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Affiliate Summit West 2012 – Shoemoney Keynote

written by John Chow on January 25, 2012


The closing keynote of Affiliate Summit West Las Vegas was delivered by my good friend and enemy (frienemy?) Jeremy Schoemaker of The keynote would be Shoe’s 50th presentation and his last.

I actually recorded the entire presentation and was going to process it with Shoe’s slides, but had to scrap the idea when I found out that recording of any Affiliate Summit sessions were not allowed (this is why the other ASW session videos were removed). Shoe went and got special permission to make the presentation available. He then had a member of his staff processed the video with the slides. That saved me a lot of work.

You can see me with my iPhone video setup at the start of the video. Enjoy the keynote. It is well worth watching. Shoe did a great job on it.

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