Always Make Sure Your Links Work Before Doing a Mail Out

I just received an email from Shoemoney about Zac Johnson’s new Six Figure Affiliate Blogging ebook. Like many affiliate marketers, Shoe cloaks his links behind a URL shortening service. I do that myself using the Ninja Affiliate WordPress plugin. Not only does this cloak the link but it also tracks the click rate as well.

Anyway, the link Shoe used in his email wasn’t complete and went to a page not found. I guess Shoe didn’t bother to check the link to make sure it worked before he sent out the email. I told Shoe about it when I discovered the non working link. Then right after I told him, the evil light bulb went off. I should take Shoe’s link and redirect it to Zac’s ebook using my affiliate ID!

However, it seems someone else had the same idea. Before I could go and make the link, Brian Evans took the link and used it to promote one of his products. Personally, I don’t think that’s cool. Shoe sent out an email about Zac’s book and the link is going to a completely different product. I wouldn’t have had a problem if Brain took the link and sent it to Zac’s book with his ID. But to take the link to promote a completely different product makes Shoe look bad. I’m sure Shoe’s getting a bunch of email replies saying the link doesn’t go to the book.

Moral of the story. Always make sure your links work before sending out that email!

Update: Got an email from Brian. It was one of his employees who jacked the link. The employee has been fired.

52 thoughts on “Always Make Sure Your Links Work Before Doing a Mail Out”

  1. Well, I’m glad you called him out on it and its certainly a good lesson in checking your links!

  2. Haha! Man you’re quick! I was about to say… I just interviewed that guy! Lol

    1. John Chow says:

      I wasn’t quick enough since Brian beat me to taking over the link!

      1. Haha, I noticed that too. Wow:

        1. Nice! Thanks for posting the stats link… I always forget to check those. 541 clicks of highly targeted traffic for free…

          1. Actually learned that tip from you Jon, so thank you 🙂

      2. d3so says:

        Misspells: brother = bother, Brain = Brian (or maybe you’re trying to imply that he was the smarter one ;))

      1. You are late … damage has been done …

        But I really like the title of your post.

  3. PPV Playbook says:

    It’s true, always check everything. Then check again and again. I don’t know how many times I’ve made a small change and it looks ok, only I find out later that there was an issue with it.

    1. Why dont you make a chit chart for that.

      Daniel added good post about this –

  4. Free Picks says:

    lolz mention mistake others :p

    BTW shoemoney get a good lesson

    1. He will do the same mistakes in coming months … do not worry …

      1. Free Picks says:

        lolz may be :p to become more famous on others blog :p

  5. That’s just downright naughty from you guys. How must poor Jeremy feel about all of this? How ethical is this really, and can you get into trouble for being opportunistic in an instance like this. I know the shoe likes to sue…..and it rhymes tooo….LOL

    1. You should be a rapper!

      1. Shoe is always ready to take legal actions on this kind of act.

        But I think now Jeremy knows whose fault that was so may be thunder will stop here.

  6. WhyHANNAH says:

    Good advice to check links before blogging—my problem is working “O and 0”

    1. Free Picks says:

      what do you mean 0 and o?

  7. I still not get the “taking over a link” bit, but whoever this Brian Evans guy is, he should be ashamed of himself! SY

  8. Brian Evans says:

    Hey Guys,

    I’ll take the blame for this one. John is right, not cool. Although, one of my guys grabbed that link, who is now fired.

    I’ve been emailing Zac back and forth to find a fix since it was discovered.

    No ill intention. I don’t do business that way.

    1. d3so says:

      Ok fool, that “employee” must of been an overachiever to even think about linking to your product.

      I would’ve linked to my own product or affiliate link INSTEAD of someone I was working for.

      All marketers are LIARS!
      myself included 😉

  9. Anastacia says:

    This example perfectly shows very high competition in this field 🙂

    I think, that Brain was smart enough to use such a wonderful chance to promote his own link. I also like a very wise saying describing this situation: “If the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to the mountain” 🙂

    1. “Brain was smart enough to use such a wonderful chance to” I think he (or his employee, as he claims) was stupid enough to do long lasting damage to his internet reputation. Would you do a JV / business with a guy that acts like this? SY

  10. Karl says:

    While this is clearly a dirty way of doing business, there is nothing that is illegal and wrong with it IMO. I’ve read that this was just a mistake and the guy was fired, but if that wasn’t the case and it all was intentional, it was a good opportunity taken in my eyes. It could hurt business connections and reputation though, but thats something you have to consider when doing something like this.

    1. Melvin says:

      thats just business buddy.. the pace is so quick that theres almost no room for mistakes

  11. The little mistakes can eventually lead to huge failures.

  12. Internet marketers are some of the laziest people because they always have misspelling in their email blasts along with including the wrong links

  13. Rondelle says:

    Seriously guys, lighten up and laugh about it. Brian found a hack and used it. Big deal. It doesn’t make him the devil.

    Survival of the fittest. Shoe slipped up, Brian worked in some free traffic and now Shoe will be more careful and now they BOTH get more exposure b/c of the whole thing.

    WIN WIN for both of them!

    All the dudes in the “that’s not cool” camp take things way too seriously

  14. Melvin says:

    that was quick. the guy was immediately fired.. lols..

    1. d3so says:

      There was probably no “employee” to begin with as one was created conveniently to be a scapegoat 😉

  15. johnson says:

    This could hurt business connections and reputation though, but thats something you have to consider when doing something like this.

  16. A tiny mistake which cost a lot, I believe.

  17. In internet world how people are seating and waiting to get this kind of mistake (opportunity)

    Nice to see that Brian noticed the mistake of his employee.

  18. Simon Bunker says:

    I guess this begs the question – who really is to blame? The person who did not bother to check the link before sending or the person seizing an opportunity?
    Clearly not an ethical approach and a bit underhanded but he aint the first and certainly won’t be the last!

  19. Lolcat says:

    Haha “it’s always some other employee that did it” never does the boss do anything wrong. I smell bullshit.

    1. Brian Evans says:

      And certain people like to disagree with everything for attention 😉

      1. Lolcat says:

        And certain people will always lie 😉

        1. Brian Evans says:

          Easy for an anonymous guy to say with no picture 😉

          If it was really me, don’t you think I being one of the leaders in List Building, would have instead just not redirected it to MY OWN PRODUCT and instead redirected it to some bizopp with an anonymous redirect link? LOL.

          Considering I write a daily blog talking about how important it is to build up trust of your email list and how important extremely specific targeting is, don’t ya think, maybe, that most likely it was someone else… that oh, I hired less than 2 weeks ago that was trying to impress me.

          Untargeted traffic of that nature is not only useless but it creates negative trust and can actually be very harmful. This is basic list building 101 stuff. Sure it’s different for spammers, but I think I’ve clearly proven that I’m far from that. I will admit to being clever and very successful but I certainly didn’t get there by crossing the line and running around looking for broken links all day.

          1. Lolcat says:

            You are a leader in list building? Wow you learn something new everyday.

            The reason why you wouldn’t redirect it to your own product is because it’s to obvious you wouldn’t have any defense that why now would you 😉

            If you are a leader in list building you would known how to monetize that traffic. You admit you are clever and very successful…what about modest and funny?

            Lets just agree to disagree I say it was YOU who did it, you say its a worker of yours. 🙂

          2. Heh, let’s agree to disagree 🙂

  20. fas says:

    Got an email from Brian. It was one of his employees who jacked the link. The employee has been fired.

    That is a smart way to show your not evil and wrong, haha.

  21. Ouch on the incomplete link! That’s definitely something that should be checked on a site or mailer…

  22. John says:

    Fired the employee?? I would give him a raise for taken advantage of anther’s failure to check their work.

  23. dcr says:

    And, if you have multiple lists in different niches, make sure you send the right links to the right lists. 😉

    1. hahaha…yeah, that can def screw with your conversions…lol

  24. Dino Vedo says:

    hmmm maybe dedicate a new blog post on how to do this through seems interesting.. hahaha

  25. Seems like all of you could learn some lessons from this, lol:

    Shoe: Check your links before sending emails out
    Brian: Make sure you can trust your employees & be weary of suspicious ones
    John: Be sure the facts are absolutely right before you post something!

  26. Steve says:

    I got the same email and replied back. He probably got 100 replies before he sent out the 2nd version.

  27. Jared says:

    Lol, you outed him so what could he say?

  28. OMG that’s horrible of him. I learned my lesson back when I sent out an email that had my own name (instead of the standard [FNAME] template tag) and everyone got an email addressed to me! Ever since then I’ve been super careful to quadruple check everything.

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