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An Inside Look At The #ASE12 Blogger’s Lounge

written by John Chow on August 15, 2012

Secure Affiliate Marketing

The Blogger’s Lounge is an area reserved for credentialed bloggers and press to grab some desk space, blog, interview, relax and network. That’s the official description anyway. In reality, the Blogger’s Lounge is a happening place where bloggers get wild and crazy with board games and endless flow of free beer.

If I’m not on the show floor or attending a session, I’m at the Blogger’s Lounge. It’s even possible to blog about the show without ever leaving the lounge because companies are dropping by all the time to pitch us something, or drop off some gifts.

Fellow Vancouverite, Heather Smith, is the BlogMistress of the Affiliate Summit Blogger’s Lounge. She serves as liaison between Affiliate Summit and the press and bloggers attending the show. She also announces my coming in, and leaving, of the Blogger’s Lounge.

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