Airbus A380 VIP Saloon – Toys for Boys (Super Rich Ones)

For some people, there is no such thing as a recession. They have so much money that they can’t possibly spend it all even if they try. There’s an entire industry dedicated to separating the super rich from their money. One such company is Lufthansa Technik and they’ve came up the ultimate private jet.

Based on the world’s biggest passenger plane, the Airbus A380, the Lufthansa Technik VIP Saloon is what you would get if you’ve wanted to one up Air Force One. No doubt about it. Pull up next to Obama’s 747 in the A380 VIP Saloon and the leader of the free world will be asking you for a bailout. And you know what? If you can afford this thing, you can probably bail out the United Sates of America!

One might question why Lufthansa would introduce such an extravagant toy during a world wide recession. The answer is simple. Recessions doesn’t affect the rich as much as it does the poor and middle class. Case in point. While nearly every automaker is swimming in red ink, Ferrari posted record profits in 2008. Another thing to keep in mind is more millionaires are created out of bad times than good times. A recession presents a great opportunity for people who know how to take advantage of it. And Lufthansa Technik seems to be taking advantage of it.

The Airbus A380 VIP Saloon features three bedrooms, formal dining room, three VIP lounges and seating in the rear for all the little people. As for the price. If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.







83 thoughts on “Airbus A380 VIP Saloon – Toys for Boys (Super Rich Ones)”

    1. This is absolutely amazing. WOW.

      I remember watching an episode of High Net Worth on CNBC and they noted how the 2009 editions of the new Maserati sold out almost the moment they were offered. This was during the 2008 crash of the American stock market.

      Business owners, take note: Sell an amazing product/service and target the super rich, and you’ll be just fine. 🙂

      1. Stanley Tang says:

        Amazing… its going to be double the price of the most expensive house in the world!

        1. I would think so!! It would still be nice to know the price, as afterall, there are probably like 10 people in the world that CAN afford it – I think the rest of us should at least be allowed to know lol!!

          1. Hey John, see if MarketLeverage will sponsor a contest to give a A380 away to one of your readers. They got the dough! lol

          2. Yea, just generate 100k commissions this month and this baby is yours… hehe 😀

          3. John Chow says:

            I think they would need to add a few more zeros to the commission numbers. 🙂

          4. Paul B says:

            When it comes to affiliate marketing I specialise in zeros! 🙂

          5. That would be the ULTIMATE contest. John would officially top every blogger out there.

        2. Moulinneuf says:

          Airbus A380 : 350 million

          Most expensive house: Antilia is estimated at 2 billion

      2. Jake Stone says:

        Terra, I’m afraid that after manufacturer develops suitable luxury product they will just water it down, because they would go after continuous growth. This is what happened in various degrees to Guggi, Burberry, Luis Vuitton and the rest. They have lost that fringe market, which during good times, was barely able to buy something little to brag about.

        Unfortunately those small purchases added up and companies over invested while grabbing market share. Now they sell with hefty discount and at least in my eyes their brand images are slowly going down. How to be happy with what we got?

      3. Agreed. Forget typical corporate America. It’s all about owning your OWN business!

    2. Puspanjali says:


      1. Yes Awesome but waste of money, i rather buy a island 🙂

        1. I used to want an island, but that changed a long time ago!

    3. Truly amazing! Just tell us the price anyways! 😀


    4. Wow, thats an awesome Hotel. Or is it an airplane?

  1. I know what I want for christmas…

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Two front teeth?

  2. anthony says:

    John, for having worked at airbus until recently, I can say that … They are really expensive but yet they sell like hot buns 😉

    1. What was it like working for them?

  3. blued888 says:

    Nice plane. Wonder how much a plane ticket costs. 😀

  4. James says:

    I may not be able to afford it, but I still want to know how much it is!

  5. Craig says:

    When are you picking up yours John?

    1. probably in a couple of years time by the looks of it.

  6. issa says:

    its even more beautiful than our *grandiose* home! hahaha!

    same with james, how much is it?

  7. shun2u says:

    Wow! Beautiful man!

  8. Just for boys? 🙂

    1. Ha, yeah. I’m a girl & I’d buy one!

  9. AmirFish says:


  10. Manori Money says:

    I have couple of those in my backyard… let me know if anybody wants to rent one..hahahah

  11. Similar to the Airbus A380 that was rumored to be in the design phase for Price Al-Walid, a member of the Saudi Royal family, however the design from Lufthansa Technik looks far superior, here is a link to a piece I did on Price Al-Walid’s A380:

  12. The Moneyac says:

    Hmm… I guess a new motivation for me, huh ?


  13. Paul B says:

    Still got a way to go then, I’m still aiming for my first trans-Atlantic first class flight. I’ve made the leap from economy to business so one step at a time 😉

    Interesting fact about Obama, his salary isn’t actually that high. In fact in a recent row in our local parliament it turns out that the head of our financial services watchdog gets a higher salary than the US president. We’ve only got 80,000 residents.

    1. Jake Stone says:

      Yeah, world is almost upside down what comes to ethics. One last straw would be if it was possible to make money with blogging.

    2. Good for you. Flying first class is great. I felt like a queen almost.

  14. Jamie Harrop says:

    I flew on Singapore’s A380 from Sydney to Singapore at the end of last year. It’s a wonderful plane, and even better in Economy when you get an exit row seat. 😀

    After we landed, I was able to have a look around the 1st class suites. Truly unbelievable. But with that said, I’d much rather pay $1000 for an exit row seat in economy, than $10,000 for a suite in 1st class. 🙂


  15. Ben Pei says:

    Aww man that looks like 5 star hotel more than a plane!

  16. Tom says:

    Very nice pictures, that makes travelling very comfortable…

  17. Wow! what an eye opener. We don’t get to see this even in films. So now we get a glimpse of what the filthy rich lifestyle is about.

    Peter Lee

  18. I saw the film ‘Air Force One’ where the President acted by Ford Harrison travels. It was very nice but not as nice as these ones.

    Peter Lee

    1. That plane was nowhere near this one in terms of looks! This one makes the one in AFO look like a regular plane.

  19. Dev says:

    Air bus A380 is an unique plane for President of US. I already saw a full show on discovery about it. I love this plane and nice post @john..

  20. jossef says:

    toys!!!!!! The most expensive one

  21. Very nice but, I think most of us are trying to buy food or to hang on to our houses!

    All the same, it is nice to dream.

  22. That would feel odd to be that comfortable while flying. To me luxury is having no one sit next to me on a flight.

  23. Mike B. says:

    That looks amazing! Anybody with one of those i surely not strapped for cash.

  24. Oh common people don’t even have home’s like these what about flights?

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure about no one having homes like this.

  25. has a retro look to it reminiscent of the 70’s in my opinion…IF I had the money I would rather get my own jet or follow the lead of some of my friends who used Marquis Jets…

  26. I really sort of like the look and feel it would. I bet you could really relax or party in that kind of environment. Also, I would sort of disagree with the recession does not affect the rich. To be completely honest right now where I am located in the US, the rich homes are finally hit the recession level as well. Where before the rich were still building and buying houses, now it seems the multi-million dollar homes are sitting just as much as the rest. Though, overall the rich are rich and will still continue to buy and spend money because they have it.

  27. If I could just get over my rear of flying!

    1. I love flying! You really can’t think about the bad things when you’re on a plane, man.

  28. Yeah, so I just bought 7 of these…one for each day of the week and in different colors (so I don’t get bored) and I’m returning all of them tomorrow. You see, I had ordered diamond encrusted cup holders and was assured that they’d already be installed, but were not.

    Could you imagine my frustration when I realized the cup holders were lined with Italian leather from Milan? OMG, I could have cried right then and there had I not been wearing my Versace sunglasses (my tear-resistant lotion from Morocco hasn’t arrived yet).

    All I can say is good thing I kept the receipt!

  29. Pheak Tol says:

    crazzzy, sort of like soul plane

    1. That was one of the worst films I ever saw. And a total embarassment to you know what.

  30. Germz says:

    The richest person has 60 billion, the stimulus package is 785 billion, not even close to bailing out the country.

    1. John Chow says:

      I was wondering when someone was going to take my joke seriously. 🙂

      1. I’m amazed someone actually did!

      2. Hey John, When did you get yours? We may ask oursleves a bailout to buy one of this planes for our own homes, lol.

  31. I would think so!! It would still be nice to know the price, as afterall, there are probably like 10 people in the world that CAN afford it

  32. dex anthony says:

    When I wake up in the morning I am gonna buy 2.:) No but really doe anyone really need this. Come on now….

    1. Michael Zhao says:

      No one “needs” this-but most people want this…

    2. Who cares if you don’t need it! It’d be nice to travel around in since it’d be like staying in a house.

  33. Silvia says:

    It was very interesting to figure out my travelling to somewhere in this salloon.A real pleasure for eyes!

  34. private says:

    I bet you could really relax or party in that kind of environment. Also, I would sort of disagree with the recession does not affect the rich. To be completely honest right now where I am located in the US, the rich homes are finally hit the recession level as well.

  35. WOW, now that’s a plane I would like to ride in, or live in?!?!?

  36. Wow. That plane looks like a cross between an apartment & “The Jetsons”.

  37. That’s just awesome! I wish I could affort a plane like this one day 🙂

  38. That’s just awesome! I wish I could afford a plane like this one day 🙂

  39. SEO Tips says:

    How weird, I just bought one of these with this months Google Adsense takings…

    Yeah come on, we all know I am lying. Amazing though I saw one on TV once and was like wow.

    If I had the money, I would.

  40. SEO Tips says:

    I was just thinking, I wonder what the commission on one of these bad boys would be like 😀

  41. Rajbir D says:

    I had this exact same plane posted on my blog, I had mistook it for an Emirates… fixed that up now though

  42. MLChelsea says:

    Wow that is a sweet jet! It’s crazy that Ferrari had such a good year considering the economic downturn but makes complete sense on deeper reflection. This is definitely the time to persevere, think smart and make lemonade 😉

  43. Silvia says:

    That proves that all the dreams may come true!Even the most fantastic!

  44. Pahn says:

    I always wanted to ride on to that,,

  45. Are you selectively moderating comments John?

    I could have sworn I commented on this post a couple of days ago with some information that went against your view.

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