Affiliate with SEO Experts and Make Money

If you’ve been spending some time on the Internet learning about how to make money online, then you’ve probably discovered that there can be some good money in search engine optimization. However, not everyone is particularly knowledgeable or skillful in this field and it can take a while before you develop any sort of expertise in this area.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a good deal of money helping individuals and businesses achieve better search engine rankings and better traffic numbers through SEO and PPC. That’s because you can take advantage of the Loveclients affiliate program.

Over the course of this review, we’ll take a look at the services being offered by Loveclients, as well as how the affiliate program works.

What Is Loveclients?

Based on the name, you’d almost think that Loveclients was in the dating or matchmaking business. Some of you may even be thinking about the escort business with a name like that. However, that’s not at all what Loveclients does.

Instead, Loveclients is an SEO agency that aims to help its clients ascend the search engine rankings for their target keywords and keyword phrases. Accompanying the search engine optimization are services catered to optimizing your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns as well.

It’s very clear that Loveclients is aiming to be a premium service. Looking at the pricing page, you’ll find that the core SEO service is $599 per month. The PPC campaign management can also be $599 a month, though you can opt to pay 10% of your “monthly PPC spend.” Combine the two services for $997.

Make Money with the Affiliate Program

Now that you have a basic grasp of the program you will be promoting, you probably want to know how much of that $599 a month will end up in your pocket. While it would have been nice to get a 50% commission, that’s not the case. However, the Loveclients affiliate program still looks quite lucrative.

Rather than pay you a one-time commission for referring a new signup, Loveclients offers an ongoing commission for however long your referred client continues to subscribe to the Loveclients SEO or PPC program.

The payout level is comprised of three tiers and these are based on the number of your referrals that are currently active with Loveclients. For instance, if you sign up 40 people in April (and they stay) and then 20 more in May, that means you have 50 tier-1 signups and 10 tier-2 signups for May.

The payment configuration seems to be very good too with weekly payouts and your choice of PayPal, Epassporte, cheque, or wire transfer. The minimum payout is $50, so you only need one signup to get your first commission payment.

And the Affiliate Control Panel?

The user control panel for the Loveclients affiliate program will look familiar to many. This same template is used for many affiliate programs on the Internet.

Through the dashboard, you have at-a-glance access to your standard earnings, recurring earnings, total transactions, and so forth. The left sidebar gives you access to marketing materials and additional tools.

Loveclients has done a good job with providing a decent variety of marketing materials. There are 20 different banners using standard ad sizes like 300 x 250, 125 x 125, and 768 x 90. They’ve also included a page peel, text links, and email links.

While it is not mentioned on the main affiliate program page, it seems you can make additional income by referring other affiliates. Using the “tier linking code,” you can earn 10% of each commission generated by an affiliate you refer.

Optimize Your Cash Flow

Considering the amount of money that Loveclients is charging its clients, it’s good to see that the associated affiliate program can be quite lucrative for you too.

This is a service that they are offering, after all, and not a product, so it wouldn’t really be fair to expect a 50% commission rate. You are making between $50 and $75 per referral, so if you can develop a good campaign to promote the program, you could be making some good money. The onus, of course, is on you.