Affiliate Marketing is a Booming Business


Hannes Johnson is a valued John Chow dot Com reader. You’ve probably seen him around these parts, commenting on John’s posts, maybe even sharing some of his online money making tips along the way. Realizing just how huge this audience is, Hannes saw that there was no better way to give his project a flood of exposure than by ordering a ReviewMe review from John. Well it worked, because he got me to take a nice long look at Affiliate Booby Traps, a site that I probably would have ignored otherwise.

Here We Go Again?

I’m sure you’ve seen these kinds of sites before: Ones that offer mounds of online riches, all with minimal effort on your part. Online surveys, e-books with money-making strategies… they all just seem so fishy, so shady. In Johnson‘s own words: “Let’s face it, people are inherently skeptical online… You see, one of the bad parts about internet marketing is that it attracts dishonest people. People whose only goal is to rip people off of their hard-earned cash.” Apparently Hannes doesn’t fall into this category.


It’s this kind of up-front honesty that almost makes me want to believe Hannes. It also helps that he has a fairly prominent presence on John Chow dot Com, so I’m a little more inclined to buy into what he’s offering: an intriguing way to make money online. Is it evil? 😈 Perhaps, but it’s perfectly legal and absolutely genius. As you can guess for the name of the website, they’re affiliate booby traps.

What Are Affiliate Booby Traps?

Even according to John, one of the best ways to make money online is not necessarily through direct ad sales or through contextual ads like Google Adsense. Affiliate marketing is where it’s at, especially when your site has a very specific niche. The problem with these CPA (cost per action) type ads is that it can sometimes be tough convincing people to click on them, let alone convincing them to follow through and actually buy something. That’s where Hannes’ affiliate landmines come into play.

He teaches you a variety of strategies and provides you with a huge supply of different software that will help you optimize your affiliate marketing income. Site visitors will stumble across these “affiliate booby traps” and that’s when you attack them, so to speak, when they are most vulnerable, when their defenses are at their lowest. After you sign up for a bunch of these affiliate programs and you set up them up in the best possible way (as Hannes explains it), you just might start receiving cheques (checks) in the mail from sources that you have long since forgotten. That was exactly the case with a few people that used Hannes’ special strategies.

There are three types of affiliate landmines:

  • Land Mines You Set: One of the best examples of this is to customize the 404 page on your website. This way, instead of getting a page that just reads “Page not found”, you hit your visitor with an “exclusive offer” that they just can’t refuse.
  • Land Mines You Give Away: People like free things. By getting your site visitors into a comfort zone, offering them something valuable for free (e.g., an instructional video), they are more inclined to trust you. Intertwine your free offer with affiliate landmines and site visitors are more likely to “trip” on the latter.
  • Land Mines You Sell: Selling one e-book is fine and dandy, but what if you promoted your other (related) products in that same e-book. After all, if someone bought your first e-book, they’re very likely to buy similar items from you. The conversion rate is incredible.


A Ticking Time Bomb

I have a strong feeling that affiliate marketing may become bigger than contextual ads in the near future. It can be much more lucrative, because each person you convert results in huge income relative to CPC. I wouldn’t say that the affiliate booby traps are “tricking” visitors to your site into buying things, but it certainly helps with the conversion rate. If you’ve got more questions, check out the FAQ they have set up on the site. I think the main page is a little hard to follow (it’s very long copy) and it would be nice to have a more concise “what we are” or “what we offer” kind of explanation. Then again, this might be part of his sales plan.

You get tons of knowledge, training, support, and products from Affiliate Booby Traps, so you should be able to make the $19.95 back you pay each month, but if you’re still not sure, they have a promotion going on right now that gives the first 300 members a 30 day trial for just a dollar. Not to mention that he has a whole whack of information regarding things like choosing a host, designing your site, submitting it to search engines, how to use your blog as a marketing tool, and so much more. It’s a complete marketing and monetization solution.

I’d say it’s worth a shot.