An eCommerce Store Without The Work

Some may remember my post about Content Over eCommerce. In that post I explained why running a content site is better than running an eCommerce site. Well, a new service call Shopster promises to give you all the advantage of a content site with the profit potential of an eCommerce store. If you’ve always want to get into eCommerce, but don’t want to actually do any work, then Shopster maybe for you.

Shopster lets you own an eCommerce store without any of the headaches like stocking inventory, shipping, processing credit cards, dealing with pissed off customer and all the other bad things that goes with running a store. The only thing you need to do is name your store and select items from Shopster’s inventory of 700,000 products. You set your own prices for the products. When you make a sale, Shopster ship the order directly to your customers anywhere in North America and you make the difference between the price you sold the product for and the wholesale price in the Shopster warehouse.

Shopster gives you a fair bit of flexibility when designing your store. You can write your own product descriptions, create different product categories and even create coupons. You can use any of the pre-made store templates or put your web design skill to work and create your own.

While Shopster looks like a nice service, I would not call it true eCommerce. You can only sell what Shopster has in its warehouse, which is large, but you won’t be able to add that really cool product you discovered on your last trip to India. This makes Shopster more of an affiliate program. The main difference being you get a storefront and you set the prices.

Unlike Amazon’s aStore, Shopster is not a free service. There is a $99 set-up fee and $39 per month storefront fee. However, you can test out the service for a week at no charge. I checked out some of the sample stores and noticed that i4u is using them. I may have to look at the possibility of adding an online store to TTZ.

9 thoughts on “An eCommerce Store Without The Work”

  1. micsaund says:

    Maybe it’s small change to someone who’s pro level, but $40/month just to host a store that makes someone else money is too much IMHO. I’d consider putting something like this on my site(s) but not if I have to pay for the service. At 5% less (or whatever reduction going from amazon to shopster) you can sell quite a few Amazon store items before you begin to get the same revenue with this shopster thing. And, the amazon store won’t cost you during months you get no sales, which is entirely possible on new or experimental sites.

  2. Carl says:

    Yey! get ready for a bunch of lame stores that look exactly like each other, with domains like and!

  3. Terra says:

    Yeah…kinda sounds like the type of scam the stay at home moms really fly into. I mean, it’s a good idea… but no… not really. It defeats the whole premise of starting your own online store.

  4. Ryan says:

    I like the idea. ButI don’t see myself opening a store in the near future.

  5. Jono says:

    Jon, pay me $5.00/month and I’ll visit this site everyday and I’ll click on your banners.

  6. Picu says:

    I actually tried the service back when it was in beta stage and I can sum it all up in one word – LAME. The goods themselves were almost all of low quality. The DVDs were the type you would find in the bargain bin at Blockbuster. The electronics were off-brands and out of date items like you would find at a flea market. You get the idea …

    Also you had limited control over the layout of the site as everything is hosted on their servers and although you could add text to enhance their VERY minimal product descriptions how could you really do so because you don’t know anything about the products? And why even bother to build a cookie cutter website and promote products using an infrastructure that you have no control over?

  7. John Chow says:

    Picu – Thanks for the review. I was going to sign up for the free seven day trail to do a review of the service. I had plan to put up a store and show what it can look like but after reading your poost, I don’t see a need for that now.

  8. Ian says:

    I used to have a vstore (whatever happened to them??) back in the 90s that basically did the exact same thing free. I knew nothing about marketing though, and I think I made one sale.

  9. Sonia says:

    The first thing I would have thought is how to fool the system.
    When I receive a package from TTZ I notice that it actually had been shipped by Shopster. So the next time I order from Shopster saving $1.50 on that wireless router I always wanted.

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