An Easiser Way To Track Keywords

Lee Dodd is a forum guru and the mastermind behind the Elite Retreat, an event that bought Lee together with Shoemoney, Aaron Wall, and Dave Taylor for a two day seminar for 35 people who pony up $4,850 each to attend.

Before heading off to the Elite Retreat, Lee sent me a ReviewMe request to review his new Keyword Tracker service. Lee is the second Elite Retreat leader who has asked me to review one of their products (read my review of Aaron’s SEO Book here). I’m expecting a ReviewMe request from Shoemoney and Dave Taylor any day now. πŸ™‚

EarnersForum Keyword Tracker


The Keyword Tracker allows you to track both keyword ranking and backlinks in the Google search engine. The tool is absolutely free to use and will help webmasters become more efficient and keep a better watch on their SEO progress. Instead of checking your rankings by entering your keywords into the Google search engine, the Keyword Tracker will do it all for you and display the information in an easy to understand format.

To use the tracker, you need to do two things. The first is you need to get a Google API key if you don’t already have one. Without the API key, the tracker doesn’t work. You can get a free key at

Once you get the key, you need to sign up for EarnersForum – only forums members are allowed to use the Keyword Tracker. Membership in Lee’s EarnersForum is free so you don’t have anything to lose. In fact, the forum is a great resource of webmaster information. The forum has been around for only six months but already it has over 5,500 members and 85,000 posts.

To use the Tracker you just input the keyword and the URL of your site. The tracker will tell you the rank of that keyword for that URL. As you can see from the above screen shot, I’m ranked number 1 for John Chow and number 2 for Super Corvette. You can add as many keywords as you like and the tracker will keep a running rank on the keywords and tell you if you’re moving up or down.

Tracking Backlinks


In addition to keeping track on your keywords, the tracker can also track the number of backlinks to your sites. You can enter as many sites as you wish, including the competition if you want to keep track of them.

The API takes a few days to ramp up the tracking. At the beginning, all the sites show zero backlinks. However, as information from the API start updating, it will catch up and start to show real time results. The information for both keywords and backlinks can also be display as a graph.

I’ve been using the Keyword Tracker for the past 5 days and I’ve added to my list of stat pages that I check everyday. It’s a really nice webmaster tool and I congratulate Lee for coming out with it. All your SEO junkies will want to check it out right away.

25 thoughts on “An Easiser Way To Track Keywords”

  1. Vikas says:

    Something to check out for πŸ˜‰

  2. John Ellis says:

    Wow. Your blog has turned into paid advertisements. That’s what, 3-5 in the last 5-7 days? One a month is fine but you my friend are greedy with dollar signs in your eyes. I run circles around you in terms of profit online so you must be pretty desperate accepting $100 for every reviewme review that you do.

  3. Yan says:

    Thanks for the tip. So far I have been using the tool from digitalpoint forums and it is sort of slow and very 90’s. πŸ™‚ Will give this new shiny Web2.0 looking service a try.

  4. John Chow says:

    John Ellis – That’s 3 this month, out of 55 posts so far in December. But hey, people see what they want to see. All income made on this blog goes to charity.

    As for running circles around me in terms of online profits, that’s great. Why don’t use some of your online smarts to help people success instead of whining about me raising more money for people in need?

  5. Joe says:

    I agree with John Ellis.

    John Chow, you are evil to give money to charities!!!

  6. soj says:

    Ellis, isn’t it interesting how you know exactly how much Chow is making to know that your running circles around him in terms of profits. And reviewing something for $100 wouldn’t seem desperate, I have met multi millionaires who still pickup 5c pieces from the ground. Would you call them desperate???

  7. Tony says:

    Google posts:
    “On December 5th, we stopped accepting new sign-ups for the Google SOAP Search API. This change does not impact current users of the SOAP Search API — you can continue to execute queries, and we have no plans to turn off the service in the future.”

    The alternative – “AJAX Search API does not provide server-side access to search results”

    Yieks, does this mean no new (working) sign-ups for Keyword Tracker?

  8. Tony says:

    It appears that Google has send me the key anyways, even though the ‘sign-up’ ended in a ‘page not found’ instead of a confirm.

    So for those interested, I’d suggest to grab a key while they still can.

  9. Interesting tool, I’m surprised doesn’t rank for the keyword “Whore”.

  10. Sorry that should be “whores” πŸ™‚

  11. Matt $tidham says:

    I had the same results as tony. They said that the account already exists and i was sent to a 404 error page. However i still got a new key in my email!! thanks google!

  12. John Chow says:

    Andrew – I do rank for “Google Whores” πŸ™‚

  13. Frank says:

    John you got a username on the forum? They want to know if someone referred them. Not a big deal, but you did refer me.

  14. John Chow says:

    Frank – My username on there is JohnChow

  15. Lee Dodd says:

    Thanks for the detailed review John. I hope plenty of webmasters find the tool to be a useful addition to their time spent on SEO work!

  16. David Mackey says:

    Seems like a pretty nifty tool, though I already use WebCEO, which offers the same.

  17. Andy says:

    I’ll be honest – I dont really like that you use ReviewMe, but at least you are reviewing worthy sites/products

    I purchase SEOBOOK because of your review

  18. Jane says:

    The Google tracker seems like a really great idea. It sounds like it displays your blog information, atleast the rank and links as Technorati and Alexa does. Is that right?

  19. derrich says:

    I hope this helps. Here goes nothing.

  20. derrich says:

    Maybe its just past my bedtime, and I’m not getting this, but where do I go in the Google Code Home page?

  21. Leftblank says:

    Nice tools, using them quite often right now. Derrich, if I’m right that link should be pointing directly at the form to request one, els you might want to Google on that one πŸ˜‰

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