AGLOCO Joins The Dead Pool

You knew the signs were not good when AGLOCO didn’t renew their SSL certificate. It’s a really bad sign because a SSL cert really isn’t that expensive. I sent an email off to the founder of AGLOCO to find out if they were packing it in. I never got a reply. However, I received this email from the development team today.

Dear John,

We would like to update you on the status of AGLOCO’s operations. We continue to believe in the AGLOCO concept, but our revenue is currently not sufficient to give Members a meaningful distribution. And though there are increases in membership, the resulting revenue is not enough to support operating costs. As a development team we are unable to continue to use our savings to fund the operations. If any Member would like to pursue continuing the operations of AGLOCO, you may contact us at [email protected]

We would like to thank every Member for supporting our effort to bring a piece of the Internet directly to the user. We hope that we can find a way to keep the operations going.

AGLOCO Development Team

AGLOCO was a good idea that was poorly executed. I guess those MBA grads should have got some street smarts to go with their book smarts. I wonder if I should buy them out? That mailing list has to be worth something. 😈

To celebrate this final AGLOCO post, I present to you my final AGLOCO stats.


188 thoughts on “AGLOCO Joins The Dead Pool”

  1. says:

    Perhaps you should try and buy it for cheap off them… then use its network to do something more productive and execute it with some street smarts… you must have a way to make it feasible. Perhaps CPA? Well, I’m sure if you thought about it, you could use that network to do some big things.

    1. Steven says:

      Nah, don’t buy them out John. You already got one toolbar done, make another one and promote it yourself. I am sure the cost in promoting it will be less than trying to buy out a product that many feel is less than competent

      1. See if you can score a deal John. I betcha they will put it on SitePoint for sale in a week.

        1. 30 Day Man says:

          I just caught the John / Shoey digg post chatter from yesterday and couldn’t resist posting this writeup on it:


          1. Amanda says:

            quite frankly things like this has never worked out.. so i didn’t expect it to.

          2. Lol, man that is a funny post! I’ve always thought Digg was cliquish. Love it.

    2. Yay I remember when paul barlow reported their expired SSL on his post (
      It was obvious they were going out of business.

      1. Matt Huggins says:

        It’s all gone quite what?

    3. I wonder how much they are actually worth? They had a member base of over a million and I don’t remember reading anywhere that they wouldn’t sell our email addresses. Someone is about to make a big chunk of change.

    4. nope,i don,t see a point in buying it when John already own TTZ media….he could make more money by focussing on it…Agloco has nothing special or unique asset, to buy it…

      1. Totally agree, but the huge address list is worth thousands and if used properly it can do miracles hehe

    5. How much would it cost to acquire the site and the underlying business anyway?

  2. So, all those dopes you persuaded to use Agloco are going to get nothing?


    1. Stephen says:

      29,668 people will be pissed at him when they read this post! πŸ˜† I only have 229 to worry about and I told them not to sign up half the time πŸ˜›

      I think the only thing that people will be getting is SPAM…lots of it 😯

      1. Michael Talk says:

        Well, it is still disappointing but I won’t have people chasing me around, cos I only had 1 referral :mrgreen:

    2. Shocking huh? It’s just so sad that no one warned them… oh wait, there were several people around the web talking about how it was nothing more than a poorly built pyramid scheme. In fact I commented regularly on this blog to that effect. If they signed up, it’s their own fault for putting their pie in the sky hopes and John’s recommendation before common sense.

      1. Richard says:

        This guy nailed it months and months ahead of everyone. As you’d expect, no one really paid any attention but instead dumped on him — including John Chow.

      2. Richard says:

        What Everyone Ought to Know About Agloco

        This was on DIGG. The guy nailed it months ahead of everyone else.

        John, let me just say: AAHahah — HAHAH hhaa haha!! [wipes eyes]

        A haha HAHAHA — HAHAHahaha !!

    3. I think everyone would’ve given up making any money from it quite some time ago.
      ~ Dave

  3. Stephen says:

    I just noticed that it’s a “Dear John” letter! πŸ˜†

    1. Neil Duckett says:

      Hahaha, great pick up!

  4. “I guess those MBA grads should have got some street smarts to go with their book smarts.”

    Reminds me of “The Office” πŸ˜›

  5. What? All my friends will be disappointed with this news. I was the one who invited them and they are always asking if I ever made money with Agloco. It turns out, I will never be and so thousands more…

    1. Michael Talk says:

      You see – free money is not that easy 😈

  6. I knew from the beginning that agloco wouldn’t make it, I didn’t even bother signing up.

  7. GettyCash says:

    I have about 7,500 referrals.

    1. Congrats, I have 0 and I’d rather be in my shoes than yours! πŸ˜†

  8. Disappointing but I’m just glad WidgetBucks didn’t turn into Agloco 2!

  9. Carl says:

    It wasn’t a good idea executed poorly, it was a poor idea executed poorly. AllAdvantage didn’t work, Agloco didn’t work, and whoever else tried to get people to VIEW MORE ADS on their computer in exchange for NOTHING will not work either.

    1. Stephen says:

      At least AllAdvantage paid us before they went belly up. They did something right! πŸ˜†

  10. Mayo says:

    To make cash you need to invest CASH!

    That’s why it smelled to me badly when they advertised they would offer you “company” “stocks” in return of having to stand obnoxious ad widget.

    1. Hahaha yea. Good point.

  11. MyClipdotVN says:

    I suspected this site at the beginning and removed it after two days of participation, it is a real scam, you should have a good plan before buying it off, good luck and hope to see you plan with AGLOCO

  12. Etienne Teo says:

    It was a big scam all the while..

    1. betshopboy says:

      From start to finish…

      1. Not really a scam since it wasll free. More like a sham.

        1. Don’t think it was a scam…but a lofty dream….All Advantage and it’s progeny are over…

  13. om nunu says:

    πŸ˜• wew…you all have been wasted more time for this program.
    i leave it since along time.
    agloco is scammer…

  14. Shaun Carter says:

    I find it hard to believe they didn’t expect this to happen. AllAdvantage and all the other paid to surfs failed because the ad dollars coming in were not enough to cover costs. Agloco made all the same mistakes as before… except paying members before the company covered costs, so at least this time around they hedged their loss somewhat.

  15. Stelian says:

    I’m just happy I didn’t invest too much of my time into this. Maybe because they never released a date at which they would turn the hours into money or an exact exchange rate. At least from what I know of. And on top of that, being payed in hours doesn’t really encourage me to continue πŸ™„

    1. Stephen says:

      They did release information. It would take them 120 months (10 years) to pay you πŸ˜†

  16. axa says:

    So the founder of AGLOCO is from ALL ADVANTAGE ?
    and the management is “Stanford MBA’s ” ??
    i think they’re just graduate from Standford High School….



  17. Jack says:

    oh i wish ms. Kumiko was here,
    i wish she could write about this once more 😈

    1. Aaron Cook says:

      LOL, or “he.” :mrgreen:

  18. bob says:

    nice john, that’s what happens when you’re stupid enough to believe in a network such as them…

  19. manica says:

    yeah, kumiko were right about agloco

  20. GET MORE TRAFFIC says:

    Isn’t it hard to believe that Agloco didn’t just create an awesome website with their popularity?

    One site, a ship load of marketers(we and us), some crazy making money niche, a killer referral scheme, …… Just keep going damn it!!!


  21. Been waiting for a post on these guys from you!

    1. I like how he didn’t apologize for promoting them like they were the second coming of Google. πŸ™„ Although really, you had to be an idiot to spend much time on it in the first place so I guess John can’t be blamed for stupidity… Still, he pimped them pretty hard.

      1. Stephen says:

        Well, at a certain point, he could no longer stop the momentum. Even when I raised the red flag on spyware, called out that Spammer on my blog to see what AGLOCO would do, people still continued to sign up under me. I would have to believe that at that point, my 229 referrals knew what they were getting themselves into depite my warnings.

      2. Shaun Carter says:

        Why should John have to apologize for Agloco’s failures? John had nothing to do with it’s development and execution… blame the highly educated Stanford MBA’s for that mess.

        I distinctly remember John saying time and again that he isn’t putting any money into it and that if it doesn’t work he is only out his time spent promoting. But on the other hand if it did work he would have been one of the program’s top earners.

        1. He promoted it like the second coming. When he said he wasn’t putting any money into it he was bragging about how great his site was that he could sign up that many people without even trying. And, the argument that he couldn’t stop the momentum is complete hogwash. If you don’t believe in a product, then remove all affiliate links from your site. That’s how you can stop the momentum. Granted people in his downline would still be signing people up but he wouldn’t have had any more direct registrations.

          Regardless of who’s fault it is that they went belly up, the fact remains that for a LARGE portion of this make money online niche, John was the face of Agloco and in my mind his sponsorship of such a crappy company and what amounted to nothing more than a pyramid scheme reflects poorly on John.

  22. Also whats up with the email address?

  23. Teddy Wong says:

    It is a normal stuff in the internet. Many people have good idea but they may not success. What we can do is to find out the realiable programs instead of regret on participating bad programs !

    1. That’s the ticket. Bummer AGLOCO is dead, move on.

  24. No Nonsense says:

    Well I’ve lost nothing because I never signed up. I just don’t see any of these sort of programs actually providing a good ROI for the amount of time you spend promoting them.

    Now the email list may be worth something.

    1. I had one referral…! πŸ™‚

  25. Shams says:

    It’s a good lessons for many. Shitty things are always shits………

  26. Where is kumiko now? She was saying this was a load of crap since day one and how damn right she was! :mrgreen: πŸ˜† 😈

  27. I bet the guys made a good money because thousands of people clicked ads daily. I don’t belive they gave free ad space.

  28. Bryce W says:

    What a waste of promoting it.. Did you ever make any money out of it John?

    1. John Chow says:

      Not directly. However, AGLOCO sent me a lot of traffic. They were my biggest referrer and I make 8 cents per page view. 😈

  29. MrBeachBum says:

    Sure glad I didnt waste my time on it. It was hard to resist the promotional hype from John about it but in my own assessment of them I had to pass – Don’t always believe the hype!

    1. If all the Agloco signups learn that lesson from this experience, then their time won’t have been a waste. That’s a valuable lesson to learn and it’s cost plenty of people a lot more than their time to learn it.

  30. Ace says:

    Great recommendation John
    Next time try not to sell out and take a closer look at the business model. Anyone could see that it was destined to fail. John has lost allot credibility in my opinion. John aggressively backs a lost cause without considering what he is endorsing. All of Johns minions bow down at his alter and buy into this garbage.

  31. It never seemed like something I would be interested in, but you can’t really fault those who went along with it. But there will be the next thing… always is.

    1. Um, no, you really can fault those who went along with it. If it looks, acts, and sounds like a scam it’s a SCAM! If you ignore all the warning signs I have no pity for you.

  32. Marc says:

    General rule on the internet: If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t.

    All those who signed up for Agoloco must be pretty pissed off now!

  33. Steve D says:

    Let’s start up an ad network where we encourage people to click on their ads for their monetary benefit!

    And people wonder why this failed?

  34. Tom says:

    Hey John “Agloco” is still in your make money list.. :mrgreen:

    1. Stephen says:

      I’m sure he will be moving it to his “Make NO Money Online” list 😈

  35. starboykb says:

    Now what will the supporter going to say about this? πŸ™‚

  36. Fat Man says:

    it sad that they could not make this work. there must be more to the story than meets the eye.

    1. I’m sticking with the collection of data on millions of users with the intent to sell the database.

      1. Stephen says:

        Yeah, so much for protecting your privacy, not spyware, no spamming etc. It’s basically “Offline” Spyware now and once someone buys it, there will be SPAM for everyone! πŸ˜›

        1. Lookin’ forward to it! Sounds like something agloco would do.
          ~ Dave

  37. soundofgold says:

    John with your membership numbers and their claim that members are also owners you should be owning significant part of that mailing list already.

    And yes take them under your wing as I am sure that with your evil moneymaking skills I would not need to worry about my share of regular AGLOCO income stream.

  38. Not at all surprised. The only thing that surprises me is that it took this long to die out.

  39. I never fell for the bait. Do I have the street smarts or what? *lol

    1. I don’t think that even the people who signed up ever really thought it would amount to much…but considering that it did have potential and it was totally free, I wouldn’t be bragging that you never “fell for” it. πŸ˜‰

      1. Yeah. If you signed up and it worked, then sweet. if it didn’t then nothing changes. There was no lose in this situation.
        ~ Dave

  40. Pox says:

    Many spam Aglogo in my E-mail, now it’s clear and clean. πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  41. Tremium says:

    Well I had a bad feeling about Agloco from the beginning.
    Anyway, I didn’t really put a lot of effort into their viewbar program at all…it seems it was the right decision πŸ™‚

  42. John, the strangest thing about that post was that you were still using the viewbar this month? I figured you would have give up on it ages ago.

    1. John Chow says:

      Five hours out of my life isn’t going to kill me. And I was doing other stuff on the computer while the viewbar was running.

  43. Kss says:

    I downloaded to toolbar but find it annoying. Thank goodness that I did not spend my precious time on this program. Thanks John for highlighting this issue πŸ˜€

  44. Manik says:

    When a established business is being sold, there might lot of reasons. I would suggest you check out the stats first, if you can. Existing businesses always present one advantage of being already branded, which may be utilized well to take it ahead. But all comes down to how much you pay for it.

  45. Buy them out and then merge it with TTZ Media. :mrgreen:

  46. Samer Bazzi says:

    mmm, that sux. They were heavily promoted on this site. I guess its the first faliur of the “John Chow” era.

    1. Nope…John was successful in marketing it…but there ends his job…he is not operating agloco….so i wouldn’t call it a john chow failure…you got it wrong…

  47. Alex Kim says:

    Cool, buy them I support you πŸ˜›

  48. Xof711 says:

    If it was a bad idea the first time around, it’s probably a bad idea the second time around too. πŸ‘Ώ

  49. DavidYin says:

    Another Internet Bubble.

  50. WTF I TOLD YOU JOHN!!! Something that didnt work out years before, will NOT work today!!!!

  51. That’s too bad πŸ˜•

  52. Gitesh says:

    Hey turn it into social networking site with referraal system like yuwie (check out alexa rankings so far.)

  53. Jack says:

    And you are surprised? It was said for months that AGLOCO would not work and it was a failed business model that succeeded only as a contact database of harvested information.
    Expect a “new resurrected” AGLOGO like product coming to an Internet near you.
    Now the real question: “John, did you make any money off AGLOCO?”.

  54. Mike Huang says:

    Agloco might be dead, but John, you took advantage of this program when they first launched. Now I don’t know how your stats were before the program, but my opinion is Agloco gave you all the subscribers you have now :).


  55. Martin says:

    i told you it stinks the very first time you wrote about it. you then kept promoting it again and again (and again) and that’s the final result now. 28 wasted posts…

  56. Calvin says:

    Internet Bubble Burst 2.0 and snowballing…

  57. hts says:

    Even though I signed up for agloco (after reading your strong recommendations to do so :D), it seemed from the beginning, for me, to be a scam. I mean, they way they put it, “we are currently in beta test and can’t pay you” is already a warning sign :)..well, I haven’t invested anything in this, other than 5 mins to signup et al, so no big loss here πŸ™‚

  58. MoneyNing says:

    I hope they don’t sell their email list or else it’s potential invasion of privacy.

    1. I’m willing to bet it’s not at all an invasion of privacy. In fact you probably agreed to it when you signed up with them. No one ever reads the agreements before clicking “I agree”. πŸ˜•

  59. SHEEEEEEESH that’s some crazy referrals. πŸ˜€ Nice job.

    1. It’s a shame it was all for nothing πŸ˜› You should have all listened to me and stayed away from AGLOGO πŸ˜€

  60. Rodel says:

    t’was a milking cow for a couple of my compatriots.. i once registered for it but upon checking on the reviews.. not worth the investment (time) 😐 now.. john did it again.. 😈

  61. ismabera says:

    For last few weeks I expected that Agloco is trying to find a buyer. I thought it should be .
    I am thinking so : what is / was AGLOCO ? Was it Agloco Team or was Agloco also members of Agloco ? Did we join to Brian, Dan , Church …. or did we join to Agloco ? I suppose we all joined to Agloco. So, if somebody will buy Agloco , he can continue this job.
    Of cause, that ‘somebody’ can not be every one. It must be somebody , whic the mopst of Agloco members know and trust him.
    When I say ‘him’ , it can be ‘her’ or even ‘them’.
    Pesonnaly I think, if for example “Agloco Top Gun” guys continue with this job, Agloco can survive.
    What do you think, John ?
    Just note : everybody here is angry or disspointed with Agloco Team
    (as a firm) and not with Agloco as project. Agloco Team failed , Agloco not yet. Well , Agloco can die tomorrow or in few weeks, if nobody will buy it.

  62. I am not surprised at all. I had uninstalled the toolbar months ago after I lost all faith in it.

  63. I knew it! I never really though AGLOCO’s business model would survive…I am glad I did not devote too much time discussing or promoting it

  64. jb says:

    john, did you make as much on this business model as you said in 2006 you did with alladvantage? ❓ just curious… your post is included in gigaom coverage of agloco from nov. 26, 2006…

  65. David Savage says:

    I guess their 10 year plan didn’t work out lol. Your stats ended up being probably the best, all that money gone to waste πŸ™

    You should contact them about that mailing list however, as payment for all the traffic you sent them 😈

  66. Keith Cash says:

    😯 Out of business, I can feel for them, some of my business activities have gone down the drain, but not of mine took anyone with it.

    I gave a shot, but when they took so long to start, I just decided not to take part.


  67. Etienne Teo says:

    Did anyone buy their model oveR?

    1. Jim Kukral says:

      Seriously, forget Blogrush, or Agloco. is the ONLY one that really promises on what it delivers. Free flood of traffic AND tons of cash for no work. Signup today, you won’t regret it.

      Chow won’t blog about it because he knows it works.

      1. ismabera says:

        remeber this magic “PPP” – Pay Per Play.
        Maybe I will still earn with my Agloco blog and PPP code – much better than with google adsense.

  68. Jackie says:

    Somehow I knew that Program would fall short, I was just waiting. And John, 26,000+ emails that will not do any good, if they are not even buyers…

  69. Proves i was right in not joining the system :smile:, seemed to be flawed and too good to be true when it first came about…and by joining the dead pool proves that it was too good to be true and flawed.

    Shame…since there are so many clones launching too 😈

  70. Vienna says:

    i hate to see good guys get defeated. πŸ™ they have such a great concept!

      1. Best comment I’ve read today.
        ~ Dave

  71. I saw it coming all the way weeks before. It was never a good concept and I have written my post on why it won’t work and why did john chow got into a sinking ship.

    1. Etienne Teo says:

      At least you bothered to write on it, i could not even care.

  72. HHAHAHA says:

    And you were the IDIOT who was so confident in them and now they’ve flopped. And you look like a moron hahaha.

  73. nyunyu says:

    I’ll be damned…
    Sorry for the bad language..
    Just signup a few days ago and now it dead…

    Anyhow, its a good thing that i keep coming here to check out the news..

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  75. Smilesquare says:

    Many spam Aglogo in many forum, now it’s clean.
    mountain of spam email, now flat down also.

  76. Sean says:

    Meh, I figure it would’ve happened, that’s why I didn’t try to hard to recruit people. I got this same email the other day and just laughed.

  77. John, in his very clever (and forthright … he told us how he was making money via AGLOCO several times, even before the tool bar launched …) way made money off this pig in a poke and frankly, I’ll wonder at his business acumen if he _doesn’t_ make a move to take AGLOCO over. More than 9 months ago John and I had a minor clash on some other blog’s comment section where he insulted me big time … accused me of having a J*O*B … but that’s ok, I forgive him, most peopkle reading here are still suckered in by the great American job scam.

    But AGLOCO still represents a _huge_ value … 100k plus double-opt-in verified propects who certainly had enough interest in earning money to go through the signup process. That is indeed a valuable property. Just a one time list rental should be worth a fortune … and under the laws of China, where AGLOCO is incorporated, completely legal.

    I’m not even maintaing this blog anymore, but a few might be interested in what I wrote back in March
    Like any confidence scheme, MLM scam, etc., it is impossible to be taken in if you are not trying to earn money for nothing … may serve as a useful lesson for some in the future. “Money for Nothing” only seemed to work for Dire Straights.

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  79. Patrick Wong says:

    Depending on the cost of buy-out. If it’s reason price, why not? I think AGLOCO failure is mostly due to poor management. Check out my review on AGLOCO at

    You could win prizes from visiting my site.

  80. John says:

    Didn’t this have something to do with Alladvantage? I remember back in 2000 belonging to all those companies that went out of business owing me thousands in unpaid commissions. So when I heard about this thing this go around, I didn’t even bother taking 2 minutes of my time to look into it. A pyramid scam is a pyramid scam. Stick with making money from real things.

  81. Marcel says:

    Will Agloco make money by reselling their database along with what’s left of the business ? Yes. Will we get anything from that ? hmm
    I hope i’ve learned my lesson.

    Pixel advertising then this…

  82. Jackie says:

    Oh and HAVE to throw in….YUWIE is next! πŸ˜›

  83. Valerie says:

    It’s funny how people say ‘see i was right’ but what IF AGLOCO had made it, the coin would be flipped. Seldom does anyone ever know anything on here. That is what being an entrepreneur is…it’s about taking chances and risks. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, no one has a crystal ball. It was free, so what. Personally, I sure would not have spent more than a dime or so on it and I didn’t. I advised others not to spend to promote it and I also advised them NOT to create blogs and websites with the AGLOCO name…many did and now they are stuck with a crappy name. But hey, what IF, then they would have been cool and considered smart for spending promo dollars. As for buying AGLOCO, I don’t think it’s worth a buck. Out of a million so called members, how many of those do you think was duplicate enrollments, junk sign ups, yahoo and hotmail addys, people that cannot read English except for the words ‘Join Here’?

    1. Jackie says:

      I very much agree with that statement. They are Entrepreneurs and took a chance and maybe there next venture will not fail as easily as AGLOCO did.

  84. Trevor says:

    Thank you very much for the information.

  85. hts says:

    agloco – a good concept, used in a wrong manner. At a glance, their business model seems ok – just that they probably didn’t apply it well enough πŸ˜€

    1. I’m still waiting for a working paid to surf site. The only way I could see it working if the ads were like hell intrusive – kinda like TV commercials, taking up the whole screen, and playing audio…but I’d much rather just not get the money.
      ~ Dave

  86. Wow, I’m suprised it took the legendary John Chow so long to figure out Agloco was a loser. Let’s see, i only posted this back in June….

    LOL, I even had over 100 people in my downline and I totally dumped the program and alerted my downline to the virus in the early release of the Agloco toolbar. Hell, the only way I got my laptop I use for “questionable” apps restored was to install Ubuntu Linux on it.

    I guess some people will promote anything for a buck… πŸ™

    1. ismabera says:

      as valerie said :
      “It’s funny how people say ’see i was right’ ”
      About what virus you are talking about?

  87. ismabera says:

    I need idea for 😎 agloco lesson No 2.
    If somebody would like to be on LAST Agloco-Top-NAI list (November) , can send me datas – as memory how manny referrals and hours left some members to Agloco.

  88. I kept warning people about Agloco, but they got caught up in the pyramid scheme hype.

    There are some very good opportunities on the internet, but you MUST do your research. For every program I promote, I turn down 99 – and I investigate each one thoroughly. For example, before I started promoting Cognigen, I did one year of research on them. Unlike these fly by nights companies, they have been around since 1992 and really know their stuff.

  89. I seriously thought agloco had died ages ago – it was out of the press for so long!
    ~ Dave

  90. ismabera says:

    only today I noticed that you removed Agloco banner.
    πŸ™ Now I beleive that Agloco is dead

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