AGLOCO Growing Pains

Every new startup has growing pains and AGLOCO is no different. It seems they under estimated the number of sign-ups they would get over the thanksgiving long weekend and that created a major traffic jam. Members were getting error messages when trying to log into their control panel and new sign-ups were not getting their confirmation emails. It was quite a bit of a mess really. AGLOCO seems to have recovered from their Black Friday rush but many new members are still waiting for their confirmation email. If you haven’t gotten one yet, just sit tight, you will get it.

One question that came up was about signing up family members in the same household and whether that was allowed. The answer is yes. AGLOCO realizes that today’s internet connected home can have many computers / laptops sharing the same IP and almost every family members surf the Internet. AGLOCO has accounted for this and will allow you to sign up members of your family even if they live under the same roof. Just don’t go inventing new family members!

I am setting up an interview with AGLOCO’s founder, Stanford MBA graduate, Akshay Mavani. A.K. is an extremely busy guy right now so I really do appreciate him taking time out of his schedule to do this interview. Look for it in the next day or two.

A few people have asked me how many people I have signed up for AGLOCO. When I told them, they didn’t believe me and asked me to post a screen shot. So, here it is.

Click for the full size image

For me AGLOCO is a pretty easy sell. I look at it this way; it doesn’t cost you any money to sign up and if you’re on the Net more than 5 hours a month there’s no additional time investment either. The worst-case scenario is you sign up nobody and make a buck or two each month from your own surfing. Even in the worst case, you still come out a head. Not a bad deal at all if you ask me.

You can sign up for AGLOCO here.

46 thoughts on “AGLOCO Growing Pains”

  1. Matthew says:

    So if we use that member calculator with your numbers we get…

    7100693646486.25 hmmmm… seems to be a little off today 🙂

  2. Gdog says:

    I signed up under you John, since I first found out about AGLOCO from your blog. So count me as one of your “direct” referrals…

  3. HMTKSteve says:

    Another problem will be all those poor folks with no refereals beneath them. They will probably try the service for a month, see the pitiful income and drop it.

  4. Rich says:

    John, I just signed up using your referral but didn’t receive any confirmation email and there is nothing on their website of how to reach them and let them know (or re-submit my signup)… I guess, I’ll just wait…

  5. I did the same thing and got no email

  6. john says:

    Im usually a great fan of but recently he is been posting spam motive posts just so he can post his referral link…

  7. Mayo says:

    I have received direct account so i will get all the cream off the top 🙂 Now i only need to see if this thing works!!!!

    If it works as proclaimed and i get some REAL $,€,Yen then i will pitch it further, if no then F IT 🙂

    John i see it’s ok to talk and profit from it, but don’t you think about protecting your reputation (it’s already tarnished by digg debacle), don’t you think it’s like AmWay?? Here the AmWay is dieing 🙂 Although you don’t invest a dime into AGL wouldn’t it be more wisely to divert your time towards something else, what if you get only AGL worthless shares (Charles Ponzi anyone….)????

    Take care gal’s/guy’s , and don’t get your hopes too high…. 🙂

  8. Brad says:

    You’re definitely beating AGLOCOwatch’s 6 direct and 3 extended. Hah. How fun.

  9. Dave says:

    That is amazing John!

    So far I have 4 under me.

    So going on 137 Direct Referrals with an average (rounded down) of 3 Extended Referrals that works out to be 20726.25 a month, and all for just browsing the internet.

    Good stuff!

  10. Matt says:

    Been waitin on my confirmation email for a day! Can’t wait to test it out 🙂

  11. Vinay says:

    Hi John,
    Thanks for writing about AGLOCO. It seems too good to be true. And there seems to be no catch from what I understand. I have signed up using your link and you will get credit.

    Let’s see if I can acculuate anything!

  12. Frank says:

    My wife signed up 4 days ago and she finally got her conf. email. So I was waiting to tell more people about it until then.

    Also if you want to see a newbie experiment that as of Monday morning the numbers are ugly. (I’m doing it sort of like how John did his adsense experiment.)

  13. Jim Kukral says:

    John, will you post tomorrow about Agloco too? We get it, you want referrals. Keep that signup link fresh in their minds!

    Sorry to be a pain about this, but it’s obvious you are simply trying to capitalize on your readership for your own profit.

    If your readers are ok with that, then so am I, so I’ll stop stalking you on this issue 🙂

  14. Matt says:

    It’s not like he’s hiding his referral link. Also I consider this post and the others referencing Agloco to be news. Yes he stands to profit from reporting this news (and including his link) but is there anything wrong with that?

  15. Matt says:

    @ Jim Kukral

    Wait what the hell – I just realized you’re the founder of BlogKits, and you are criticizing John for monetizing his blog? Hypocrite much?

  16. Brad says:

    Matt,That is exactly why I said he is not credible in this post:
    I’m glad someone else caught that.

  17. Jim Kukral says:

    Matt, um, I’m not pitching pyramid schemes to my readers. I have a company, a business that helps bloggers monetize. You won’t see me writing about ponzi schemes in order to get your referral.

  18. Matt says:

    Sure you’re just pitching a magic kit that is the end-all of blog advertising.

    Also, by calling Agloco a pyramid scam you show that you know nothing of the company. My first reaction to this was “pyramid!” as well but then I took some time to read it. There is no signup cost or obligation. It’s a legitimate service, not a scam.

    Educate yoself foo!

  19. John Chow says:

    HMTKSteve – The retention should be very high. Even if you don’t sign up anyone and only make a buck or two month, what reason would you have to drop it? It’s not costing you anything in time or money.

    Jim Kukral – I’ll post about AGLOCO when there is news to post about them. And you really should look up what a pryamid and ponzi scheme is because I can tell you have no idea.

    I also have an ad network as well. However, most readers wouldn’t be able to take advantage of it because of my traffic requirements. All readers can take advantage of AGLOCO.

  20. Kenric says:

    It’s not a pyramid scheme. It’s a new upside down ice cream cone scheme. I can see where its just a little banner across the bottom of the screen. It shouldn’t hurt anyone to have it present while surfing. However, if everyone is just signing people up and nobody is buying anything from the banner, then will the advertisers keep paying?

    Just wondering, out of the 588 people under John, how many will actually click an ad, or even notice the bar? Most of the people who sign up early are probably people who are into making money online and most likely don’t click ads that much.

    This banner must get into the mainstream where online shoppers start installing it.

  21. the number is impressive but still under my expectation, I think you’ll have over 1k downlines. Now we’re looking forwarding to Agloco bar release.
    One of your downlines

  22. Jim Kukral says:

    Sorry, you’re right, I meant to say multi-level marketing scam, not pyramid, my bad.

    How’s the downline coming? Everyone who joined under John making all kinds of riches like John is?

  23. Ed says:

    You get what you put into it, really. I’ve got 25 people under me now and I’ve told the ones that I signed up personally (at least 5 people signed up though my blog…and I have no idea who they are) that if you put more effort into signing people up, the bigger your check.

    Obviously if you have zero people under you, you’ll make a small amount but seriously, what’s stopping you from signing 500+ people like John?

  24. Jim Kukral says:

    “what’s stopping you from signing 500+ people like John?”

    The fact that it’s a scheme that provides no real value to anyone, especially the hard-working advertisers who get their paid ads devalued by anyone running this application.

    Oh yeah, and I don’t want 99% of my readers who trust me to come back to me in 6-months telling me they made 2 bucks and I wasted their time.

  25. John Chow says:

    Michael – It would be over 1000 if not for the current delay of people getting their confirm emails. There are still people waiting. I’m at 700 now.

    Jim – I’ve been through this before with AllAdvantage and you know what? Not a single person from my 10,000+ network ever sent me an email saying “I hate you! I only made 2 bucks and you wasted my time.” You know why? Because they would surf the same with or without the Viewbar.

    On the flip side, I’ve received many emails from people who didn’t sign up a single person saying thanks for helping them offset their Internet access cost.

    Like I said, I’ve done this before and the only people who are negative about it are the one who don’t sign up.

  26. Paul. says:

    I love reading your website. You keep me up to date on things I would have never known about. I was thinking how I could repay you.(aside from checking our your ads)So, I signed up under your Agloco link. I convert about 600 CPA leads a day from Myspace. As soon as the toolbar is downloadable I’m going to build you a huge downline and make us both a little money. Thanks again for all the interesting content.


  27. Jez says:

    Hi John, just read your comments

    “HMTKSteve – The retention should be very high. Even if you don’t sign up anyone and only make a buck or two month, what reason would you have to drop it? It’s not costing you anything in time or money.”

    Retention will be very poor unless people start seeing a return.

    Pyramid schemes in all their forms are not sustainable, what makes this different?

    Its costing you bandwidth

    As I have asked before, is this spyware?

    Is there an uninstaller for it?

    And, what I would REALLY like to know is whether you yourself are running this in your browser????

    (think your sites great BTW, just dont like this product 🙂 )

  28. Kenric says:

    If you read the fine print on Agloco they never do commit to paying you any cash. I wrote a little blurb about it here,

    It’s pasted below…

    How much can you get paid? According to their calculator, as a single user, just putting in 5 hours a month, you’d get like 5 earnings which I thought meant dollars at first glance. (But reading the fine print, you actually get 5 hours of credit which may be converted to 5 shares of company stock). I was playing with their member calculator and honestly the numbers seem unrealistic to me. But then again, its not convertible to dollars or any monetary form. It says that if you get 5 direct referrals and they each get 5 below them, you can make 5,000 earnings a month. What is earnings per month? I’m guessing it equals usage hours.

    Agloco is pays users in usage hours. These hours can be converted into shares of company stock at a rate of 1 share per hour for you and 1/4 share per hour for your referrals. So you may end up with 5,000 shares of Agloco. As time goes by, the shares would become diluted with more and more shares being created. The way you get cash is if the company has positive cashflow, which could be never, I guess. Maybe they’ll decide to pay out $0.00001 per share at some point. They are in control of it.

    The largest upside to this company is that if they are successful (and that’s a big IF) and go public, you could be sitting on a crap load of shares.

    With all that said, I was curious and signed up under John anyway. 🙂

  29. John Chow says:

    Jez – What you say would be true if this requires effort. However ALGOCO requires no effort on your part. There are no monthly fees to pay and no time investment. You already surf the net anyway so why not make some money on it?

    Bandwidth cost? You telling me you don’t have unlimited internet?

    I’ve talk to the founder about the spyware. His reply is blow.

    Just FYI the system was fixed and is working fine, and there is no spyware in the toolbar. I will send you a more detailed response as soon as I am able to schedule a stretch of time to answer all the questions.

    The Viewbar has an uninstall as well. I’m not a beta tester. I’m waiting for the Viewbar download like you.

    Kenric – I’ve asked AK at AGLOCO to clear up the compensation figure. But it looks like you figure it out. However, I believe you make more on your direct referrals and less on your extended. You calculation shows you make the same on both.

  30. Kenric says:


    According to their webpage, they don’t differentiate a direct referral from an extended one.

    “If shares are issued they will issued at one share per hour for Member hours and one quarter share for each referral hour.”

  31. David Mackey says:

    It is pretty easy, but I have doubts about whether it will yield significant financial income for anyone except those with a significant downstream network.

  32. Sonia says:

    Been there, done that. Little income for guys with a small downstream network.

  33. Kenric says:

    John, I posted about potential pitfalls that I see from Agloco. Maybe you can ask him about my concerns if you feel they are valid.

    Some thougts about Agloco


  34. Kenric says:

    John, I posted about potential pitfalls that I see from Agloco. Maybe you can ask him about my concerns if you feel they are valid.


  35. John Chow says:

    Kenric – I’ll be doing a blog post sometime soon that will answer all those questions. But for now; 1 hour of surfing time = 1 share of the company, so even someone who signs up nobody can get 5 shares per month. What those shares will be worth when/if it hits the exchange. Who knows? Will depend on how well the company is doing and how big the network is.

    No one is ever required to click on an ad. AGLOCO will be going after CPM advertisers looking for branding, not CPC. In the last AllAdvantage Viewbar, 5 minutes of non activity will stop the clock that counts your hours.

  36. I have over 20 direct referrals now and it is a priviledge to be counted worthy among your first 137 direct referrals.

    Here what one of the many grateful referrals from by blog said concerning Agloco:

    “24 Nov 06, 04:40
    philip: Hey Phil, u are the bomb. Just signed in to Agloco and i already referred ten people. thanks a lot for this rare info. thats what we gain by sticking with you.”

    Jim, don’t join the pessimistic sooth-sayers. you either belong or you begone!

  37. What are the chances this thing doesn’t go under? I just can’t imagine how they can pay John Chow $20,000/month to surf the internet even if he does have a huge extended network. Well I guess I just need to get in on this thing early, and try to build a network.

  38. R Z says:


    I searched on Google and your site was #3 – very impressive. I joined AGLOCO before reading this, sorry I am not a referral of yours.

    I read the comments from some of these people- boy these people sure know how to look a ‘gift horse’ in the mouth.

    As I see it, AGLOCO’s bigger short term income is search, not ads (Google pays AOL an average of 10 cents a search – add that to the average Internet user doing 30 to 50 searches a month and AGLOCO has some nice change to start off with. Plus all the automatic referral commissions (Hey with Amazon alone I probably will ‘earn’ AGLOCO $40 to $50 a year – I am too lazy and incompetent to set this up myself through link share, but if it was automatic – heck yes, I would be happy to share in it.)

    Love your comments John. I will check back to see if you do a new post in a day or two.

  39. John, I signed up via your referral link. I figure there is nothing to lose. So far I just have 6 referrals of my own but it’s only been a couple days.

  40. Paul says:

    Hey guys!

    So I’ve created a website that will show daily statistics from the ground up for referring people for AGLOCO. Today is the first day of operation so I’d love some new members to start joining and seeing my project come to life. I’m going to add charts and daily blogs so people can follow along and even mimick my site. The site is:


  41. Paul says:


    Hey everyone.. I’m on day 3 now of my website and showing steady growth. See what is possible for your AGLOCO network if you get in early before the software is released!


  42. John Chow says:

    Paul – There’s no need to keep coming back here to post updates. We already know you’re doing a test. What you’re doing now is spamming.

  43. Adam says:

    I can see this is an older post but I liked it so I thought I would swing by and leave a comment for you, it looks like your still doing an amazing job in your agloco network.

    Keep up the good work I like reading this blog lots of good information.

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