Affiliate Marketing: Choosing The Best Model For You

Choosing the affiliate marketing model that works for your site or blog can be tough. If you’re a publisher, you will need to weight pros and cons of CPM vs CPC vs CPA models to find which one will work for you and provide the best return for your site ad space. If you’re an advertiser, you’ll need to figure out which model will work for the type of product you’re trying to promote.

Each affiliate marketing business model offers different benefits and drawbacks. To help you decide which model will work best for you, Ace Affiliate has created the following handy “Affiliate Marketing: Choosing The Best Model For You” infographic.

You may remember Ace Affiliate from their two previous infographics. They were the ones who created the interactive Affiliate Review Report Card and Affiliate Marketing in Plain English chart. Affiliate Marketing: Choosing The Best Model For You completes the “trilogy.”

The newest infographic is very easy to understand and breaks down the pros and cons from both a publisher and advertiser’s standpoint. Hopefully, it will help you choose the best affiliate marketing model for your blog.

Best Affiliate Business Model

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27 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing: Choosing The Best Model For You”

  1. Brandon says:

    Interesting, easy to follow, as always.
    I just need to find more time to get more into Affiliate marketting! School is done in 6 weeks, then I am in full throtal!

  2. Wynne says:

    From an affiliate marketing point of view CPA looks like an interesting model. I see Pulse360 offering this type of thing for advertisers but I’ve never tested it.

    From an advertising point of view I find CPC to be the worst, because it is soooooo vulnerable to click fraud from several different angles.

    1. I still haven’t found one bullet proof method yet. Although I do like CPM.

      1. Free Picks says:

        Google adsense also pay for CPM, have you tried?

  3. Using a chart is not the best way to pick a model. Try as many different techniques as possible and find out which one(s) work best on your site. Always experiment; never take any one’s word about which would be best.

  4. Wess Stewart says:

    John, you should totally take that last image and set it up as an image map with your referral links…

    1. John Chow says:

      I should do that, shouldn’t I? I must be slipping!

      1. fas says:

        I was wondering the same, that how come John did not do that?

        1. Garen Thoms says:

          Probably he was in so much hurry he forgot to do that, but as to what he is saying, it is time consuming if you don’t know what you are doing.

          Garen Thoms

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  5. This is a handy little guide. Dispels the confusion of all the acronyms affiliate models.

  6. Diabetis says:

    I think that it depends on the kind of traffic that you are getting.

  7. Mathew Day says:

    Helpful little chart, it makes everything very clear. I am still experimenting with each affiliate marketing model. Hopefully I’ll finally learn what works best for sites.

  8. Brian says:

    This is a very helpful manual. It outlines each affiliate marketing mock-up.

  9. BIZZNURSE says:

    Well, New comers like me would like to opt for CPC as they look less on our rank. However, as our blog grows we will try to gain attention from advertisers. Thanks fro the advice..really learn from the charts, simple and yet comprehensive.

  10. I still haven’t found one bullet proof method yet. Although I do like CPM.

  11. This is a great breakdown of the pros and cons. Thanks for the informative post.

  12. Short, Sweet and informative posts I must say.

    Ace affiliates really knows ins and out of affiliate business very well.

  13. Free Picks says:

    Their CPM looking better to me, i would like to try them

  14. Felex Tan says:

    I will choose CPA because it is more reliable and quality.CPM is more on quantity but not quality, it boils down to what is your marketing objectives.Good luck

  15. I still haven’t found one bullet proof method yet. Although I do like CPM. anyways thanks for this post john 🙂

  16. Unlock Wii says:

    Easy to follow info graphic. Will embed in one of my make money online blogs.

    Thanks John



  17. Edgar says:

    Hey John chow

    how where you able to display the HTML code with out wordpress changing the code when you published it.

    I tried to display a html code before but it kept changing it.

  18. We are currently using the pepperjam network for marketing our Brother Toners product.

    Can you suggest an effective affiliate network?

  19. jtGraphic says:

    I like infographic posts more than wordy ones. They’re a much quicker read and get to the point faster. That being said, I think I’ve seen some pretty horrible ones too. They made it actually take longer…

  20. Sharninder says:

    Isn’t CPA better than CPM ? Most advertisers I’ve seen pay much more for CPA products than CPM.

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