The Answer To The Original Make Money Online Question

No money, no fame, [0 comment] – why?

There is a BIG question that every blogger, internet entrepreneur, professional and marketing enthusiast who wants to make money online must answer.

It’s the original question that sets the tone for whatever step you’re going to take in your business. What’s this question?

It’s the simplest and you already know it, it’s the secret to making 1 or 6-figure income online. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a blogger or not, you need to earn a decent income to support your family and pay off debts, if you’re into any.

What’s the ultimate question?

I’m sure your eyes are glued to the PC or Mobile device that you’re reading from right now? Well, the original money making question is, what is your offer?

And why is it original? It’s because offering something valuable has been the bedrock of building wealth both in the real world and online.

Mark Zuckerberg has joined the league of wealthy people in America because he’s offering advertising solutions to millions of small, mid-size and corporate businesses globally.

Can you look at Google for a moment? What do you see?

For me, I see a lot of systems that has been set up, each solving a particular problem for internet marketers and the entire world population. I’m yet to find anyone who doesn’t use Google’s services.

Either you’re using their search engine, or YouTube, or Blogger, or Google Analytics, or Adsense or their doc. App. and so on. You can’t do without Google Inc.

What is your offer?     what is your offer

As a blogger who wants to make money online, you must offer something of value to a set of people.

Anything of average can’t suffice, let alone make you money.

It’s high time we begin to tell ourselves the truth – because it’s the truth that can make a man’s life free from debt and blogging nightmares.

If you own a blog and you update it regularly, are you certain that people are finding recourse/satisfaction from your content?

Have you challenged yourself to always write something of value – and not just the religious “update your blog with fresh content” rule?

You could write an e-book and sell to your readers. But what happens if your blog posts aren’t helpful? It shows that you can’t successfully sell the e-book. Even if someone mistakenly buys it, he or she may likely ask for a refund, which is bad business.

Your content is the greatest offer

Yes, good content has always been the lifeblood of every successful online business. No matter what you’re into, quality and compelling content is going to set your business on the right track.

I still find a lot of bloggers and writers who don’t spend time writing epic shit, which happens to be the best type of content in today’s world where problem is on the increase on a per second basis.

Your target audience is watching

If you’ve been producing good content, you’d be known in the blogosphere by readers. And if you don’t over value, you can’t hide any longer from blogging failure. Where do you fall into?

In the past 5 months, my freelance writing business has experienced a tremendous growth, which I’m still overwhelmed.

But one thing is certain, if you spend quality time listening to your audience, helping them with the minutest problems of their lives and lighting up their paths, making money wouldn’t be such a hard nut to crack.

Yes, blogging for money can be difficult. It’s a fact that you must work hard. But when you’re not working hard on the right things or towards a realistic goal, working hard can strain and cause you to quit anytime soon.

The ultimate question again…

What is your offer? Can you beat your chest and boldly say that you’re helping your readers? Since Google Panda and Penguin became the new SEO language, what have you done to make Google fall in love with your blog again?

Until you can answer the ultimate question (what is your offer), you’re still far behind in your blogging schedule. It’d be difficult to make a living blogging. Take it from me…

Take this home

Even if you don’t sell a product in your blog, let every blog post you publish count. Bringing value to those in your world has a way of bouncing back to you. It can magnetize the good things that blogging can offer (money, fame, platform, network and so on).

And content marketing is the best answer when it comes to offering VALUE to target audience. What is your ultimate offer as a blogger? Please share yours in the comment below. You’re the best!

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20 thoughts on “The Answer To The Original Make Money Online Question”

  1. Raplus says:

    “As a blogger who wants to make money online, you must offer something of value to a set of people.”

    Michael, This is a nice sentence. Most of new bloggers want to make money from blogging in one day, one week or one months. That’s why they fails from bloggiing. They don’t think about what they want to give for audience.

    1. faisal says:

      Different people perceive value differently, its about understanding them.

      1. You’re so right Faisal. As the usual saying goes, perception is reality.

  2. These are great tips. It’s good to target those who are watching

  3. Good post John

    It`s something which many newbies find tough to understand at first

    It`s tough enough deciding which direction to go in when working online as a marketer but it`s also tough knowing exactly how to build your business and the type of free content to deliver

    I have found that real life case studies work awesome and are great for link bait. You can`t beat real stats with real results so if anyone has any problems with deciding what to write about, a case study of some kind is a great way to start the ball rolling and getting people to visit and interact on your blog


  4. Hello everyone
    Its completly true everything is written in this post. When the best way to break the confident barrer is always giving away great content. It will also help to sell any service or product you try.
    Thanks for this post
    Alex Hurtado

  5. A.N.Y says:

    6-figure income online ^^. Hard work is important, but if you do not have the talent it is difficult to implement it. Thank for post.

  6. Pappy says:

    You know, it’s funny, when I first started my blog, my target was making money off adsense, but I eventualy made nothing. But when I changed my focuss from money making to content making there exists a considerable change. Though I’m still a baby blogger…. Better days ahead.

  7. Jason James says:

    Good post Michael. Please, for the sake of your sanity do not take on too many freelance jobs at once. You want to build passive income from your blog, not work 9-5 for other people’s blogs!

  8. Well, you don’t have to be Google or Facebook to offer something of value. You are a distinct and unique individual. You have unique skills and experiences. The world would like to hear things “colored” with your uniqueness. Have you had woes? Have you made serious mistakes? You can share your experiences and spare others the pain. You can point out the mistakes you made and save others the misery.

    What do you have to offer? Offer yourself in full to your ideal customer and your blog will have a breathe of life that only you can give.

  9. “what is your offer?”

    my offer is quite simply my blood, sweat and tears. on my blog, I tell my story, everything I am doing, how I am doing it and why I am doing it. I don’t write content just to fill my blog with nonsense. Even though I am no “expert” in this field yet, I can help and provide people with value because I have experience.

    My goal is to use my blog to get feedback from my readers, so that I know what kind of information/offer they are interested in, and then providing it to them.

    Thank you for this article, it perfectly sums up the foundation of good business: offer value!

    – Andreas

    1. You’re right on point Andreas and I wish you the very best in your endeavors.

  10. I have to agree that if you don’t provide great value in your products people will find it so easy to contact you and say ‘I want my money back’

  11. Gopal Thorve says:

    Great advice for the newbie like me. I write about web hosting, mail server, web server, linux, data backup solutions and other open source applications. I generally search, install, configure and test various scenarios in the application. In turn I want to offer some commercial products / services through the blog.

    Is this the correct approach? Any advice will help me a lot to build a successful blog.

    1. Yes, you can share your case studies and recommend products that are helpful. If everything remains equal, you’d succeed doing what you love.

  12. Caleb says:

    To answer your question, my ultimate offer so far is sharing what works in the online money making industry and providing ideas for aspiring netrepreneurs to test and tweak for themselves.

    And as I excel I also intend to grow a project revealing the metaphysical side of becoming successful…

    These are the TIMES for which it was written that all things would be revealed 🙂

  13. Dan Brown says:

    When I first got started in marketing online I learned that the amount of money you make is directly related to the amount of value you put out in the marketplace. By giving away content for free people will grow to trust you and you will make more money because of the reciprocity factor!

    I just started a blog in the ‘Make Money Online’ niche and I’ve found that by giving value on Forums and in other places I’ve had a very positive response from people.

    Just asking for the sale is not a sustainable business model!

    You have to sacrifice short-term profits for long-term wealth…

    Thanks for the article John!


  14. great tips & advice. in these post have many good question for who starting their blogging carrear .I thought that this pot will very help full.

  15. Leandro says:

    Good information, really very valuable to any entrepreneur who wants to succeed in business online.
    Greetings and successes.
    Plusnegocios, negocios por internet”

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