
  • The affiliate who generates the most leads by April 15th wins!
    • 1st Prize – Apple iPad, 64 GB/3G – The most anticipated tablet! Minimum of 750 leads
    • 2nd Prize – Flip Mino HD, 120 minutes, 2nd generation- The power of HD video in your pocket! Minimum of 500 leads
    • 3rd Prize – iPod Nano, 16GB, 5th generation – The newest model with built in video! Minimum of 350 leads

I like that Direct Agents is offering the top of the line 64GB with 3G iPad instead of the run of the mill $499 model. After all, if you’re going to give away an Apple product, you might as well give the highest end model. Good luck in winning it!

Enter the Direct Agents Affiliate High Tech Takeover

22 thoughts on “Affiliate High Tech Takeover – Win An Apple iPad!”

  1. chester says:

    Cool, they’re offering the top of the line model. I’d sign up for it if I thought I had a chance of winning it.

  2. This would be great if my blog had more traffic. πŸ™

  3. S Ahsan says:

    Sounds good to me John; i would be interested in the ipad only if they had a cam; darn rock . Havent heard about the direct agents. I am in the loop

    1. You have not heard about them … that’s why they are giving Ipad so that you can hear about them … lollzz

  4. sounds good to me, im going to give it try, i dont mind wining the apple ipad, i really want one now!

  5. I would enter, but I am not a fan of the iPad. Will definitely be checking out Direct Agent though, as I have not heard of them.

    1. Well I think this one is great gadgets and I am sure this is going to rock the world.

      I am sure in coming days apple is going to make changes in this.

    2. What? Not a fan of a free $499 electronics device?

  6. Wow iPad is not yet available and affiliate started to attract people with that.

    They really know pulse of people … lollzz

  7. Great way to get ipad i think.

  8. Sounds interesting! Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Now every news related to iPad is sounding interesting.

      Can not wait to see the review about iPad.

  9. Wow! Just in time, while Apple Ipad is still hot, this company is going to give it for free for the lucky affiliate…Best of luck!

  10. fas says:

    That is some competition man. But its only for the U.S citizens right?

  11. AgentJill says:

    The program is for US customers, but you don’t need to be a US Citizen to enter. Just apply to the Direct Agents Network and somebody will be in touch with you.

  12. In this post people (including me) is talking more about iPad than direct agent.

    They should change the gift so that people can focus on them.

    1. Yea, but you have to sign up with Direct Agent to get a chance to win the iPad.

  13. It would def be cool to win an iPad.

  14. I bet I could generate as much as 20 leads. But sadly I know that there are affiliate marketers out there that could drive hundreds.

    So I’ll just admire this offer at a glance and look forward to congratulating the winners πŸ™‚

  15. Togrul says:

    It is cool to have iPad handy, though it will be a tough competition

  16. What the? I just saw a similar post on Jonathan Volk’s blog… πŸ˜›


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    Sorry I had not know about you, after I knew was incredible.
    This is a moneymaker !
    Let the world be a super affiliate !
    I wait for the next post.

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