Affiliate Summit East – Meet The Networks

Here’s a video featuring some of the affiliate networks I talked to during my walk of the Affiliate Summit East show floor. With over 100 companies on the floor, it’s impossible to feature them all. Therefore, I’ve limited the video to networks that I personally know and had dealt with.

I asked each network to give me a 30 seconds elevator pitch on what set their network apart and why you should join them. Some exceeded the 30 seconds and some took less than 10. Which network do you think gave the best pitch?

19 thoughts on “Affiliate Summit East – Meet The Networks”

  1. Sorry! says:

    First 😯

    1. I thought the last guy said, “It’s the elevator, bitch!”, until I played it back. lol

  2. Joey Burdick says:

    Sounds like some of them don’t know what to say 😀

  3. Collin LaHay says:

    AffSpy and MarketLeverage had the best elevator pitches.

  4. Justin Chelf says:

    Maybe cxdigital since I was standing right beside you ! haha

  5. amirulcyber says:

    Thanks john for this info. 😆

  6. Market Leverage rocks

  7. Market Leverage had the best pitch. He got right to the point of what the company is about & what the possibilities are. No BS.

    1. Oh & it helps that the guy from Market Leverage & the one from CX Digital are hot. I bet there are some ladies that were sold by their pitches!

      1. cs says:

        In the left bottom corner of the Market Leverage is really pretty. Check her out!
        Contentwise I like the Market Leverage was the best.

  8. Geiger says:

    NeverBlue ads are the most honest and energetic network out there not to mention that their interface might be the best!

  9. John Startup says:

    Nice post, will join the meeting nex time

  10. Sharif says:

    😛 Thanks for the very helpful post. It was a great summary and helped greatly with my decision to choose an affiliate network!

  11. Lots of ad networks! I think ML had the best pitch.

  12. CX had the best pitch on the floor when i met them…then again, their female manager staff were pretty easy on the eyes, and Id probably listen if they were selling dog food. haha

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