And You Thought Lambo Doors Were Fancy

Remember the first time you saw a Lamborghini with its gull wing like doors that swing up instead of out? There many after market tuners that can give your car some “Lambo Doors” but for some people, that is not enough. Take for example, this Lincoln Mark VIII with it’s roll away doors.

In the automotive world, your never stay on top for very long as someone is always trying to top you. Other than saying, “Look at me!” I cannot think of any practical function for the doors in the following video.

76 thoughts on “And You Thought Lambo Doors Were Fancy”

  1. Deelip says:

    I have not yet seen Lamborghini 🙁 poor me!

    1. ouchs says:

      😯 😯

        1. Goob says:

          I think this comment nest needs more cowbell…I mean 😯

          1. Marc says:

            I know I’ve got a fever… 😯

      1. why would people just leave smilie faces

        1. There are no words to explain how sad and shocking that comment is. Thats why. 🙄 ❗

      2. simon says:

        I’m 😯 😯 too ❗

        1. shman says:

          😯 😯 Not only You!

    2. Alex Vorn says:

      If you stay all your time home!

      1. did you guys see transformers?

        ok, the first one was cool, the second one is simply nuts, it’s not pratical

        1. J says:

          That’s the whole point!

          I think.

          Maybe not.

          I wouldn’t know, I haven’t seen it yet.

        2. Yeah, I saw it like two times already. That 2nd car is insane alright. I will, however, take a Camaro (Bumblebee style) over that circus of a car anyday.

        3. lionstarr says:

          But the first one, you wouldn’t really need to!

    3. i’m sure you’ve seen it on tv or any other places

  2. Paul says:

    The second video was better. The first door was neat but the door itself was crappy.

    1. i couldn’t disagree more

      1. Marc says:

        I’m with you on that one. If Paul was trying to be sarcastic, then he needs practice. If he’s being serious, well then I’m just baffled.

      2. blogcrowds says:

        What about been hit by a hummer? the sides looked like canvas.

    2. J says:

      Very true. So I made a better one…

      …in mai dreams!

      1. the second one has got too many doors, and i’m sure it confuses me

        1. i wish to have a car like a transformer

          how cool would that be

          1. Marc says:

            Not cool at all. It would drive like a car from the 50’s, underpowered and overweight.

        2. J says:

          if you are sure it confuses you, meaning you’re not entirely sure it confuses you, but it probably does confuse you, then you probably are right about the car confusing you, although possibly not right about the car confusing you, but also the issue of being confused about the car may also confuse you, since you are sure you are confused, but not really sure you are confused.

          i hope i helped your situation.

  3. J says:

    lawl I can see car dance fights pretty soon with the second car…

    You just got SERVED!

    It’s ON!

    /south park

    1. what a waste of energy though

  4. Debo Hobo says:

    Outrageous, you boys and your toys. But me one?

    1. Marc says:

      But you one what? 😕 😕 😕

  5. Those rollaways are freaking sick. My wife brings up a good point though… what if your battery goes dead?

    1. Well, usually your battery won’t die while the car is moving – while you’re in it, in other words. I’m more concerned about safety… Is it going to be safe?

      The original blog entry to go along with this move seems to be here. Can anyone here read Russian? Is this going to be a new feature on Mark VIIIs, or was this just a custom job?

      1. No, the battery will die when the car is parked somewhere and you are outside the car – meaning you cannot get in the car to release the hood latch to change the battery!

        The interior of that door looks like crap too.

        1. Goob says:

          I’m sure they’ve got some hidden manual release set up or something.

        2. Yeah that was more my point. Plus, as mentioned, the interior doesn’t look all that nice. Tough to top that rolling action from the outside though.

    2. Marc says:

      It’s simple, you call your driver to come pick you up in your Bentley or any of your other cars. Tell him to call up someone to take car of the car while he’s on his way too. These are minor inconveniences to the people who can afford these cars 😛

  6. Debo Hobo says:

    Outrageous, you boys and your toys. John,Buy me one? Pleeeaaasssee! 😈

    1. Probably after John buys that kid the car he’s been asking for, we could try and ask him again. 😆

  7. Casey says:

    The first one I would love to have. The second video was hilarious! Someone spent a lot of money for those ‘pimpin’ doors.

    1. It could be from Pimp My Ride, but then again it’s just white paint all over so I don’t know…

      1. Marc says:

        Yeah, can’t be from pimp my ride, there’s no lime, purple or pink. not to mention no chandelier or coffee maker visible.

  8. J says:

    Yea, buy me one too so I can pick up babes when I go to town.

    “See all this door action? There’s just as much back seat action!”


    1. Marc says:

      you’re going to need a car like that with pickup lines like those 🙄

      1. J says:

        duh that’s why I asked John to buy me one!

  9. Nice, im gonna have to put that on my wanted list 😈

  10. ouchs says:

    The second reminds me of Transformers

    1. Debo Hobo says:

      I still need to go see that flick

      1. SOooo good. I had to see it twice in the first week it came out over here.

  11. Jay Tillery says:

    John, the second video has excellent functionality. We will all need cars with doors as paddle wheels if “global warming” continues. 😀

    1. Goob says:

      Hahaha, the car of the future!

    2. Hahaha That cracked me up. I did notice the fin action earlier, too. Of course the water starts going in and we all still sink so I’m not sure if it’s a good idea after all. 😆

  12. Bloggeries says:

    2nd Video ones looked alot better although still alittle over the top lol. The first one was a cool concept but when you looked at the door form the inside didn’t look so nice and I’m curious how it’s structural integrity would be if in an accident?

    1. Debo Hobo says:

      Proabably not so well

  13. thats a really cool door. But may not work so well in a rainny day!

  14. bob cobb says:

    It was actually a prototype from lincoln. Definitely a cool idea, but theres no armrest on the door, which would be kind of annoying.

    1. shman says:

      Yep, it’s big minus.

  15. derek says:

    John, FYI, the bottom of the post in your RSS feed for this post has a mess of HTML code visible.

    1. Simon says:

      ditto 😳

    2. John Chow says:

      Yes, I noticed that too. Hopefully, the next post will work correctly.

      1. Indeed, the RSS footer plugin it breaks the validation of the RSS (experiencing the same too since i installed that plugin).

        Anyway those funky doors i think it can be used by the police (maybe once they make a RoboCop) and pickup criminals on the road as they run 😯

  16. Debo Hobo says:

    Is there any secret evil coding in that visible HTML code. 😈

  17. Sergio says:

    I thought the second video was hilarious.

  18. Mybloggo says:

    The second car looks funny…..Can drive?

  19. Steven says:

    I saw the second video a long time ago, can’t remember when… but I thought it was pointless and stupid.

    Although the first car door was weird but I thought it was at least more interesting.

  20. Kanwal says:

    John… the evil RSS Footer plugin that you are using seems to be displaying full HTML in the RSS feed… you gots to get that fixed homie!

    1. do you mean xml rss

  21. The first video is pretty nice, although I’m a bit concerned by the safety of such a door.

    The second video is just way over-the-top 😛

    1. well said

      the first one is cool, and i’m just wondering how they manage that

  22. browie says:

    LMFAO – WoW look at those two cars. That’s nuts. That first one you’d have to live in a nice area because that door does not look stable. Nor should you be in an accident with that thing.

  23. simon says:

    What fancy doors they got ❗ :mrgreen:

  24. Etienne Teo says:

    is that transformer or what… 😛

    1. shman says:

      Kind of… 😉

  25. Fable says:

    By far the coolest doors. Ever.


    1. shman says:

      I have to agree with You. 😎

  26. lionstarr says:

    What do you need such doors for…
    Ok, they’re pretty cool :mrgreen:

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