American Chopper – Paul Sr. Gets Pwned By Paul Jr.

American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior season final concluded on Monday with the Cadillac unveil. For those not following the show, Paul Jr. was fired by his father, Paul Sr., from Orange County Chopper (OCC) two years ago. Jr. went on to start his own rival chopper shop (Paul Jr. Designs) and that started the Senior vs. Junior series of American Chopper.

Up until now, the two shops had never faced each other in a build off. Then Cadillac decided it would be a good idea to commission both OCC and PJD to design a bike for Cadillac. The bikes would then be unveiled at the GM Design Center, and fans will get to vote on which bike is best. Cadillac and Discovery would then auction off the bikes to the highest bidder and the money would go to Cure Duchenne.

For Cadillac, this was a media coup. For the cost of two bikes, which I assume cost $150K each, Cadillac was able to get themselves front and center into two season final episodes of American Chopper, which was the highest rated show during its Monday time slot. This could go down as the best $300K ad spend in history.

So, who build the better bike? Discovery opened the voting shortly after the show aired but have since shut it down. The reason? I think it’s to save Paul Sr. from further embarrassment. Before voting got shut down, Paul Jr. was leading with 96% of the over 200K votes casted.

In the charity auction, the current high bid for Senior’s bike is $10,000. The high bid for Junior’s bike is $100,000. The bidding will end July 31. I have a feeling Senior will end up buying his bike back for $100K just to make himself look good. I’m expecting Junior’s bike to go for $250K or more.

Who do you think won the bike build off between Senior and Junior? Sound off in the comments.

Paul Jr. Designs Cadillac Bike

Paul Jr. Designs Cadillac Bike

Paul Jr. Designs Cadillac Bike

Orange County Chopper Cadillac Bike

Orange County Chopper Cadillac Bike

Orange County Chopper Cadillac Bike

198 thoughts on “American Chopper – Paul Sr. Gets Pwned By Paul Jr.”

  1. Mark j says:

    I’d have to say juniors, what about you moto?

    1. william says:

      i think juniors bikes going to win that thangs bad ass. i want him to win to prove his dad wrong that hes good at designing an building bikes.

      1. frank martinez says:

        frankmartinez,how can the old man say he is better designer then is son yet to see something he has done!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Bonnie says:

      I think Jr’s bike blows Sr’s bike away!!!! By the way does anybody know if Sr knows any other besides uh all the time? I count that he says uh in every sentence! LOL!!!

      1. Maltagirl says:

        I absolutely agree with you it drives me nuts that senior says “Uh” in every sentence.
        Not to mention he is a disgrace as a father the way he behaves towards his sons on every show is sickening. Senior needs to have a good look at himself and the way he portrays himself on national television. The way he went to Junior shops on the second show and hung up the sign was so immature!!!! He is a father start behaving like one and take the higher road Junior certainly has. I can barely stand to watch the show because he is so out of control it makes me sick.

    3. mike says:

      the only tool sr can work is jason

  2. Fan says:

    Hey last night Sr’s bike was going for about 50,000 and Jr’s bike was at 505,000. Then this morning everything was shut down like you said.

  3. PPC Ian says:

    Those are some sweet bikes. I like Paul Jr.’s better too!

    1. $100K for a bike is pretty steep.

      1. John Chow says:

        It’ll go for more than that before the bidding ends. Don’t forget, this is a one off and not production. You’ll be the only person in the world with it. 🙂

        1. Hey John,

          Are you into bikes? If so it might be worth for you getting one of these. I like watching bikes but riding them is something I don*t care about. I made one long trip on a bike and it was very painful. Cars are much more compfortable.

          1. ron says:

            No pain no gain. choppers are for men not boys. laying on a couch and wolfing down a cheese burger is more comfortable than riding a in car. if comfort is what you seek.

        2. Oh yea, they are nice bikes, but I’d rather have a nice Mercedes E63 or a Corvette ZR1 for the same price. Or maybe I could get both for the price these will go for.

          1. Gary P says:

            Hey all they are both sweet bikes…..I like Paul Jr’s bike much better myself. I don’t think some of the people commenting here are not grasping the whole concept. The greatest thing here is the money that is being raised is for a great CHARITY!! Yes it’s a cool contest but the idea is to raise awareness and as much money as possible to get that much closer to a cure for this terrible condition. I hope that it reaches at least 1 million dollars!!

            Gary P.

  4. Kevin Kimes says:

    Senior’s overall bike doesn’t flow well, looks mish-mashed. Junior’s bike blows it away. Then it lowers down instead of having a kickstand, that’s not just icing on the cake, that’s a whole other cake on the cake.

    However, Senior’s bike is probably way, way faster. Supercharged, fuel injected, nitrous? That’s crazy! I actually suspected Senior to make his faster, and Junior’s to be nicer in every other way.

    It’s been obvious throughout the series that Junior is the talent. He’s got that indescribable thing that makes him phenomenal at artistic design. I have one friend from high school who is similarly talented, he’s a design engineer.

    Watching guys like that at work is truly humbling. Modern day Michaelangelos.

  5. fazal mayar says:

    nice looking bikes

    1. They look very expensive. I wonder how it feels to ride on one of those bikes…

      1. I’m sure they scoot along pretty good.

        1. wildman says:

          get a clue

  6. dg says:

    Jr’s bike can’t turn right because the exhaust will hit the ground. Maybe its designed for a NASCAR driver?

    1. Rick says:

      It just looks like it can’t turn because Jr.’s bike has an air suspension on it and it is lowered to the park position. No kickstand. When he raises it up to drive position it will be fine.

    2. KeyWestReactor says:

      You must have missed the fact that Jr’s bike has an air shock that lowers it onto the ground when parking. On the road the exhaust has plenty of clearance….

    3. cycleguy says:

      You’re judging it while the air suspension has it on the ground (remember, no kickstand) Once he raises it to riding height, it will turn as well as any “chopper” can with the extended front end. Jr built the sweetest looking ride I’ve seen in a long time. He took all his styling queues from the Cadillac. It was pure genious to get 2 cars in the shop to model off of. Jason is no bike designer, only good with computer graphics tools.

    4. Josh says:

      Do you really think he would design a bike that couldn’t turn plus he made a right turn in the unveiling idiot.

    5. dan says:

      don’t be stupid!!! notice it first before u make comments:p

  7. soscod says:

    nice bike….all custom made bike look awesome…

  8. My GOD, I always dream for this types of Bike but i know i’ll never be able to get that one. What ever I recently buy a Bike (Cheap Bike) and did an Accident in my first road ride. In that case God just give me a new life.

    Now I’m afraid of Bike. I don’t like them at all, ha ha. It’s Risky.

  9. Pat says:

    It takes guts (or something) to have a tv show bearing the family dynamics the way these folks have. I just love to watch it for the creativity of it all.

  10. chris says:

    wow there are some mean machines there, especially that Paul Jr. Designs Cadillac Bike

  11. fas says:

    I would choose the juniors, so much better.

  12. pl says:

    you have to remember, in the picture the bike is lowered because there is no kick stand. once the bike is up, it’s got enough clearance…

  13. crash says:


    1. Anne says:

      I agree.. Jr`s bike is awesome and Sr. is ugly. Jr`s has a nice curves to it.. Sr. is always putting jr. down and that is because he is soo damn jealous of him. When someone can come up with something this awesome out of his head you know he is a very talented person. Jason could design squat if it wasn`t for the computer. My husband has built a few bikes himself and he loves all of Jr`s designs .. Love you Jr.. good Luck and we are sure you will win the bike off and I hope the old man eats all the nasty words he has said in last few years. How could anyone treat and put their son down like that is beyond me..

      1. MWKT says:

        Ummmm…Its called R A T I N G S.

        Great way to promote your show. Sr. is smiling all the way to the bank. He’s always liked being the bad boy anyway.

  14. Paddy says:

    So is the season over or will there be a finale with the showing of the auction like the bill murry caddyshack bike

  15. Gordon.Gecko says:

    Anyone that believe’s this rivalry is real, should get their head checked. There is nothing real about the feud, nor is Michael an ‘idiot’ off the camera.

    1. wildman says:

      i know them personally, your right about mikie, as far as sr. and you,head check

  16. Traxx says:

    Give the old man a run for his money!!!!!!!

  17. jack says:

    Junior’s bike is the best by a long shot. Junior is an artist with great ability to create a unique bike and orange county or senior is just a company with no creativity but lots of money and computers with graphics that they put together which anyone could do. Junior is an artist OCC doesnt have that creativty and rely too much on the computer. You can’t put Junior’s creativty on the computer. So senior eat some crow as Junior kicked your and OCC’s butt but good in the build off.

  18. jeff says:

    I think both did agood job but jr’s bike took it. Gordon Gecko just might be right I was thinking the same thing. The show was loseing it’s zest I actually stopped watching the show. Then when it came to be senior vs. junior I started watching again. Hey it’s show biz.

  19. krillz says:

    Buy one of these and I’d need to spend as much on a small private army to keeping it from being stolen in no time.,

  20. Paul Jr.’s bike is definitely the best one. This shouldn’t even be a contest because Paul Sr.’s bike doesn’t even come close.

  21. Cesar says:

    junior have a good brain to build better bike from his father.

  22. Wesley says:

    Paul jr bike is Better hands down

  23. John H says:

    I think Paul Sr. is smoking something funny or he’s just speaking out of pure bull headed pride if he thinks Paul Jr. didn’t capture the CTSV. And I don’t think it’s even close to be honest. Paul Jr’s bike absolutely DESTROYS the OCC bike in terms of design. And I’d also like to point out that Paul Jr. designed his own bike… The OCC bike was designed by Jason, and not Paul Sr. so it should be Jr. vs. OCC. 😉 And honestly, I really don’t care for the OCC bike. It has a boxy look, while Jr’s bike has the lines… and it’s sexy as hell.

  24. TG says:

    Well, there is your proof, Jr made OCC. His ability way out weighs anything his father has designed ever.

  25. ron says:

    Senior finally got what he deserved,egg on his face ,and big pile of foot in his mouth.paulies bike blew hes away , no contest. Seniors ranting that jr could never build a bike,or never have one better than theirs is all gone now. With sr ,and his computer nerd subsitute son Jason,the occ is blown away by paulie an his crew of guys at paul jrs designs.Face it senior never liked paulie because he wanted bikes built fast with no real custom work or thought,like senior has now at occ. Jason spits out cheesy designs and sr crews build them by the print ,along with senior sticking on a few parts.then senior huffs a puffs how bad paulies shop is and how great his shop is.Senior never designs nothing or bilds nothing his self,but takes the credit when done ,just like he did when paul jr worked ther.

    1. thsaint says:

      Right on! I couldn’t have said it better myself. It looks to me when the money started rolling in Paul Sr figured he didn’t need Jr. anymore so he rode Jr. right out the door.
      AKA: Greed. Good for you Pauly. You can’t replace God given talent or family. So find a way for you and Mickey to forgive him and your blessing will continue and move on. One thing I have found in life is that folks don’t change. Especially at Sr. age( I’m saddened to say). I hope I’m wrong. But probably not. God Bless the three of you.

  26. jack schelebo says:

    Paul Jr’s bike wins hands down, I throught that Sr’s bike looks cheep and the handle bars look like sh-t…

  27. Your above mentioned the bikes looking terrible….

  28. I want to drive these Bikes and really pretty bikes…and i like american from everything..
    Thanks for providing this post.

  29. jhp2 says:

    I guess it depends on the criteria. I like Jr’s bike from a pure innovation standpoint. But if you want something that looks like a Caddy, Sr.’s bike seamlessly fits into the Cadillac lineup. It looks like it could be a Caddy.

    1. Sirmikey22 says:

      Did you even watch the show?? Jr. took the lights and back end of the car and replicated it on the chopper. Sr. is not even remotely close to capturing that. Unless your talking about a old cadi from the 50’s era. Check your eyes!

  30. travis interpee says:

    Im not a fan but, i did watch the show and Sr. bike beats Jr. bike by a long shot. theres to much technology involed in his design, OCC achieved the short stocky look and it captures what Cadilac is all about. Jr. bike is for looks and nothing else. He focused on the image of the bike the hole time, witch will grab the attention of every young ignorant person witch is why he had so many votes. With that said said if Cadi needed a bike to put on the assembly line, it will be Sr. because im shor that Jrs want start on the first try like alway. Remember. The build-off was about “WHAT CADILLAC IS ABOUT”.

    1. Dale says:

      You smoked way too much skunk and it fried your brain. Paulie build the best bike and blew OCC away. Junior is by far the superior designer, and his team proved with a lot less sophisticated equipment he could build a better bike than all the fancy machines and the huge staff at OCC. Junior did it with character while Senior continually spent all his time criticizing Junior. Senior is in need of serious therapy or maybe he should start drinking again.

    2. Captain Obvious says:

      You analysis is as bad as your spelling.

    3. 08fireblade says:

      1st of all let’s get something strait, I’m a designer and as a designer Cadillac has NEVER been just about power!!!!!!!!! It’s about flowing body lines, comfort, style and power!!!!!!!! Jr’s bike has all of that. Sr’s bike only has the power. Cadillac isn’t built to be the fastest car in the world. It’s built to have the looks, comfort and power. Take a good look at the way the bikes flow!!!!!! Jr even went so far as to make fiberoptics for the tail lights which is what the REAL Caddy uses. If you look at the back fender of Jr’s bike you’ll see that it looks identical to the back of the actual Caddy!!!!!!! Sr.s bike may have the power but it does NOT have the class or body lines of the ACTUAL Caddy!!!!!!!!! So do yourself a favor and take a look at the bikes before you make a post about something and make yourself look like ridiculous!!!!!!

    4. Chetta says:

      do you work for OCC? cuz only one that worked there could say that …are you SR.’s suck ass boy or something?….damn …thats all i can say is DAMN

  31. GKB says:

    Hey Pualie makes some beautiful bikes that cant be matched hands down image wise. But, if they never had this show and people had to choose a place to spend 100K on a bike like other delerships right now, you will get your moneys worth out of OCC’s tecnology. I would use PJD bikes for advertisment. His bike are like a pretty girl with no brains. Thats why i think his dad says Jr. will never build a bike like OCC. A paint job dont make a bike just ask Harley-Davidson or Kawasaki.

  32. I’m liking the first bike best. It gets my vote.

  33. SUMMER RIDER says:


  34. SUMMER RIDER says:


  35. I don’t know what to say, but i imagine to get one. ha ha, you can say that how a poor boy can expect this? Yes it is.

  36. Hello Did any body here touch it?

  37. Tony K says:

    I thought this was suppose to be Jr vs Sr? not Jr vs OCC! I don’t think Sr could build a bike on his own! Jr’s bike by far is better.

  38. JQT says:

    Screw GM …. building bikes with Obama money….. nice

    Your welcome,
    John Q Taxpayer

    1. Jack MeHoff says:

      Why don’t you go back to your mom’s trailer and spank it to your poster of Palin sucking off a Brown Bear!

      1. carol says:

        YOU’RE A PIG.

        1. Sirmikey22 says:

          Your a cow

    2. thsaint says:

      People like you give other folks that live in trailers a bad name. Trash is an up grade for you, you scum bag

  39. Jamie Anzures says:

    Juniors bike takes 1st place simple as that!

  40. alex says:

    jr bike look better but senior did good but dont look better

  41. Tstew says:

    First of all….Why is a guy that has never worked on a !00k+ Bike designing it in the first place? Secondly….Whats with the weird tank design on Sr.’s? Lastly, Jr., Vinnie and the entire team showed class thru out the build and never touted that they new they were the best. Great job for charity by both teams but the winner between the build off was not even close.

  42. Al says:

    I liked OCC’s (Sr.) bike, because he was able to achieve what the “customer” told him to do which was to capture the CTS-V on a bike. Jr. built a copper and copied the back end of the CTS-V (you get sued for things like that) and everybody applauded with votes. Sr. captured the power, the Cadillac angled design of the CTS-V and the bike was short just like the coupe.
    Now before you all jump down my throat, Jr. did build a nice bike but that’s all he did, nothing more. Where is the imagination? He got an air ride frame, added whatever he wanted and copied the rest.

    1. K says:

      Thats probaly as stupid as some of the things Sr says…lol Ya think Cad is gonna sue them for building a bike for them that looks like their car,,,,,lol….amazing

    2. Kevin Kimes says:

      Hey you’re the first post (that I noticed) claiming Sr’s bike was better. Certainly nothing wrong with that opinion. It’s worth noting that the announcer guy agrees with you.

      Sr’s bike is definitely faster and a bit sportier of a ride, which is what the CTS-V is about.

      However, Jr’s bike is also supercharged, so it’s no slouch in performance. And the more I look at the pictures, I just can’t see “Cadillac” in the design of Sr’s bike. The RIGHT SIDE of Jr’s bike is where it looks best, because of that plate over the engine. But they hardly showed that on the show or in the pictures.

    3. James says:

      Is that you SR?

    4. R.O.M. says:

      Who will sue who? LOL!

      Seriously, PJD used design elements from Cadillac whom they are building the bike for. HAHAHA


  43. K says:

    I was a little surprised by Srs. bike ….looked like a yugo or something,…looks like they started to make a nice bike,..then ran out of time 3/4 thru and just slapped a backend on it .I didnt think the body lines flowed whatsoever ,..its not possible that it rode like a caddy at all,..but the tech was there,…but you cant really see technology and looks are where its at for me,…both were good but OCC built a bike and PJD built a chopper,….

    1. JD says:

      Umm no…..neither are choppers technically, just custom motorcycles. Chopper have to start from a factory motorcycle to be truely choppers.

  44. Renee Quarles says:

    I think the battle between Sr. and Jr. is very stupid. Because what if one of them pasted away tomorrow? Bikes would not mean nothing then.They both do great work,but when the one you love is gone.Its to late because they never come back.

  45. JJ says:

    I think it’s funny everyone calling jr’s bike a chopper? What’s the show called again?? Oh ya American chopper!! Jr’s bike looks like a cadilac chopper!! End of story! I work on cars for a living and sorry to tell all the occ fans but.. Cady’s manufacture air suspension on some models. Good job jr for thinking out side the box and incorporating that! Instead of trying so hard to that he’s a better builder than his son, he should embrace that! What is a more satisfying achievement looking back on your life… I’m the best and no one can beat me, or that the only man able to out do me was my own son!! All about the legacy! The best part about showing your kids how to be the best at what they do, is when they take your advice and surpass there accomplishments. My dads greatest joy in life, was knowing his boys would grow to be better men than he was! Thanks pop!

    1. m.t.h. says:

      i would love to see jr. get his own show. i would definetly watch.

  46. m.t.h. says:

    whats that jokers name? jason fool? anyways, what a putz.

  47. madjack says:

    first of all get rid of that lazy fatass mikey. he’s a lazy slug that plays both sides of the fence an artist “i don’t think so . what really gets me is there are so many fantastic bike builders that are true motorcycle enthusiast . both of those bikes couldn’t hold a candle to an arlen ness bike and thats just to name one of thousands. so occ and pjd count your blessings you got lucky. i will say you’ve done a good job fooling a lot of people with very little knowledge of building a motorcycle. . i agree about jason he is good with the computer but its a good thing he is even better at kissing ass. paulie quit your whining if your so good you don’t need your daddy’s money you didn’t make occ you were just lucky enough to have paul sr as your dad because there are thousands of bike builders that would wipe your snotty nose up and down broadway . to show you i have a heart xoxo madjack (my opinion counts)

  48. Paul says:

    I watched the episode again last night; Sr. boasting how there was no way Jr. could build a better bike! Truly there is no comparison, Jr. bike is so much nicer, there really is no rhyme or reason to Sr. bike, it looks like they took a V-Rod and modified it, it’s really pretty plane for what they were trying to do. The kid they have designing these bikes really is not that great. Also I think this feud is just to increase ratings as the old show was swirling the drain Jr. and Sr. and mikey are probably sneaking around having Sunday dinners together and laughing all the way to the bank!!!

  49. broxibear says:

    The Paul Jr. Designs bike is a far nicer design, the lines flow far better than the OCC bike, although I think the four exhaust arrangement looks wrong.
    I’m not sure why it’s called Senior’s bike when it was actually designed by Jason Pohl, he designed it and it just doesn’t work on any front.

  50. JD says:

    Both are quite ugly, but at least Juniors has air ride, and that sweet Indian Motor.

  51. Cliff Ashe says:

    I’ve been watching this series for years. It is to me, a 21st century Saul & David story. Sr. is saul, jealous of David (Jr.), for NO reason. Now we see that the people were right then and right now: Saul has killed his thousands and David his ten thousands! Sr. is missing the his opportunity to celebrate the investment he made in Jr. over the years…he may die, like Saul, without embracing his true son…TRAGIC!

  52. john d says:

    we know now who the better bike builder is and senior knew when he saw jrs bike especially after emailing him earlier in the show to try and get in touch with jr look at jrs shop and look at occs shop and that was all they could produce sr might want to get a bigger shop but still would not be able to compete with jr jr your bike rocks sr you might want to retire

  53. tim in ks says:

    Paul Jr’s “design” smoked – Paul seniors errr “Jasons” design – not even close. Paul Jr is truly a master at his craft.

    1. spyderlady says:

      I wonder if Sr. will fire Jason – blaming him for the loss.

    2. Maybe jr will hire his dad out of love to sit in a chair after occ goes down

  54. Dale says:

    Sr. makes every effort to belittle Jr. and has from day one picked every tiny issue and made it blow up out of control. He is an extreme control freak and a failure as a father. His bizarre claim Jason the fool can design better than Jr. proves his failure even further for which he attempts to rationalize. He sues Jr. then blames it on Jr. claiming Jr. had nothing at all to do with the success of the show when the reality is Jr. made the show with his amazing creativity, then combined with the fighting kept hold of the audience. Jr. should be awarded the majority, not Sr. but Jr. is willing to be reasonable. Sr. will find some bizarre way to pull a sleazy ploy rather than make a fair settlement, then again blame Jr. Jr. wins every round of this heavyweight match, and does so with dignity.

  55. RobertL says:

    Is their a lawyer in the house? I don’t know this show but the way i saw Sr. talk to his employees especially Mikey and Jr. there could possibly be a law suit about that. I liked Sr. bike the best

    1. U meant Jr’s bike right or u need glasses

  56. Frank Liso says:

    Paul Jr Designs beat Paul Sr and OCC like a rug. Not even close, whatever possessed Jason Poole to design a Cafe Racer looking chopper is beyond me. And when OCC staff agreed to go with that design they must have been drinking. That is not to say it is not a quality bike, and a nice design but, it isn’t Cadillac or a Chopper!

  57. Spitzer says:

    Seniors bike looks like a dirt bike compaired to Juniors. The only thing on Seniors bike that looks good is the headlight. If I bought Juniors bike, I’d like to get the headlight off of Seniors and mount it onto Juniors.

  58. Kenny says:

    I don’t think it’s even close…Junior built a tougher and flashier bike…Seniors just looks ordinary to me.

  59. Fred Hambrecht says:

    Sr is like the other poser Jesse James, they take off the shelf stuff and bolt it together and act like they are designers. Jr on the other hand is in a class with Arlen Ness and Indian Larry. There is a huge difference between designers and modifiers.
    As far as Jason the tool, he has the standard OCC frames and gas tanks in the computer and adds a few modifications. This makes Sr happy as it increases the profits.
    It goes to show that even the best of tools in the hands of the incompetent can not create
    It will be interesting to see what Sr has to say after the world has spoken.

  60. Kurt King says:

    Paul Seniors bike looks like it was designed by Jason Cleaver…Beaver Cleavers adopted brother.

  61. Ric says:

    Seems to me everybody is missing one important thing .Cadillac has always been known for its smooth and comfortable ride.So which bike do you think would ride better Sr,s ridged or Jr,s air suspension .

    1. judging choppers is like judging a beauty contest.there both works of art but for my money ill take the bike they built for flow or the amg bike.those were the most tasefull and looked the funest to ride.and those bikes were built when they were all together.

  62. zave says:

    I loved Jr’s bike. that shit is sick. If cadillac was to build a bike they would have done like jr. put the rear fender and matched with all the cars, just like they do now.

    Just wanna say for any one who thinks the feud between jr and sr is fake is stupid. you don’t risk your companies future by letting you best designer leave. they are not making that much money from the show so its not worth it to pay for expensive lawyers just for ratings. This is a really family tragedy. just like most families have,especially when it played out on t.v. like the – the juds, the jacksons, the osmonds to name a few. keep them in your prayers

    1. Fred says:

      I’d disagree Zave. I think the “the show” is what is keeping them, especially OCC with thier far larger overhead, in business.

      These companies and organizations are not paying $100K for a custom motorcycle, they are paying $100K for a 1 hour ad on Discovery Channel. With the state of the economy getting worse, watch how fast those sponsored bikes are done once this series is over.

    2. The amount they get from discovery for an episode isn’t the issue them having a show and jr’s talent made occ ( oh yeah don’t forget Mickie )

      1. Marcie Stevens says:

        By the way Rick sounds to me like jr. maybe paying you for all this comments
        your making to me it sounds like you’r under payroll so how much for each
        comment against senior LOL

  63. Interesting bike look nice when it will come for the market

  64. Danny says:

    I think Jr.s’ bike was 100% better than Sr.s’. Sr. should face up to it that he got his butt spanked.

  65. James says:

    Paul Jr won hands down.


    1. Mario says:


  67. Antony Jones says:

    Paul Jr shitted on Sr when he hit the throddle and then dropped it to the ground without a kickstand….. It was over for OCC

  68. chopperdan says:

    I never seen a caddy with the pipes like on paulie bike have you? kinda stupid for a v-twin. whats up with the air ride most likely he doesn’t know how to use a kick stand ? you all know he was not the first on that some dude out of calif. came up with the idea long ago paulie didn’t even think it up he just used someone else’s idea what a putz . you meant to say Pauli is a wiener not the winner but I said it for you.
    Pauline is a wiener

    1. Chop-chop says:

      You can’t be serious with that opinion. Look at Sr’s bike. Paulie already built him a bike at OCC with rear fender exhaust and a hidden nitrous bottle. No originality at OCC. Just a computer geek who thinks he can design. Jr never bragged the air stand was original. And all through both weeks of the show, never did anyone at PJD’s put down their competition.

      1. JessieJ029 says:

        Oh please, SENIOR’S bike actually portrays the cadillac..while Junior just built a chopper with some features that have nothing to do with the cadillac. AWW POOR JUNIOR, he is actually forced to do some work now that he builds his own bikes. While he couldn’t even come to work on time when he worked for his Father. JUNIOR needs to learn respect for his father instead of crying and throwing temper tantrums because he feels he wants more money from his father’s business.

        1. cc says:


    2. It doesn’t matter he didn’t think it up it is unique as to the quallity of cadilac nice touch jr.

    3. Nino R. says:

      Men are jealous by nature. Heaven forbid Paul Jr. win. You’d still find something else to say.

  69. Dave says:

    You people are all in for a shock. This season is a set-up. Sr. is sick and closing down O.C.C. They have set up this season for Jr. to beat Sr. in a series of showdowns and Sr. will tell everyone he is retiring do to health issues. If you look at him he has lost a considerable amount of muscle mass and weight. Sr. is stepping down and Jr.s business will explode after this season. This is business, Sr. will accomadated very well for his part but it is last season and O.C.C. will be closing.

    1. arramac says:

      If by “sick” you mean that he now is steroid free, as opposed to his previous years on the show when he was so full of steroids that he frequently enagaged in roid rage screaming matches with his sons, then you’re right he is “sick” . His loss of muscle mass is a result of his no longer being on steroids , dumb ass.

    2. Nino R. says:

      I think you might right on the ” he’s sick” part. Sr. is sick. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. What makes him different is he talks behind Jr.’s back and claims he wants to “make a mends”. Playing grade school games. He needs to retire, yesterday.

  70. Garry says:

    Jr hands down has this build off. Jr has a small crew, small shop, smaller budget, but the biggest talent and biggest heart.

  71. that Cadillac bike is hot! great work on Jr’s behalf

  72. I think Senoir’s bike rocks! It perfectly mimicked the sleek, compact and powerfull machine it was intended to. Junoir’s is large and bulky looking, nice bike but not what the competition was about.

    1. thsaint says:

      Jason …..Sr. is that you guys again?

      1. Marcie Stevens says:

        There is actuall fans of senior out here that arent getting paid like most of you
        jack asses.

    2. Sr’s bike looks like wal- mart asked him to build a bike

      1. Marcie Stevens says:

        There you are again how much for this comment???
        Jr. is nothing but a looser.

    3. Nino R. says:

      Glad you’re not with the cadillac people.

    4. cc says:

      If you take all the cad emblems off the bikes and put them side by side Jrs bike will still look like a cad. As far as the nitro ideaar, Did anyone see the bike Jr designed for Shelby? You know, the one with the nitro

  73. Carol Carol says:

    I know Paul Jr.’s bike is killing Sr.’s in the voting, but some key factors fail to be mentioned among the comments. One OCC’s bike has better technology. Two, the OCC bike is more a guy’s bike because it practically begs you to want to ride it both visually and in terms of performance. Three, the OCC bike has more a ROAD BIKE DESIGN and has more commercial value; it better matches the motorcycle market in performance and style. More bikes on the road look more similar to the OCC bike. Best design in my mind has more commercial/market value and more streamlined design; for me that’s the OCC bike. Jr.’s bike has some great design features but at times appears to be thought out in design pieces and sometimes has a tacked-on fee,l as if he at times lost sight of the bike as a whole. For example the 4-pipe exhaust on the side; the bike would have been an even better design without that.

    1. thsaint says:

      How much did u pay for that comment Sr.

    2. R u lost the 2 into 4 is killer and what kind of tech does sr. Have over jr. Jason Poole. They have access to all the same tech. I would much rather ride jr’s bike any day

    3. Dave says:

      Technology? You’re a country hick! You call a hardtail technology? The suspension ALONE blows you theory out of the water! Ain’t you got some pigs to feed or cows to milk? You damn sure don’t know shit about motorcycles!

  74. Ric says:

    I still say that gas tank on Srs. bike is one ugly mutha

  75. Neltech says:

    WOW…Seams like yesterday when Sr claimed that never in a million years Jr could build a bike better then O.C.C. Boy where did time go by so fast. Jr’s bike captured the design features of the CTSV.

  76. 29tomt says:

    I think both bikes have a lot going for them. What shifted me towards Junior’s bike is the rear fender and that air ride with the drop so you can get off with it free standing. Lord help your a$$ if that air ride breaks going down the road in a curve though.

    1. Nino R. says:

      That goes without saying on any bike breaks sweetie.

  77. steve lent says:


  78. Al says:

    I wish Jr lots of luck. He beat his dad in the build off. His bike is so cool. They need to get their sh… together and atleast comunicate. One day something bad will happen to one of them, then what?

  79. Gary Schonyers says:

    Although OCC did build a nice bike, Paul Jr.s’ bike was on another level. Except for Christian and Rick everyone at OCC bashes Paul Jr. He is a creative genius while OCC relies on Jason the Fool (an idiot of the highest order). Beware Paul Sr. the way you treat people will come back to bite you and we are witnessing that result right now. It would behoove you to acknowledge your son’s talent and take credit for giving him the instruction and direction to achieve what he has. i’m sure he would say that you were the reason he has become what he has become which is a supreme custom bike builder.

  80. wr says:

    jr’s bike beat sr’s by a long shot, and remember sr did’nt even design his own he had jason design it. he also has a team of about 6 or 7 guys working on the bike as to where jr designed his own and has a team of only 2 plus himself, which means he helps alot with the building of the bike. sr barely got his hands dirty. jr is definetly better!!!!

  81. Josh says:

    Jr’s bike beats Sr’s all day long, and not just the cadillac bike any and every bike he makes. Jr actually designs and builds his unlike Sr. Also Jr does it out of his head not a computer doing it for him thats pure talent.

  82. Great bikes. Jr won. I just hope those 2 get along again. Its evil for a father and son to fight like that.

  83. albert j. soler says:

    the rivalry between father and son may be over due to the cadillac bike build-off. both machines were well done. occ’s technology although superior did not show its best product. the concept of nitrous on a motorcycle was done when junior and vinnie were there. jason poule is a computer geek and he somewhat of a loon, but he is no bike designer.. paulie’s bike was designed from his mind and vision, and that set the theme for an impressive machine. ,the rear enginner for caddy even said”junior nailed it”. enough said.. junior wins by a long shot.. senior has to learn a big lesson. myself being a father he has to realize that when it comes to our children, they are us and we are them… good luck junior

  84. bryon says:

    Paul Jr.’s bike is definitely the best one. All of paulie’s bike are designed from his heart and mind.
    OCC has some great guy’s but Jr. is and has been the master of design.

  85. john marchant says:

    Jr ‘s shop is a real shop with shared mutual respect and praise. The two bums that left were just that. They stay focused on building great bikes and stay out of the mud slinging that Sr and his shop seem so obsessed with. Get over it Sr be proud of your children.

  86. linda kidney says:

    I am very happy for jr. He seems very grounded in what is important in life and wants to rebuild relationship with father.
    Speaking from experience, my son has not spoken to his family in over 12 years. You can’t turn back the clock but you can move forward in positive ways to make things better. I hope time does not get away from the Tutle family like it did ours.
    Maybe this competition will put an end to the rivalry and let them rebuild.
    They have been in my prayers.

  87. Luis laBoy says:

    I’ve seen Jr bikes in person. He created what now is OCC. Its a shame that it had come to the breaking up of the family. Over all jr bike is awesome. I’m sure that in person it would be bad ass. I saw his Geico bike in Daytona ,,, Awh I can OMG.

  88. RobertL says:

    The boys at orange county chopper have learned the best way to get the old sob in a good mood is to bad mouth his sons. I’ve noticed Sr. really gets a glow on when others bad mouth Jr. especially when his lover Jason agrees that his sons r worthless. Sr. is like my sister in that the only time he cries is when he feels sorry for himself.

  89. Bette says:

    To me it is so sad that Sr has lost his two sons by being a aXXhole and a big baby who only thinks about himself.Life is too short and Sr will die a lonely man if he keeps up the way he is acting.By he way Jr’s bike wins hands down.Jr is very talented and his dad needs him,maybe someday Sr will wake up and get his shXXt together and realize his sons are very talented.Mikie is a very sweet guy,no wonder he got on drugs,I would too with a dad like Sr……..

  90. JessieJ029 says:

    SENIOR SENIOR SENIOR!!!! His bike by far is the best.

    And, Paul Junior was a lazy bum when he worked for his father. No wonder he was fired. He couldn’t show up for work on time, or do what he was supposed to do. He just thought that because it’s Daddy’s shop that he could bank the dollars and not have to work like everyone else. Sure, Junior may have talent… but he needs to learn respect for his father.

    1. cc says:

      Jr didnt just work for OCC, he was also part owner just like Sr. As long as the bikes got designed and built on time he has just as much a right to come in to work just like Sr

    2. cc says:

      You have to earn respect. Would you really show respect to your father if he spoke about you the way Sr speaks to Jr. I dont care if he is his father, Sr is a total ass

  91. die says:

    please die

  92. Ric says:

    Am I the only one that thinks the gas tank on Srs. bike is an ugly s,o.b and that Cadillac should never be represented by a rough riding ridgid frame bike.

    1. cc says:

      I agree. Cadillac is supossed to be all about style and comfort. Also the placement of the footpegs on Srs bike looks uncomfortable

  93. RDR says:

    Paul Jr.’s crew definitely built a better bike. I’m tried of listening to Sr. He needs to retire and get a life. Orange County Choppers is old and outdated. Paul Sr’s crew can not compete with Jr. Tear them up Jr.

  94. Jr’s bike is so much nicer and represents cadilac quality. Sr’s bikes have a weird look to them mat be it’s the computer layouts they do they just have a cheap look to them like they where rushed and not much thought went into them. Jr. Puts a lot of thought into each build and as far as the split up jr. Is in a better position know then before and he has the abiliity to design freely much nicer bikes he is a super talented guy and so is his crew vinie, Cody, Nub, etc. Hats off to Jr. And I hope they ( the whole family ) can get back together. Keep the rubber on the road.

  95. Mario says:

    I’ve been watching since the beginning and everyone knows Paul jr was the pioneer of building theme bikes with his artistic mind and creativity sr has turned that art and made it a mainstream circus, jr on the other hand has kept his creativity and his personal touch that’s what makes him a sucsess and will keep him one of a kind

    1. Mario says:

      Oh and Vinny is the best at what he does , the atmosphere at jrs shop seems so much better for what they do wish the best for them

      1. cc says:

        Lets not forget Brendon. I like Rick alot at OCC but Brendon is just as good. Jr needs to make sure Brendon stays with him.

  96. Bryan Dunaway says:

    No question that Junior built a better bike. I’ve been following the show for years and I can’t believe how attached I’ve become! I’m really proud of Junior and his creativity is what really sets him apart. He’s extremely talented and I think that deep down Senior is a little jealous of Juniors talents. I really hope that Senior can suck it up and act like a father and put an end to the battle. The sad thing is that they all clearly love each other.

  97. Leebo says:

    Jr. is two years in his shop, how long have we watched the OCC empire build up, with all the state of the art equipment and this is what they produce? Like it was stated previously, Jr. designed his bike, one of Sr.’s employees designed their bike, with the use of autocad computer software. Jr. was obviously the talent at OCC, I don’t see alot of innovation from OCC bikes, maybe why they are teetering on bankruptcy.

  98. B Durham says:

    Junior is the reason that there is an occ…His dad just rode his coat tails…Junior’s bike’s blow senior’s away…I hope Paul jr put’s the ole man out of buisness…just say’n…

  99. Chris says:

    Junior’s bike is so much better because it represents Cadillac. Seniors doesn’t even represent the brand Cadillac. How’d they even get the color gray? Nonetheless, Juniors’s bike is a compact Cadillac car which is what Cadillac wanted!

  100. Dave says:

    No question about it. The old duff lost hands down. That’s what happens when you let your arrogance and big mouth let you believe in some little shithead who kisses your ass design a bike. Srs bike looked like some sheet metal ripped of an old stealth fighter with a 36 ford grill hanging where the tank should have been. Jrs bike was an example of utter elegance and imagination. I’m sure Sr isn’t smart enough to see he was a major loser here. PAUL JR., YOU are the MAN!!! Congrats! It appears to me that the only MATURE fellow in the series was Jr. and if my father talked me down like that old fool, he’d find his head in his ass.

  101. Ashley says:

    when you can build a bike with your own ideas instead of using a computer to generate everything for you…then you deserve to win. Hands down to Jr…that’s one bad a** ride…

  102. Ralph Naquin says:

    Jr.s bike is head over heels the best bike, and he did it all from his head which proves Jr. is better than the computer!!

  103. lisaaka says:

    paul jr hands down. seniors bike first off is just ugly like his attitude and 2nd of all jr’s bike is gorgeous, and bad ass chopper looking. and after watching the show…paul sr simply put everyone else to do their thing he had little to no input on the bike.

  104. flash game says:

    nice article john ,i just love these great bikes

  105. Claudia says:

    I am sure that Sr busted his ass for a few years getting his business going, his problem is he burns all his bridges behind him. How small he must feel leaving that beautiful building and going back to a smaller shop. He will blame that on Jr also or the bank. He cant make any kind of a statement without knocking Jr. His controlling ways are so bad and I hate the way he talks to all the guys saying nasty things to them. He loved the money and fame and Jr was cause for the recognition in design genius. The truth is deep inside he knows he went to far and his days of reign are over. He knows his health has changed, its taken its toll. The Discovery Channel tried very hard to cause shit between them and they got caught. Ratings is the name of the game. I will miss the show, but the lies, Odie, the Sr look alike, all the liars, shame on you. You didnt even get 15 minutes of fame. I wish PJD the best in the future. Senior has made his bed, rest well you insecure jealous man.

  106. Victor T Benitez says:

    Without a doubt I believe Jr has nmad the best bike and I am glad to say this for hios father never has anything good or positive about his abilities or him for that matter. I hope Jr’s bike far exceeds his father and that he will finally be recignized for whart he can do

  107. sarge says:

    Paul Jr. bike by a land slide. Sr.s bike is designed like the body of a hyenia with it’s tail tucked between it’s legs. Jr. nailed it with the no kick stand thing, even Sr. was in awe of it.Wonder if Sr. will give his son the recognition he deserves.

  108. john says:

    paul jr def. took this with no questions asked..his bike screams cadillac…

  109. John says:

    Sr’s bike looks like a communist attempt at building a cool chopper. Jr created a Masterpiece! Wow! What a beautiful bike! Jr just took a big ol loader bucket of dirt and buried OCC! Bye Bye OCC!!!

  110. peter says:

    by far Paul JR what a great job

  111. K says:

    Not even close in my eyes, junior designed and did it with far less “technology” and an excellent team.

    While senior just watched, and whined at how bad junior is at building bikes then complained a bit about the design on his own bike which Jason had done, while his team did it for him.
    As far as I can tell he wasn’t even involved in the bike, in this so called senior vs junior…
    And the result I dunno what to say, it’s not a bad bike but it’s not even close to juniors. Can’t just count on technology to do the work for you. I thought this was important and that senior would actually get his hands dirty for ones.

    As a side not whats with all the Junior can’t build bikes, because he don’t have the technology etc as OCC, it’s always junior on his own against entire OCC i these whines, never vs senior, I’ve watched this show for a long time, and the only thing I can remember senior building is a catapult that throw a doll looking like junior on a bike…

  112. David Velazquez says:

    I remember Sr saying Jr was never the true designer or talent when he was there, instead he credited Jason. I’m glad Jr kicked his ass in the build off. In the begining I would always agree with senior because he is the boss and junior should do what he’s told and thats it! but Junior would argue with him in front of the co workers. After Sr fired him, Jr was not shitting on his dad or OCC But Sr, a 60 yr old man was acting like a little bitch, bad mouthing Jr, laughing at his trying to succeed, making dummies that mimic his son and suing his son. Jr was more mature about it and handled it like a MAN. I think Sr was doing it for the cameras but thats flesh and blood,you don’t shit on your son.

  113. Marcie Stevens says:

    Both bikes looked good as far as Im concern jr. has his head up his ass
    Senior should have kept his son’s out and away from orange choppers
    to begin with dogs bite the hand that fed them!! thats my thoughts and
    Senior keep your head high you’r the origanal not a fake like Jr.

  114. Forex News says:

    Anyone that believe’s this rivalry is real, should get their head checked. There is nothing real about the feud, nor is Michael an ‘idiot’ off the camera.

  115. constantinetheemcee (@constant_i_n_e) says:

    I love both of these bikes, PJD bike has the cool no doubt, but if I think if Cadillac were to release a line of bikes OCC bike is more suitable for that and I think this is what Cadillac was looking for personally.

    @ an Auction PJD bike will win hands down, but OCC has perpetual income potential.

  116. HANK says:


  117. afm says:

    Jr’s bike is better, hands down.

  118. mike says:

    occ design teams consist of a computer and some machine that cuts it out for them…sr consistantly say jason is a better designer but he has 1/10th the skill of jr…sr rags on jr all the time, but jr actually uses creative techniques to come up with a bike…i hate watching occ build bikes and fastforward to pjd segments in the show. sr cuts on his sons every chance he can get and has excuses for everything! like that one episode where he trys to explain why hes going to jasons wedding and not his own sons…it is sad how pathetic he is and he is surround by yes men who know exactly how to feed sr’s ego. the worst part of the show is watching sr try to explain a bike, he stutters like every bike is his first gig and its obvious sr needs jr more than jr needs sr.

  119. Jamie says:

    The landslide in votes and $$ says it all. Can over 200,000 people be wrong ? They are all amazing at their jobs but the numbers say it all and I agree with the masses, Jrs bike is better in every way except the power, but it was not a race bike competition was it…. All I can say is if I was beaten that bad in a vote.. I would admit defeat. Sr fans are so far out numbered it is an embarrassment.

  120. George says:

    Senior’s bike looks like it was built by a team of engineers. Junior’s bike looks like it was built by an artist.

  121. Rev says:

    Honestly, I’d probably ride both. But considering it’s a competition to build a Caddy bike, Jr’s is better. Jr’s actually looks like it was influence by a Cadillac, including the ingot on the front. I can’t tell what on Sr’s bike is influenced by Cadillac, if at all.

  122. Luis Ruiz says:

    I think Junior won cause his the best builder. Better then his dad. Senior dont do shit just seat his ass and rick and the other the job and he get the credit.

  123. robert says:

    when i seen the show sr didnt design his bike it was his computer geek sr couldnt design a bike i dont think besides wouldnt this knock him out of the bike build off

  124. vinnie says:

    The bike build off was great for Discovery Channel, Cadillac, and OCC, but the big winner in all of this is PJD’s, as he finally gets the recgonition for his own work and doesnt have to rely on being a fomrer OCC Co-founder and/or Employee/Son…

    Jrs bike blows away Srs/OCC by along shot no matter how you look at it, Srs bike looks more like a stealth fighter everytime i look at it with all the angles, the frontend forks are bare and there is nothing that stands out, sure it has an engine, but it looks more like a Jason computerized two wheeler…I wonder what the staff at OCC are really thinking after all the results started puring??? Do they still think they are bad ass or can they admit that this was not there best work!!!

    Jrs on the other hand is a bike builder and and aside from the engine, wheels and wiring pretty much did this from scratch!!! How many buliders out there can match this bike even with 20/20 hindsight???

    Why were the votes taken off the website??? Nuff said…

  125. wingding says:

    The real winner here are the kids who will benefit from the sale of the bikes. Hope this make their health and life better.

  126. Matt says:

    In my opinion Sr’s bike had a nicer exhaust but other then that Juniour’s trumped his in every way. However, I do not feel as though Jr. or Sr. truly captured the brand of Cadillac. In my opinion, Cadillacs are refined, plush, affordable luxury that you can drive responsibly and not have an exhaust note that will give you migraines sitting in traffic but when you floor it, it will reward you with a beautiful sound. I used to own the XLR-V and it was comfortable enough to drive to my summer house which is 500miles away, yet has the performance to beat almost any other North American and Japanese car. Neither Jr. or Sr’s bike look like something comfortable enough to drive to work every day or to go for a nice cruise they look like they will end up being trailer queens that are never truly appreciated.

  127. BarryBrancart says:

    Jr really knocked it out of the park, … Sr parked it and got knocked out.

  128. Mustangsalee says:

    Jr’s bike was definitly the best bike! He was the one with the talent at OCC and you can tell by the difference in the two bikes! Way to go, Jr!

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