An Affiliate Marketing Model That Works

Most new affiliate marketers getting into Internet marketing do what I call hit and run affiliate marketing. It’s the model they’re all familiar with because it’s the one they hear about the most. The hit and run marketing steps goes something like this.

  1. Select an affiliate product to promote
  2. Send traffic to the advertiser’s sales page with paid traffic
  3. PROFIT!

I’m sure you’ve all heard stories of affiliate marketers spending $1,000 a day to make $2,000? It sounds great doesn’t it? The only problem is these affiliates are not doing hit and run marketing. So what affiliate marketing model are they using? In the video below, I’ll show you an affiliate marketing model that really works, and will make you real money.

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12 thoughts on “An Affiliate Marketing Model That Works”

  1. Affiliate marketing is one of the most papular monetization techniques for niche publishers and is being used by hundreds of thousands of sites in a wide variety of verticals.
    Affiliate marketing also very broad term and under this umbrella there are several different strategies that can be employed to generate affiliate revenue. Thanks for Sharing informative post for the internet marketer.

  2. Affiliate marketing also very broad term and under this umbrella there are several different strategies that can be employed to generate affiliate revenue. Thanks for Sharing informative post for the internet marketer.

    1. Richard Tong says:

      Is your Blogging system wordpress Blog?

  3. Karim Toulba says:

    Thanks John for the inspiring video. Honestly, your videos are always showing the bright part of affiliate marketing. I’ve been tapping into a few niches, trying to make affiliate commissions. While it worked a few times, I still need to learn and deploy more.

    Honestly, I’ve a problem with Paid Traffic. I’m yet to start spending money on paid advertising campaigns. Platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads needs a lot to be learned first. Am I wrong?

    I’ve got a nice success with SEO and getting traffic from search engines. And I think this is the long lasting results that I should replicate further and further again.

    But you’re right! Affiliate Marketers should understand how paid traffic works. As it potentially could end up getting in better earning results.

    Thanks again for sharing.
    Keep up the great work, You’re awesom!

  4. Isla Sophia says:

    Thanks for the great tips and work . Good to see these statistics for better understanding

  5. I see this regularly on the Warrior Forum John. Sure you pay some dough to make dough but creating something lasting, by being patient, makes all the difference in the world. I recall one prominent blogger making $50,000 a month. Sweet. Then I found out his expenses totaled $48,000 a month LOL. Still make 2 Gs at the end of the month but something was kinda off there in the business model.


  6. Jeanne Rappsilber says:

    How do I do affiliate marketing without my own website, blog, or niche??

  7. Good explanation, but is not easy to send traffic and also there are a many steps.

  8. Barry says:

    Mr. chow, really interesting, but a little difficult for a newbie, I know this not on the subject, how do you become affiliate marketer without having website. Do you do mentoring in this field or do you recommend someone . Thank you again

  9. Jon says:

    Building an email list is one of the essential methods of succeeding in affiliate marketing.
    The other one is to promote affiliate programs that give residual commissions.

    When you combine them by capturing email addresses and sending your prospects to residual affiliate offers, you will give yourself the greatest possibility of succeeding as an affiliate marketer.

    This is how the big affiliates achieve success.

  10. DAVID A SELF says:

    Absolutely right, no matter what business one approaches whether online or offline. Repeat customers is the aorta to keeping the heart of the business operational. I’ve tried both without any success until I learned in my Handyman business, repetitious is how to stay in business. Online I could not make a cent with Clickbank ClickSure, Priceless – Possibilities, and even Amazon, not one cent; but, lots of frustrated hours because no matter who clicked on my links those companies “stole my customers.” I come to believe if ones must use a 3rd party like Commission Junction, LinkShare, or whomever, you’re not going to make the profits ones see in their dreams! I believe the key to success is “direct” as in click one’s link, capture their info, and present them with a solution repeatedly. I may be wrong, but I think people surf online for “personal solutions.” I hated Clickbank because of their untold stupid payment policy, and Amazon is not much different. When I bid a paint of fixer job if the customer says we have a 20% retainer I say find another pro. You cannot survive in business giving others your cash. Thank you for videos, hope Sally enjoyed Spring Break! Thanks

  11. John Marc says:

    John a good video to watch but if you don’t mind please make a video to get the best of using Facebook Ads because I have tried using this paid traffic for a few times but never get the result expected. The amount of traffic is low and often times there is no traffic at all from Facebook.

    So please to make a video tutorials to get as many traffic from Facebook Ads.

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