Affiliate Summit West Highlights

Ask The Experts

Ask the Experts gives an opportunity for merchants, networks and affiliates to ask questions about various specialties and issues. Each expert sits at a table and attendees sit (or stand if there are no more seats) and ask the expert about the topic at hand.

The topics range from alternative payments to global affiliate marketing. The most packed table was lead by John Hasson. It was standing room only around his table. He talked about PPC search engines.


The Affiliate Summit Show Floor

The show floor offered over 200 booths to explore. Any company that had anything to do with affiliate marketing was there. The most unusual affiliate program has to be The Ashley Madison Agency. Their motto is “Life is short, have an affair.” The agency helps married people find other people (married or single) to fool around with.




Super Affiliate Strategies That Work

Kris Jones of Pepperjam told me that our session would be a sellout and he was right. The back of the room was standing room only. The session started with the me, Zac and Amit introducing ourselves and then with Kris asking each of us a question. Then the mic was open for a Q&A from the audience.

Eighty percent of the questions went to Amit Mehta because he was the PPC expert and the audience was on some kind of PPC bent. It reminded me of the Ask the Expert session, where people were jammed around the PPC search engine table while the other tables were barely filled. I had a good time and I think the session went very well.




Super Affiliate Lunch

After our session, Amit and I went for lunch with Joel Comm and Andrew Wee (plus 15 other people). I received some awesome advice from Joel on how to increase the value of my brand. It’s the kind of advice that people would pay thousands of dollars for and Joel gave it to me for free! Awesome guy.


34 thoughts on “Affiliate Summit West Highlights”

  1. Hector says:

    Thanks John, do you think that sometime you could write a post about the advice yo got from Joel Comm? Maybe you could share a tip or two for the rest of us that couldn’t be there.

    1. LUCKY! I wanted to sit with Joel and his friends and all you guys for lunch!! nice that you get to conversate with him and all his success, hey john BTW where are teh lunch picture food snappin? Wanted to see what you guys had =P

  2. It was an excellent summit pal! Notice how all the bigshots seem to be CANADIANS! Canadians are starting to run things on the internet! Anyways, one thing I learned at the summit, don’t have too many projects on the go, focus on one and build from there! I am therefore now selling all of my domain names on Ebay, including…click on my link to see my auction! I love the Affiliate Summit parties! I even met Zac Johnson! I’m pumped!!!

    1. Krsto says:

      Take it easy…

  3. John,

    Do you plan on attending the next conference in Boston?

  4. If i got the chance i will surely love to attend this events

  5. Trevor says:

    Looked liked a great event. I would love to go if I could 🙁

  6. You looked quite out of place at the Affiliate Strategies seminar, which really didn’t help when you described yourself as a blogger.

  7. Terry Tay says:

    It looks like it was a very successful affiliate summit. I’m glad your session was a sellout. Interesting that PPC was the subject most were ineterested in.

    That affiliate program for matching up married people with others is strange to say the least. It would be even stranger if those that used the service bumped into their significant other while searching for their affair.


  8. Syed Balkhi says:

    good stuff perhaps you should share some of the advice 😉

  9. Thanks for the posts on the summit John… It really looked like fun and informative… Hope you didn’t loose too much cash at the gaming tables !!

  10. Joel Comm says:

    Hey John,

    It was great to finally meet you face-to-face. You ARE tall, dude! 😉

    It was also a pleasure to enjoy lunch with you, Amit, Andrew and the rest of the crew. I’m planning on pinging you next week to continue our discussion.

    Check out my comments on Jason Calacanis’ keynote.

    I will also have some photos from the Summit to post soon. Great time!


    P.S. – you spelled my name “Com” in your post. … add another “m” please! :mrgreen:

  11. Mike Huang says:

    Some of the top names there. Although you’re so darn evil, I do congratulate you for your success 🙂


  12. David Chew says:

    So many people attended the program, sure does look good. :mrgreen:

  13. Juan Burton says:

    John Chow, Joel Comm and Andrew Wee. WOW Great team right there. hehe 😮 everyone is amazed how tall u are. Shouldn’t you be playing and slam dunking in the NBA?
    Hope you enjoyed yourself. I know you did.

    Best Wishes,
    Juan Burton

  14. Azrael says:

    I hope that someday I could join you on an affiliate summit. You’re one of my idols!

  15. wisdom says:

    Looks like a good time. I’ve never heard of Joel Comm before, yet he gave you good advice, hah.

  16. Robert says:

    I am so new to all of this. I still can’t fathom that there are summits for affiliate marketing. This is amazing. Great work, John. I wish I could have been there. Knowledge is one of the keys to success.

  17. Mitch says:

    Half the guys on the panel were trashed by Jon in that Wicked Fire thread.

    1. Franco says:

      Haha. Like anyone cares what those losers think! 😈

  18. PPC and ways to increase my brand, two things I could definitely work on. Wish I could lhave been there. Maybe you can share some tips when you get back.

  19. The Ashley Madison Agency – Gotta be pretty scummy to run a company like that or be one of their affiliates.

  20. Hey John, it’s called a belt – Get one. :mrgreen:

  21. Tom Beaton says:

    I have heard nothing but good reviews about that session. Shame the questions were not more spread out. Perhaps PPC should have a session of its own.

  22. Bloggerking says:

    SO all the affiliate kings met with each other 🙂

    1. Mayank Rocks says:

      Yes. A great party it seems. And John got free advice from Joel Comm aswell :mrgreen:

  23. Some great pictures you took of the Summit!

    That will give us all a nice impression of the Summit, especially for those people who didn’t have the change to visit.

    1. Krsto says:

      Yeah, especially for those of us who live in Serbia! 👿

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