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In a world powered by plastic, it can be difficult selecting the best credit card for the job. Some give you reward miles, others have a low acceptance threshold, others still may provide you with unlimited spending. If the concept behind sounds familiar, that’s because I did a ReviewMe of a very similar site earlier this month. Is this one any better? In some ways, yes it is.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Much like that other credit card site, outlines a wide range of different credit cards spanning all sorts of genres and banks. They’re organized by a variety of categories like gas credit cards, student credit cards, and even poor credit credit cards. And just like before, each and every “apply now” link is an affiliate link, making money for the people behind

There are a few key differences, however, that set this money making scheme apart. For starters, the main page actually has “real” content with a 200-word introduction into what the website is all about. It starts with a brief commentary about how credit cards are obligatory in today’s society — renting a car, getting a hotel room, making online purchases, etc. — and then it goes to tell you how you can search for just the right card to suit your needs. It almost sounds noble, but we all know that this site is clearly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They’re just after the affiliate dollars, after all.

Someone Needs a Freelance Writer

So, while it’s a good thing that the people behind Credit Card Deposit went through the trouble of creating some semi-quality content that might actually be useful — they even created an About Us page, though it really says nothing about the actual people behind the site — the content isn’t written all that well. Maybe I’m just a little nit-picky, but when I started making my way around the website, I discovered a significant amount of grammar and spelling mistakes.


Let’s leave style points aside for just a moment. The tagline in the main banner even has a simple capitalization error. It reads “Dozens of Credit Card Applications, complete Online Credit Resource Center.” An elementary school student can tell you that the word “complete” in that statement should be capitalized. Basic things like this really take away from the otherwise professional appearnace of Credit Card Deposit.

On the main page, there are a few things that need to be corrected or rewritten. In the first paragraph, it says that “you can always print an online order form and mail your order with a check or money.” That’s just poorly worded. By switching the ending to “with cash or a check”, the statement would flow a little better. There’s also punctuation mistakes: “Not everyone however can qualify for credit.” Am I a grammar nazi? I don’t think so. I don’t have too much of an issue when John goofs on this blog, but the credit card site should portray a certain level of professionalism. And spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors just won’t do.


That’s a Lot of Credit

Browsing through the dozens of different credit cards is pretty easy, especially with the convenient categories listed on the side. You can also sift through the selection based on the issuing bank. For each credit card entry, there are a series of bullet points that highlight the key features, and then there is a summary at the bottom that outline the introductory APR, regular APR, annual fee, and so on. But wait, there’s more.

When you click through on just about every credit card on the site, you are given a nice long review of what the card is all about. The American Express SimplyCash Business Card, for example, got an overall rating of 4/5 and a benefit rating of 5/5. The review goes on to describe the most and least attractive features, as well as any additional perks the card may have. This is a lot of information, and it might actually be useful for someone shopping for a new credit card.

All in all, I can say that I am reasonably pleased with what has accomplished with the simple design, level of content, and variety of cards. To improve the professionalism of the site, though, I’d advise them to revise the actual written content.

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  1. First comment! πŸ™‚

    I agree that correct spelling and grammar is a fundamental aspect of creating a professional site.

    Evil plug:


    1. Kumiko says:

      You’re 100% on the money here Mr Kwan! Any “professional” site related to money that contains spelling/grammar errors should be avoided. If they really made money, they’d be able to afford a freelance writer.

      Perhaps you should offer your services?

      1. Yes you are right Kumiko, a freelance writer, or get a grammar teacher πŸ™‚

        1. Louiss says:

          Well, most of bloggers need to get a grammar teacher? hahaha πŸ˜€

    2. I think spotting grammatical and spelling errors in personal blogs (sometimes even technical blogs…it depends on the readers really), is forgivable. Although it would be nice to have as little of them as possible no matter what kind of web content business you have. It makes your site look professional AND trustworthy, especially if you’re selling goods or services.

  2. Swapw says:

    Nice card, I think the 5% on gas & wireless phone bills is a pretty sweet deal considering they are crediting it to you automatically every month. No stupid points, pretty cool in my opinion.


  3. Swapw says:

    Oops…forgot, did I mention American Express? They’re a great company.


  4. wow, reviewme seems to do a great service to you john. the orders just pour in. I wish it could happen to me real soon

    1. Yeah me too! We just have to keep working at it and we’ll get there. Well…. we’ll get somewhere near the ballpark. πŸ˜†

  5. well, for the ones that order a review with you definitely get their money’s worth.
    i thought reviewme require each post of 200 words minimum but you always give a lot more than that

    1. And also good comments, about the site, saying good I mean useful for the site owner, if you have tell that something is wrong you put write it down, but that is what is good for them.

  6. 😈

    Then I guess the typo “appearnace” is deliberately there to make a point!

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      I noticed that right away too! Either deliberate, or quite a funny placement for a typo.

  7. John, it seems to me that wherever you put your finger, it turns gold. From linkbaiting to the now top commentator thing, where did you learn that magic

    1. Maybe we should call him John Midas ?

    2. John’s a dot com mogul AND an online alchemist…interesting. 😈

    3. Well I hope he puts his finger on my blog!…I would really appreciate it John…honestly I think it is just because he is a Great Guy

  8. john, can you tell me why there are lines across some comments, sometimes even your own adsense ads?

    1. Steve Yu says:

      yes, I noticed this too. Wondering why is this line appeared? ❓

      1. Shaun Carter says:

        I think it has something to do with the Misty wordpress theme, because I notice it on other sites that use the same theme.

  9. john, have you noticed that your blog post ratings are pretty low for each and every one of them? you write some good stuff but rarely do i see a post with a rating higher than 4.
    is that because your readers envy the success you’re having?

    1. Maybe he should take the rating plugin out ..

    2. And I am sure that even if they qualify as a bad post, they use the info there πŸ™‚

      1. I never pay attention to the rating, I skim read the article and if it looks interesting I read it fully.

        1. Truthfully, I never paid attention to it either; ratings can be good quantifiers/ego-boosters, but they don’t explicitly determine the quality of an article.

  10. michael, instead of a reviewer, you become a teacher now.

    1. Steve Yu says:

      Students : Good Morning, Mr Micheal!
      Micheal : ❓ ❓ ❓

  11. Ryan says:

    Am I the only one who finds it funny that, while bashing a site’s grammar, the review itself is riddled with spelling and grammar errors?

    Much like that other credit card site, outlines…

    …otherwise professional appearnace of…

    There’s also punctuation mistakes…

    My reworded version of Mr. Kwan’s “disclaimer” – Am I a grammar nazi? I don’t think so. I don’t have too much of an issue when John goofs on this blog, but the PAID ReviewMe reviews should portray a certain level of professionalism. And spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors just won’t do.

    I’m not trying to be a jackass about this and I certainly don’t think it’s remotely reasonable to go back and correct the grammar errors on other posts on this site. To spend most of a paid review critiquing grammar and spelling without taking the time to critically proofread, however, is just plain poor service.

    Thanks for keeping comments open so I have yet another way to waste time on a Sunday morning! πŸ˜†

    1. Ryan says:

      my bad…
      No error in the first example. I misread it. 😳

      Even my house is glass in this never-ending example!

  12. kumiko, you’re making a valid point here. maybe the people behind the website thinks they’re doing a great job themselves, what’s point of wasting money; maybe they’re using a writer, it’s just that he/she is not as good as Michael, that’s why he/she can’t write for john

  13. Shaun Carter says:

    Wow, 7 out of the first 10 comments are from one person… I guess they are taking that Top Commentators post from the other day to heart.

    1. Steve Yu says:

      Yes, look like people are seriously want to get a spot as top commentators. Evil….evil…. and Evil just like John!!! 😈

  14. Yeah, It’s nicer than the earlier one. Maybe I’ll go for a new student credit card.

  15. Someone is definitely after the top commentators spot!…tough competition…there are plenty of other blogs with higher Pr ranking that are less competitive to get in…but I will leave that for me to know!…lol

  16. Steve Yu says:

    shouldn’t have grammar mistake, it may effect the reputation of a company itself. Always watch out for it. :mrgreen:

  17. Hustler says:

    credit cards are my friends. Use it for the 0% promo. 😈

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      I am doing the same thing currently. Carry a several thousand dollar balance on a 12-month 0% offer and bank the money I would use to pay it off at ING. Of course I always have enough cash to pay off the entire balance on my credit cards. I don’t believe in paying interest every month!

  18. Mystery says:

    Grammar mistakes and typos are two things, most people fall for, that uglifies websites.

    I personally find grammar mistakes somehow more offending in someway. That’s why it’s advisable to re-read your post before clicking on the submit or “post” button.

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  19. Wow it’s a good thing that they got a review from you. Those grammatical errors can’t be good for their conversion rate, it makes them look very ‘mom and pop’.

  20. Court says:

    Does anyone else think it’s funny that almost half of the comments that make fun of bad grammer contain bad grammer? πŸ˜†

    1. Steve Yu says:

      yes, including yours one! Cheer… πŸ™‚

    2. I have definitely noticed…like I’ve mentioned in an older post, you can’t rely on automated spelling and grammar checks because they themselves aren’t infallible. However, it would be wise to use them anyway — just pay a little bit of attention to those red underlined words…it’s a start. πŸ™‚

  21. Yes it could use a lot of work! On the other hand they do have a nice spot on your blog πŸ˜†

  22. wow … you caught alot on this one John … they might have had a few babies from writing their content … LOL

  23. The rating feature is interesting. It’s good to know what other users think about a product before you buy it.

  24. Eric says:

    Fortunately for the designer of this web page… the people who it is probably aimed at (college kids) won’t notice the mistakes on the page, or won’t care. As a college student myself, I could care less if there’s a typo in the header, if a good service is offered, then I’ll use it! Shame on this person for taking advantage of college kids need to spend MONEY!!! haha, good review though.

  25. MySpace API says:

    How does it benefit the site owner to advertise here? Isn’t it the wrong audience?

  26. I wonder if anyone on the blog reading is signing up through the cards, and making that affiliate money back.

    What $50 per pop on those affiliate programs!

  27. Amanda says:

    There are so many of these websites that have been around for awhile people are acting like this is a new niche. 😐

  28. blogdinero says:

    that referall way seems good, even the link to affiliate program works slow

  29. Eric says:

    At $50 a pop it doesn’t take much to make a nice little salary from a site like this.

  30. blogdinero says:

    John now sale credit cards, not only baby clothes, jeje

  31. Man I can’t get any credit card…my credit has been destroyed at a young age..that’s is why I have always depended on my hustle and determination to get me by….so I will definitely pass on this site!

  32. uncle sha says:

    everytime i see the word ‘credit card’ online, i’ll turn a blind eye

    I’ve seen to many of my friends got in debt over credit card payment which snowballed

    but the review is kinda compelling as there’s an array of perks from various credit card companies

    1. Credit cards are dangerous if you don’t have the discipline of not spending more than you earn.

  33. all credit cards are bad. it forces you to buy something you don’t really need and end up paying debts.(more credits)

  34. A credit card company? Huh… Don’t know that this is a proper audience. Credit Cards suck!

    -Sam from

  35. John says:

    Be sure to look at the fine print! There are many websites that have great credit card deals. Be sure to look at the details after their big headline print! If it makes sense for you, go for it (especially the cash back ones!)

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